How much would full coverage auto insurance cost on a 2dr Chevy Camaro automatic with 102000 miles automatic and power windows and doors locks related questions

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How much would full coverage auto insurance cost on a 2dr Chevy Camaro automatic with 102000 miles automatic and power windows and doors locks1[email protected]~ 2011-12-17 17:28:39
I have a full automatic driving licence, can I use a Road Legal Automatic Quad Bike on the road ?8~Latina~ 2012-05-31 18:21:54
I have a driving license automatically, you can use an automatic road legal quad on the road?
Drive automatic + semi automatic with an automatic licence?3Birch2012-02-20 18:27:51
+ Semi automatic operation with an automatic auto license ?
Can a person who passes their driving test in a automatic car drive semi automatic car?0namrot2012-06-24 18:30:38
Can a person who passes his driving test in a car semi - automatic drive automatic car ?
Can you drive a semi automatic cars when you only own a automatic driving licence?1Phat T 2012-06-15 16:03:54
I have a driving license for automatic cars is like to know if I drive a semi automatic car
Can someone with a full uk automatic license sit next to a learner driver who can drive a manual?0Wallace2012-05-18 07:14:54
Can someone with a fully licensed UK automatic sit beside a learner driver can drive a manual?
If i take my full test in a automatic can i drive a manual ( new zealand license)?0nightingale2012-05-03 23:56:55
If I take my full test in an automatic transmission ¿ I can drive a manual ( New Zealand license )?
1993 Integra 2dr LS, automatic High Insurance COST?0Elyssia2012-10-16 14:49:13
Hi , So I'm arguing with my family whether or not the 1993 Integra 2 dr AUTO is considered a sports car? Generally , most insurance cards have high sport . Our insurance company 's Wawanesa , and I can not get a hold of them at that time. My question is, is an integrated insurance cost 2dr 4dr 93 higher than a 95 Integra? or are they the same price ?
How much would car insurance cost for a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 automatic?2Aaro2012-05-11 05:42:42
I'm looking to buy a car , I'm a man and I have 17, do not know how much insurance would cost so any help is appreciated. Could you put the car in my mothers name to get insurance cheaper and put down as the main driver ? She already has 2 cars with his name (a Dodge Caravan and a Mitsubishi Eclipse ) which is an estimate for my car insurance to my mothers name ? Thanks in advance! :) If you need more information please tell me and I'll post !
1994 Ford F150 w/121,000 miles. get liability or full coverage auto insurance no loan?0quail2012-08-01 14:02:03
I'm buying a vehicle and i dont know whether or not to get full coverage or just liability. i bought the truck for $1200 and im sure its not worth much. but im afraid that if something goes wrong, and i dont have full coverage then im gona be screwed as far as getting any help from insurance to pay for it. i dont have a loan so i dont have to get full coverage. HELP!
My insurance Claim was denied because I had the wrong types of locks on the doors... What can I do?1Neda2012-08-12 06:23:38
I can rent a flat in London and I was stolen while out Christmas holiday . The thief broke two doors to get on my insurance company (HSBC , signed by Aviva) says it will not cover my loss because I did not have a mortise lock lever 5 dead approved BS3621 installed in the door. My landlord gave me two keys and locked all the doors that had a key to before I go. After looking through the fine print of the policy I have seen that there is a backup ( the terms and conditions) that says I must have some type of blockage. However, I do not remember being asked about this ... HSBC says it has a tape of the conversation in which I said yes to the approval , but I 'm a locksmith ... Not know a deadlock 5 lever mortice lock of a Yale or any other type of door lock . From my door never had this type of lock , which in essence are not covered. I've been paying my premiums at all. I 'm going to the Ombudsman of the financial , but I can win this case ? If so , how?
I passed my test in an automatic but my licence is for both auto and manuals!?5 country girls. -2012-05-25 05:16:06
I am writing this because a friend of mine passed the test in an automatic , and she was showing his new photographic license (yet I have a role of ' old style ' one! ), Which indicated that she is limited to driving automatic cars. I checked my license and found that even though I passed my test about 25 years ago in an automatic car , my license does not present any restriction ... suggesting that if he could drive manuals . What should I do after all this time ? Should I leave it ( I drive an automatic anyway), or should I call DVLA and explain ? What would they do, and I will have problems with them ... I am very worried about what would happen if I left it and each time had to show my license to the police or if I was involved in an accident.

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