Mature student attending college in Wales, what financial help can I receive? related questions

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Mature student attending college in Wales, what financial help can I receive?0jai2012-07-15 11:34:02
I have 26 years in Wales and was fired a month ago and am currently living with parents, a daughter of 5 years of marriage last . I'm looking to get a trade and after much searching I've decided to become an electrician who would be the best way for me and put me in my future. I've been in telemarketing for the last 5 years, but money is not good enough and I like interacting with people . This is a course of 2 years, 2 years is the apprenticship which will receive an income, albeit small . I bought my own car , pay insurance plan for a year and have some money saved , I have no debt, but just need help with day to day costs and food. My parents are willing to support me ( leaving me with no income ) Im wondering what kind of financial aid also would be entitled , if any? I have no problem with a student loan , I would pay back to anyone. I realize you can not get the subsidy for job seekers as a full time course that I consider to be " unavailble " for the job. so there are options ? thank you very much
Can a student that gets 100% Financial Aid for college own a home?0Annabelle2012-09-11 15:45:05
I wonder if a student gets 100 % of financial aid for college can be a homeowner . I also get food stamps and Medicaid insurance for my son and I. .. I basically have free insurance , food stamps and go to college for free. Also I have a full time job part time that becomes when I'm at school ... It can be a house for my name and I still receive my financial aid? Or remove that and my health insurance?
Do i still have insurance if i'm not attending college?0 my mother. -2012-06-03 11:35:24
My plan is to take a year / semester of college was to pay part of my loan. I have heard people tell me that I will be expelled from my health insurance policy for parents as soon as not attending school. Today I made contact with a health insurance agent via medicinal products , and they said they would still be insured up to age 25 regardless of the status of the school in Minnesota. Is this true ?
College Student Auto Insurance? Do I use my home or college zip code?1matixbdm2018-01-24 17:59:56
I am comparing auto quotes online, however I'm not sure which zip code I should use. My permanent residence and college are both in the same state but my auto will be "parked" at college most of the year. However, I will occasionally drive home and I will be "parked" at home during summer vacation.
A college insurance plan that's good for a college student?0cow2012-06-06 07:01:40
I really do not get the joint venture deductible . I have not really started looking to find a safe, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of any good insurance for me and I'll go to college and start paying for things on my own and not a bad price. Thank you ! :)
If I'm 30, working part time, and attending college full time, will I still be required to purchase health ins?0Anoumous2012-07-12 16:55:02
I quit working full time last October to attend college full time. I recently switched to a major which requires weekend classes (marching band for a music ed major), meaning I will not be able to meet scheduling requirements for most jobs. I am basically planning on living off my student loans until I graduate 8 years from now (going for my doctorate after my bachelors). I am 29. I know Obama Care covers students up to 26. However, will the government pay my health care in 2014 until I graduate and get a job? I don't feel that they have any right expecting me to take longer to go to school so that I can work, and I'm just not going to be able to afford the necessities, food, shelter, gas, car insurance, internet, and cell phone bill in addition to health insurance. Is there anything to cover older college students until they graduate so they can just focus on studying full time? Or are they just expected to double march with working more hours so they can pay for health insurance or get fined? I know I've never qualified for any other benefits because I am a single, white male (a state worker told me that) who is fully capable of working. I know some of my expenses may not be what the government "deems" necessary, but they are what I deem necessary (I'm not forsaking my internet for starbucks, nor my cell phone plan so that I can buy health insurance because someone else thinks it's a priority.) How much of an uphill battle is this getting ready to turn into for me in 2014?
Can I get health insurance in Oregon while attending college there (non-oregon resident)?2Shadow Of Your Soul$ - Xoide 2012-09-07 23:19:02
I will attend Portland State in Oregon and would like to have health insurance while I'm there. I am legally a resident of Michigan, and think of changing my residence while attending school. Can I buy health insurance in Oregon? Looks like any doctor in Oregon with health insurance will be expensive MI as it is outside the network . Also, do not want to use the university health insurance because it has very poor coverage .
How come I do not qualify as an independent to receive financial aid?0sowah2012-09-02 17:30:04
I have 21 years , global me 20 + hours a week in a resteraunt , I have to pay rent and do not live with my parents , and they did not tell me for tax purposes , or health insurance . I'm trying to get financial aid for college , but it says to qualify i should " Be at least 24 on or before December 31 of the award year , an orphan ( both parents deceased ) or ward of the court , be a veteran , be a graduate or professional student , being married, having legal dependents ; . receive a waiver of a financial aid administrator for the unusual circumstances MedlinePlus Would you be able to appeal and say that I have unusual circumstances ? MedlinePlus I do not understand or agree with your definition of independent at all ... I pay my own rent , the work of my own work , I pay my own insurance , go to school and pay for my books and classes , and I have 21 , do not get money from my parents to the school . How 'm not independent ?
What can I do to receive financial help for a surgery if I have no insurance?1shelly2012-08-17 06:15:03
My aunt has diabetes and congestive heart failure . She has to have an angiogram and other work in his heart away to keep her alive , too, has to have some laser surgery on the eye from going blind. They have very little insurance. Your insurance covers only office visits . Your insurance is different, but only a little better. The angiogram will cost between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 and the second heart surgery will be about $ 60,000. They may be able to pay for the first, but that will drain savings. After that , they will have all things eye to pay. She is no longer able to work, so we are living only on their income. She had to leave his job because of his diabetes was out of control (when she left she had not yet been diagnosed) . I was wondering if anyone knew what to do to start getting some additional support. Any help is appreciated.
Just graduated from college need financial advice.?0peewee2012-09-04 02:52:02
Sorry in advance this is being done on my iPhone . Ok , I just graduated from college . I live in Florida . I have a job that pays $ 27 per hour on weekdays and $ 28.25 per hour on weekends . I used a website to calculate my paycheck $ 27 per hour. I work 36 hours a week and are paid biweekly. According to this website I will raise about $ 1,900 and I will take home about 1,500 . So this is about 3,000 per month . I wonder how much money can be spent on the following: rent, electricity, water , savings , money for gas, food , and car payment luxeries . Do not have a car payment yet, but I need a new car. My car school is about to break . My accounts now are: car insurance -130, -110 phone bill . I have no other account . If I missed something please add it also . Thank you for your help.
How much do financial advisors make out of college?0Oracabessa primary school2012-07-29 14:04:02
Below average state college --- If you offer Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance, Investment services.... Just wondering
How come I still owe money to college after renewing my financial aid ?0Dicky2012-08-31 01:15:02
I regtored online course for Cape Cod Community College and in " My Account tab " on the website of the school and that says . Account includes pending transactions My mom just renewed my financial aid ( more than $ 5,000 in grant money ) and still says I owe money . Here are what the "my account " and it seems to say . can you please help me understand and ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Student A / R $ 0.00 Credits Due MedlinePlus A Cargo / R $ 934.00 NOTE Campus includes pending transactions MedlinePlus A / R Health Insurance $ 0.00 MedlinePlus Due A / R $ 72.00 includes state due account pending transactions

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