Why can't we do away with "pre-existing conditions" with automobile insurance too? related questions

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Why can't we do away with "pre-existing conditions" with automobile insurance too?1singh2012-09-09 09:39:02
You know You could buy a car just carry liability (or whatever is required in your state) until you had an accident. Then you could just go to the insurance company, get insurance, get your car fixed............BAM!!! Doesn't that make sense! I can't beleive some Liberal hasn't thought of this already..........
Disclosing pre-existing conditions to new health insurance company? Is this a pre-existing condition?2Clarenc2012-07-05 06:41:05
If a person has another health insurance company , as 10 years . And that person went to the doctor complaining of pain in the knee for example, and the doctor did some tests but found nothing wrong. I did not know that a health insurance company if I change insurance companies ? The doctor found no evidence of injury or illness, although they did test for those things. The knee problem does not require treatment other than taking an aspirin for a couple of weeks. I mean if I sign a health insurance company and does not show that over time and have more knee problems , can the insurance company refuse to pay medical bills that have to do with my knee and not told them he had a sore knee, but never my doctor diagnose any illness or injury of the knee?
US health insurance and pre-existing conditions?0Brennan2012-06-14 20:36:48
Hi all, next year I will go to the U.S. for study for the first time . I was wondering if it is true that the United States, health insurance companies make you pay the fees , or much higher - to deny coverage if you have any pre existing conditions , but if you are diagnosed after being assured that be paid? Do the same thing usually to that provided by the university? If that is true , what happens if you " forget to mention " my pre-existing conditions when applying for insurance, so I can get a new diagnosis in the U.S.? Does the insurance have access to medical records from the UK ( NHS or private) , or no way they could meet my previous diagnoses and treatment plans ? What about prescription drugs imported into the U.S. and declared to customs .. will know that ( and infer the state)? Thank you !
Insurance policies and pre existing conditions?0Afro-head 2012-05-28 21:32:25
I have been looking into the health insurance policies.Since no longer can lead to an HMO through my state, because they are destroying the entire program. I do not know what to look for the best use of my money. I had some medical problems coming but have not really been diagnosed with anything and the need for a method and a test of some works, but I have no insurance then you want an exorbitant fee that I can not afford . So my question is , what policies should seek l ? I look for in the pre-existing health insurance ? Is the short-term health insurance something that should stay away from ? I need health insurance as of yesterday!
Health insurance for pre-existing conditions?1Mat2012-06-12 03:52:39
I have 29 years of age and undergoing reconstructive urological surgery as a child and had to be followed closely by a urologist throughout my life. I am originally from Canada, but have permanent residence in the U.S. now and I'm working for my citizenship. My husband is American and is soon to leave the army and looking for a new job in the civilian world. We were covered by tri- care through the army , to find health insurance was never a problem. If my husband does not find a job that offers health insurance through his company , I'll have trouble finding an individual insurance for me when I have pre -existing conditions ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated .. thanks !
Where can I get health insurance for my dog who has pre-existing conditions?1Tyesha2012-07-23 04:49:03
I've been trying very hard to get insurance for my dog, but plans pet insurance preexisting rejects it . You need regular treatments for dental disease, ear infection / skin, bladder infection , diarrhea , arthritis , heart disease and packages and behavioral imbalances . He is an old dog of 12 years. Is about 2 years of life expectancy and your immune system is weakening. Most health plans deny coverage puppy . Vet treatments are eating into my budget. It Bernese . Would appreciate any advice. thank you very much
How do insurance companies know about my pre-existing conditions?0SMH2012-07-12 05:01:01
I do not quite understand the existing conditions. If I change insurance companies , and do not report an existing condition , how they ever know if "was" an existing condition, if I can change doctors ? Do insurance companies share files or something?
Why is that auto insurance can take 'pre-existing' conditions?0vil62012-10-01 14:30:02
... as several accidents , DUI on his record , younger / older driver in mind , but under the Democratic plan " ( public option ) the health insurance companies are prohibited from doing so ?
How do I get quality insurance for less even if I have pre existing conditions?2Troche2018-09-04 23:21:24
How I can get insurance for less quality even if I have pre existing conditions ?
Are these pre existing conditions?3Dominic2012-07-08 06:38:02
I have 21 years and I havn't done a checkup at a hospital of at least 9 years, but I realize things start to go wrong with my health.I have very bad nasal congestion and drip postnasl which is probably due to a deviated septum, and my records sent immunilization to date. Now I have the opportunity to obtain health insurance through my employer, and when I did because I planned on getting a check up immediately. My question is will i be denied because of existing conditions before and I have nothing to worry about ? No Obama sign a health care law or anything?
Pre-existing conditions?3Rolanda2012-07-03 07:53:03
I was without health insurance of September 1, 2005 until July 31, 2006 . Because no continuous creditable coverage , can my current health insurance deny me benefits for health problems pre - existing , such as high blood pressure ?
Pre-existing conditions?0Albert Minner2012-10-19 14:08:44
Free health care is a good idea. It is a good concept that many countries have had luck with . However, I am concered about what will happen to my insurance coverage after turning 26. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a pre- existing condition ; Epilepsy . I more than likely be required to obtain PCIP through the federal government , because I will not be able to get the care plan awesome my mom has for me now . Plan is a pre- existing condition insurance . Besides the dollar deductible of $ 500 for my recipe ( of which there is no generic available ) I will be paying $ 250 out of pocket every 4 months for my 900 ' specialty ' recipe . Besides my annual EEG are only covered up to 40 % . My medical fees alone are between $ 250 and $ 350, with an EEG not less than $ 650. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I basically will be under water for the rest of my life because I'm an epileptic . Thousands or millions of other low-income citizens with leukemia , cancer , etc , etc , will have the same fate as me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I just want to know how that makes everyone feel .

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