Why Am I Suffering From Perpetual Fatigue And Lack Of Motivation?

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I noticed that in recent years, my current thinking is floundering in a number of concerns and thoughts. I'm too anxious and easily overwhelmed. I also noticed that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to sharp pains in the chest and if you breathe too much, I feel like my lungs are being drilled (I've been to the cardiologist and saw nothing in the shape of my heart is the problem).

I contemplated death a lot lately too. And not in a healthy way. I'm too cowardly, however, to commit suicide, so now I'm stuck wallowing in my own misery. I try not to tell people about it, though. It's up to them and I do not want to burden people with my concerns, or things simple and stupid.

I went to the counseling center at my university to begin the process of presenting some of the sessions, but never finished because he chickened out (besides, I do not want to get to and from my house to my university, which is forty-five minutes Summer Intercession (which is the only time they had rooms available)).

The other day I realized that since summer vacation began, I can sleep for 12-18 hours. Some days I do not even want to get out of bed. Even when I'm alone, I lack the desire to motivate myself to spend time with friends. Now that college stress is gone, I wake up with relative ease, but I still find myself not wanting to do anything.

I do not think this is normal and I have a lot more I'd like to talk (problem - wise), but I really do not know where to start or what to do. I spoke with a relative who tried to be as supportive as he could, but to no avail.

I nor my family can afford the treatment at the time, but I heard that the insurance may cover. I check? And if not, what alternatives do I have?

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