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Pneumonia recovery and rib pain?0Ashtev2012-07-16 16:27:08
I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia in the left lung , antibiotics are helping and I have an inhaler for the bad times now. The night before I finally went to a physician ( outpatient clinic ), I was up all night with horrible cough , and since then an area of my right ribs under my right breast to the sternum is killing me . At first I assumed he pulled a muscle but I think the pain is getting worse over time , not better. Looking up , I thought that such separation of the rib ( costochondritis ). I recently got a new health insurance and still I have a two week wait until coverage kicks in. So if I return to the clinic , which will cost at least $ 125 just to be seen, not including pain medication or images. < Br > Any idea if this will be resolved with a tolerable pain , or if I should pay again to try to get some relief , or check to ensure that there is something really broken? The cough has improved, so the pain is more manageable, but if, say, unexpected sneeze , it hurts. A much. Thank you.
I have just had my plaster cast off- what can I expect in terms of recovery time and pain?0Kerry-Ann2012-10-02 15:27:02
I had a motorcycle accident 12 weeks ago and broke my tibia in 3 places . I've had the cast today and my advisor was typically vague about recovery . I just want to hear from anyone who has had a similar injury and how quickly recovered. I drive for a living so the time it took people to get back behind the wheel and how I can do ? Should I tell my insurance company ?
KaraMD Bone Broth Protein Powder:Helps in early recovery from joint pain and bone weakness0alxieosn2019-05-24 03:51:22
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Does this sound loike pneumonia?1How to increase the life of Floor2012-07-10 06:17:05
In the mornings my chest burns when i cough for about 5 minutes. I dread going to sleep, because even though it gets better during the day, it is horrible in the mornings. I can't rest, I work, I can't go to the doctor because I work, and health insurance doesbt kick in until next month. What can i do at night to keep it from hurting so bad int he morning?
Can pneumonia be fatal in people with advanced AIDS?0caro2012-09-02 02:15:02
So my father contracted HIV about 8 or 9 years. He also has hepatitis C and is currently listed for liver transplants . It also has a mouth infection very bad due to years of methamphetamine abuse . Yes , he and I understand he made ​​some bad decisions and are paying dearly for them . He is currently under my care and I'm doing my best to take care of him in those circumstances. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , still smokes despite having part of his left lung removed two years ago due to cancer . In recent weeks, we have developed a case of double pneumonia (according to my sister, who is an RN ) and I have fear that it may be on his deathbed . We can not afford hospice because we let her insurance lapse about a month ago . Just ran out of funds . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , I fear that may be in the past . It's pretty weak , could be the straw end pneumonia ? Thank you for your prayers . Thank you.
I went to Emergency room for pneumonia . I have insurance -Bill was $3000 for room and $500 for physician?0Karli2012-09-26 16:47:03
How can you justify charging so much for a visit ? This is part of the problem with health care . I was there for a couple of hours , taking into account the requirements and sent home.HOW can get away with charging so much and does it bother you ( other workers ) that people on welfare and free medical and dental care when we pay for plus they have to pay this amount ?
CaR RECOVERY !?2Marti2012-05-01 08:12:23
I have chronic pain and can't figure it out. Am I doomed to a life of suffering vs. pain-killer addiction?1stressout2012-09-19 22:44:02
I work 40-50 hours a week and also go to school full time. My school is online, making it easier to juggle my home life and still care for my mother and the rights of the wife. My husband works about 50-60 hours a week and does the hard work, so exhausted by the time they get home. So cooking, cleaning, shopping, and caring for our son is pretty much up to me. Recently I developed this pain in my shoulder, knees and back. My right arm goes to sleep every day and when it is insensitive, that is hurting so bad I can hardly move. The pain shoots down the arm and shoulder appears every inch you move. Sometimes the spasms when it gets really bad, but usually only lasts a couple of days and then disappears. It is so disconcerting. I am a property manager by day, and have apartments and commercial spaces that I manage, so I'm on my feet and wiggling ... but also work on the computer a lot. Either way, do not think my work is physically exhausting, so I just do not understand this pain. My knees pop and pain so bad. Left as a swells to approximately 1/2 that there is sometimes regular size. I literally can not put weight on his left knee when rising from a squatting position. It has become so bad I can hardly tie his shoes in the morning my son. I feel like a failure as a mother and wife. I try to put the dishes away in the cabinets below. It has only done so much damage. My back pain is the point where I toss and turn at night, as it shoots up and down my spine and out to the sides. My back is sometimes given, stooping to pick up something (usually a toy my son left on the floor ... so nothing crazy heavy). It spasms times but for the most part only pain constantly. I'm not fat, I have a physically agile despite not working. I'm 5'9 "135 lbs. I'm not very strong, but again, I can take my child lb 48 through the store if I need it. I've been to specialists, shops, massage therapy, general practitioners, and even tried to wear flat shoes and a smaller bag carring ... but nothing helps. The sad thing is, I have 22 years and have never had any health problems or a family with a history of disease. Is this normal? I mean, people often have so much trouble that immobilizes their activities. The only thing that has helped are pain medications, specifically Vicodin and Percocet ... I do not like the feeling of narcotics. Percocet made me feel stoned and I can not concentrate and vicodin slightly dull the pain and made me feel sick to your stomach. My doctor prescribed percocet 30 of about 4 months and when that was over, gave me 30 vicodin. My vicodin ran about 2 weeks and I am very conscious of every square inch of my body is in pain. The only thing that seems to work is the pain medicine but want to feel like a junkie and keep going back to a "sell" my pain problem. I have not seen a doctor, but I think it probably should. My health insurance sucks and co-payments are through the roof. I hate going and every time they say ... "Rest, standing just relax", but I live in the real world with real responsibilities can not just put everything on my couch all day. That will not happen. Any advice or comments are much appreciated.
I have been having tenderness and pain on the middle/lower right abdoman as well as pain when coughing sometim?0linny2012-08-10 04:22:02
this is scaring me and makes my mind to describe this as wonder.I tenderness in my right midesction a little lower than it hurts when you cough or sneeze some changes in bowel habits is not really a loss of appetite , it looks like food relieves the symptoms I am experiencing some swelling stomach.My aslo my doctor only problem now is acid Reflux Disease , which is only a slight case.I taking omeprazole for symptoms and seems to make matters worse, but that tenderness and swelling of the stomach and burning sensation in my abdoman looks like it may be something I've never had before.I am expierenced phylori about a year ago and treated with triple therapy with antibiotics, but some symptoms remained h pyhlori seems to have caused my severe GERD symptoms is just painful and confusing. Also expierence with a severe anxiety attack pain from time to time, but I learned to control my anxiety a little health insurance when he gave me several blood test done a echocardiagram fact , stomach / body ultrasound, urinalysis and all came back normal except for maybe 2, maybe 3, maybe 10 blood test over a year I was there elavated creatine , which fell back to normal for him, and a very slight rise in level Billy Rubin , who went on a test futher and 1 of my urine test 10 Docter found a protein that does not ever mention to me untill my next urine test that was not there on my side is hurting soo omg bad now
Can I get Unemployment after my recovery?1wassup? 2012-05-25 21:36:54
I have to have a hysterectomy and bladder lift I've been told I can not lift over 25 pounds. My boss told me that have no medical restrictions since we have no "light duty" and I was taken off the schedule. ¿ I can apply? 3 hours ago - . 4 days to respond to Additional details more ... I am ( will be) willing and able to work .. sometimes I have to lift heavy trays of food in the hospital and ask human resources if there is a different position that may qualify. But my job qualification is that I can pound out the 5th
Insurance right to recovery?0Management worries2012-10-04 14:45:03
I've been in a car accident and got offered a settlement which I accepted, some of it was put on hold in a "client trust account" by my lawyer. when I asked about it he said its for the insurace company settlement who paid for my medical bills and that they have the right to recovery? is this true? do they really? and whats the point of insurance? but my personal medical insurance paid the medical bills not my auto?
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