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Who collects insurance off of a stolen computer from a home office?0owl2012-07-14 14:19:03
I ran a business from my home. My house was broken into. The company computer was stolen? I filed a claim for all things stolen with my home insurance. Am I obiligated to pay the business back that replaced the computer with the money I received from the insurance claim?
My computer was stolen from a computer repair store. How can I go about receiving reimbursement to replace it.?0General2012-10-23 00:45:02
The sure shop owners refused my claim (well the fact that the owner did ) . I'm trying to receive reimbursement to replace my computer , not what I think my computer is worth . The owner did not have a system to safeguard the personal property while in the store that I found when allowed to help him look for it. I'm also trying to obtain reimbursement programs ( I have the receipts ) and a credit monitoring agreement and loss of invaluable information persoanl . His ex-con technician was arrested and is now in custody for the theft . I had to make a statement that his probation officer and all! He tried to solve , but it was far from what he quoted the original complaint, and I was not satisfied with his suggestion , so I refused . I'm trying to be fair, but have not taken advantage of here . What harm could really get in this case ?
Does homeowner's insurance cover car parts that were stolen if the person wasn't at home specifically the engine computer1ã‚‚ Memory 2012-05-21 09:53:20
Does the owner's insurance coverage car parts were stolen , if the person was not home, especially the engine computer
My car was broken into, my computer was stolen but no damage to the car. Is there insurance that will cover me3weasel2012-06-03 12:20:29
My car was broken into , my computer was stolen but no damage to the car . Is there insurance that will cover me
My license plate was stolen how do i print a temporary on my computer?2Carling2011-12-27 23:53:16
My plate was reported stolen and I need to get a temporary permit so you can drive to the DMV.
If you have liability coverage only on your vehicle and it is broken into and a notebook computer is stolen will this be covered by homeowners insurance0Aussie17 2012-03-28 17:30:51
If you have only liability coverage on your vehicle and splits in and a stolen laptop will be covered by this insurance housing
Why Do you need a computer at home1Prima2012-02-20 02:42:22
Why you need a computer at home
If we can computer chip our pets, why not implant ID computer chips for everyone?2jas202012-09-23 12:48:02
If standardized , so do not need credit cards, driver's license, Medicare card and insurance. This is not a new idea. This happened to think since we lost yesterday, Ray Bradbury. Goodbye Ray - will miss him .
Home contents insurance and laptop computer?0 형용사 2012-10-06 23:45:04
HI . I'm in trouble . I dropped my last lap top weekend and although there is no visible damage to the base or on the display , the laptop starts to bios , load xp black screen and the mouse cursor appears . Then restarts . I tried a new hard drive and does the same again. If I move a little to boot the laptop freezes everything. Basically I think the plaque ruptures . Memory has been tested on my laptop companions and is fine. ? I can claim this on my home contents insurance for a new laptop ?
What kind of insurance/bonding do I need to do computer repair and home networks?0Joseycat2012-07-26 10:00:02
What type of insurance / bond do I need to do computer repair and home networking ?
If my home computer is not working properly where can i take it to get some money back for it?0Juston2012-07-27 10:52:02
The insurance is already over, we tried to fix it two times already but each time we turn it on it works for about an hour perfectly and then it shuts down. We bought it about 6-7 years ago. I think it is time to buy a new one (at least a new CPU) so where would be a good place to recycle it or sell it?
Starting a home mobile computer repair business?0Jenny Lynn2012-08-21 16:41:02
Afternoon everyone .. looking for a little help from some people MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus A little about me, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 19 years old , I am currently unemployed and live with my family in a rented house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have very good knowledge and skills when it comes to computer repair / upgrade / repair / soft

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