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Just how bad are my eating habits? Any advice?0Tiyana2012-07-16 12:56:02
I have a couple of odd habits with eating. I will chew and spit food about every other day. (but not large amounts, like maybe a piece of bread with peanut butter or 2 granola bars) I will restrict my eating, and whenever I do end up eating, even if it is small amounts such as a bowl of cereal I will purge it out. So I restrict to not allow myself to swallow more than 500 calories a day (but I attempt to purge this out) and will not chew and spit more than one or two items at a time. What are the side effects of this? Should I seek help, for I do not clinically fall under any eating disorder and insurance company requires a diagnosis for treatment. (They do not accept EDNOS under my insurance plan, which Im pretty sure what I have?) In case if you are wondering I am 18, 5'4, and weigh 129 pounds. I have slowly developed this behavior since I went to college last fall. And in the past 2 months is when it really 'blossomed' and from this I have lost 33 pounds in that 2 month time period. Every day it is getting more intense, so any advice for me to stop this behavior with eating, it is really addicting.
It promotes healthy eating habits, GlucoTrust0djkwadrat2022-05-16 05:53:50
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GlucoTrust, It promotes healthy eating habits0jitizow2022-05-14 03:13:29
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GlucoTrust, promotes healthy eating habits0vryudj2022-05-17 04:06:01
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I have diabetes being diabetic type 2 and I can't control my eating habits and doctor's orders?1Arika =]2012-11-05 10:17:02
I was just diagnozed type 2 diabetes, couple of weeks ago and I can not control my eating and my doctor told me to Weight Watchers , I have no health insurance, but asked me to do Weight Watchers 6 months before going to bariatric surgery. But back then I did not have diabetes , can my insurance approval, now that I have type 2 diabetes?
Destructive habits towards yourself...?0Kush2012-08-06 08:18:47
The more I get depressed and anxious , the more I feel like hurting myself . This is going to sound strange ... but I like to make myself throw up. It's like this torture thing , but I feel good after wards . Vomiting usually hurts a bit, and after vomiting I am relieved of my emotional pain. Sometimes , I just starve for a day or two instead ( if I'm somewhere where I can not vomit ), and almost had the same effect. I'm not bulimic , but I do not binge and then vomit , I make myself throw up when I'm angry / stressed / unhappy . It has become a habit. It makes me feel very weak, especially if I do several times a day . I do not know why I like a sense of emptiness and tortured a bit, but it makes me feel more normal and keeps me "grounded " feeling. It lets me know I'm alive a bit. I hate myself , however , not only because I do this, but because I hate myself so much in general. Do I have a disorder? What is wrong with me ? I'm addicted to throw me the pain of love . Is this some kind of control problem of mine ? I do not talk about it to anyone either, that is my own personal stress reliever a little ... and I've only been doing for six months now. HELP ! I know that is destructive, but I'm not bulimic. I have 25 years , and I have no health insurance ...
Change in G.I. habits-Need Enlightenment!!?0helga2012-08-31 16:36:03
Very well. I moved to New York for almost a month, and day 3 of being here I have developed persistent diarrhea. Moreover, had little appetite (unusual for me), and not eating / drinking much of anything just stay in bed and near the toilet. It lasted three days and gradually decreases, and my appetite returned slowly. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A week later, I had a pre-syncope episode in the street and was taken to hospital where they gave me a bag of liquids saying that I was dehydrated (duh.) and ran some blood tests and a UA / CNS (not, I'm not pregnant). The next days I felt great, I saw doctors in the emergency room, etc. my diarrhea attributed to a virus. Well, this was about three weeks, and I'm still not sure what's going on. I'm beginning to doubt that it is / was a virus. I went gluten-free and lactose (my father is lactose intolerant) for a while and did not really do anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Right now, I'm taking Pepto, I know that can cause black stools, but the more I think about my symptoms in full I wonder if it is something more serious. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My symptoms are: (I am a Caucasian woman 24years 5'8'' and 130 pounds - if that matters.): MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Diarrhea every 3-4 days, takes about 24-48 hours only black when I take Pepto but otherwise normal / yellow / brown, but still soft MedlinePlus - Poor appetite, and when I do not eat much because I feel full quickly MedlinePlus - Dizziness when I stand up from a sitting position even MedlinePlus - Swelling MedlinePlus - Nausea and gas pains after eating MedlinePlus - I do not know if it's related, but lately I've been craving sweets? What sounds strange, but I have a sweet tooth - I'm more a person bread and pasta. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As far as my medical history, no, I am healthy, non smoker, drink occasionally, but not lately because of my stomach problems, slightly anemic, or pregnancy, or drugs, or new habits of any kind . MedlinePlus The whole situation is a bit unusual for me because usually I have a "steel tank" and a huge appetite. Never I have stomach problems and this is throwing me for a loop. It would be great to get some legitimate information of qualified individuals, because since my move, I have no health insurance and have to pay out of pocket for any and all possible future diagnostic tests. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My blood test taken at the hospital for a month to read as follows: MedlinePlus Na-140 MedlinePlus K-3.8 MedlinePlus Cl-107 CO2-22 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anion Gap-11 BUN-9 MedlinePlus Creat-0.8 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Gluc-94 Ca-9.3 MedlinePlus G-7.3 Prot MedlinePlus Alb-4.4 MedlinePlus The remaining minor BMP. My Hemo Auto Diff was: MedlinePlus WBC-5.88 MedlinePlus RBC-5.12 MedlinePlus Hgb-12.9 MedlinePlus HCT-38.6 MedlinePlus MCV-75.5 MedlinePlus MCH-25.1 MedlinePlus MCHC-33.3 MedlinePlus RDW-16.5 MedlinePlus Plt-283 MedlinePlus MPV-8.18 MedlinePlus Neut-64 MedlinePlus Lymph-23 MedlinePlus Mono-11 MedlinePlus Eos-1 MedlinePlus Baso-1 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Worst driving habits in your state?1Iris2012-06-23 02:31:01
I travel a lot and always enjoy the different pace traffic in other states. It's a completely different experience . The second to return to Utah, I tear my hair because of the horrible driving habits at the top of the building. I just returned yesterday and I was wondering .... What are the things people do in their most often? In Utah, I realize a ton of Texters . More than any other state I've been in Nervous braking. Last plugs second ... those who are coming to the stop sign and you're pretty sure we will tbone . And finally .... one word ..... minivan.
Questions on auto insurance by monitoring driving habits?0Wokie 2012-01-21 13:30:30
I saw this ad for Progressive. Apparently they say they can lower their rates further by monitoring their driving habits . This sounds interesting, since the rate myself a very safe driver . I rarely exceed the speed limit by more than 5 mph, accelerate gradually come to complete stops, etc. also drive only 9K miles a year. Which is exactly what these devices measure and how to determine if you are driving safely? For example, a GPS component to know what street you are driving , and therefore how fast it should go?
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Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Tim Noakes Keto Extreme ZA0leneeany2022-04-25 00:44:44
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If a company instates a new health insurance can they dictate personal habits to be altered?1elijah branton2012-07-18 00:24:07
with the impact of not alter their personal habits fire him ? I've heard of a company that your insurance coverage will not cover smokers so the company gave the ultimatum was smoking fast or canned . Is this legal ?

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