Pneumonia recovery and rib pain?

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I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia in the left lung , antibiotics are helping and I have an inhaler for the bad times now. The night before I finally went to a physician ( outpatient clinic ), I was up all night with horrible cough , and since then an area of my right ribs under my right breast to the sternum is killing me . At first I assumed he pulled a muscle but I think the pain is getting worse over time , not better. Looking up , I thought that such separation of the rib ( costochondritis ).

I recently got a new health insurance and still I have a two week wait until coverage kicks in. So if I return to the clinic , which will cost at least $ 125 just to be seen, not including pain medication or images. < Br >
Any idea if this will be resolved with a tolerable pain , or if I should pay again to try to get some relief , or check to ensure that there is something really broken? The cough has improved, so the pain is more manageable, but if, say, unexpected sneeze , it hurts. A
Thank you.

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