Can an insurance company claim fault against me if no ticket was issued or police report filed? related questions

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Can an insurance company claim fault against me if no ticket was issued or police report filed?1Sherri2012-07-21 06:21:03
I recently got into a car accident. I was at a stop sign wanting to take a left onto a two way street. It's a really terrible intersection because the little road I was on has a poor view of the oncoming traffic from the left. I had started to go, but once I got a clearer view, I quickly realized I wouldn't make it across without the oncoming car nipping the back of my truck. I stopped, hoping they would stop in time or swerve a bit to avoid the nose of my truck in their lane. They did not stop (which I think they were speeding or not paying close attention) nor did they even swerve, they drove through and skimmed the side fender of their car against the front of my truck. I sustained very little to no damage (a small cut in the plastic bumper), but their car sustained minor dents, scratches, etc. The woman who hit me is a temporary citizen from India and obviously did not know how to handle the situation. She insisted on calling the police and tow trucks. The officer did not write up a report nor issue a ticket to me (but did manage to convince the woman that no, she did not need to tow her car just because her bumper was dented...). Anyways, I really would like to avoid paying the insurance deductible and having my rates go up. I do not want to lie to the insurance company or anything, but I was curious if they can still claim fault against me since the police officer did not issue me a ticket or even write up an accident report; he just gave us forms that we could fill out and send in with our information and story. He gave no indication of who was at fault and pretty much just got our information and went on his way. It's pretty much her word against mine at this point I think. Thoughts?
If an at fault accident claim has been filed but no police report was made is this recorded anywhere that can be accessed by other insurance companies3sketch 2012-08-07 19:41:45
Do the police contact insurance company after a police report has been filed?0Attalah2012-08-01 18:12:54
I was behind and the driver took off ended , I stayed to make a police report to give a description of hit and run driver / vehicle , the police gave my license and insurance card, returned home to my claim insurance to know my policy canceled 2 months ago ....... that the police investigate and punish me ( not) giving false information ( without insurance )? What are the possible penalties ? CALIFORNIA
Can a car insurance claim be filed without a police report?11scops_owl2012-08-12 02:09:39
Can a car insurance claim without filing a police report ?
Can I file an auto insurance claim even though a police report was never filed and it was 3 months ago?1Kuala Lumpur2012-05-10 20:20:11
So someone crashed in about 3 months ago during a snow storm , but caused no damage to the truck that hit me, but around 3500 my compact car. The other person decided to drive and not complain . I did not call the police to file a report and went on with my life so far ... I do not like looking at my car and want to fix it, so I call my co -insurance. and file a claim . Am I going to give you any problems? all I have is a story about someone who hit 3 months ago during a snowstorm and a car in poor condition .... no eyewitnesses .. there are no reports ... Any advice appreciated!
Police report filed, other party does not intend to file a claim, will insurance rates go up?0 Mè ‖ love E -2012-09-19 22:45:03
I have amica auto insurance. I was involved in a little accident in which I nicked the side of a truck while driving. A police report was filed. The owner of the truck was not angry because it was a tiny scratch on an old vehicle. He does not plan on filing a claim on this. Will my parent's auto insurance go up as a result? (I'm 18)
If a police report was filed for a single car accident will it affect your insurance rate regardless of whether you file a claim7Renata2022-10-03 06:33:37
If a police report isnt filed in a car accident, but insurrance info was exchanged, can a claim still be made?9Killa Priest 2012-05-28 09:18:17
In short, that " bounced " in the car in front of me is going to idle. The other driver was frightened , and seemed to be drunk. Continued to refuse a police report because he was " embarrassed " . As it was my fault, let it slide by . (Note actually had paint damage only minor) . He has since filed a claim with my insurrance company more than originally happen . I have forced him to stay, but he cheated me out of it , as it was really my fault. Looking back, this man was clearly trying to avoid the police .
Got in a minor fender bender. Filed a police report. Do I notify my insurance company?1 always ふ Hui" aI multitudinous -2012-09-04 17:39:03
I was recently involved in a Friday afternoon on Highway Fender Bender - the person in front of me braked suddenly and I braked too , but the beat . There was not much visible damage to either car - it has some scratches on your bumper , I have a few on my forehead and a screw fell off my plate . She wanted a police report so submitted a . Do I have to notify my insurance? I do not think my car fixed (which you can buy another screw and buff the scratches , no problem ) - I have to pay for damages or does my insurance company do that ? Do you have a complaint or me? And with whom? I'm pretty sure he plans to file a lawsuit - which made a big deal of the " damage done to your car ******* $ 35,000 " (and I quote) . I really like to report it, because I have some complaints with my insurance company and (two accidents, no fault has ever been given , and a break in -) and have threatened to leave me the policy of my parents before , not to mention that they were really dark the last time I filed a complaint with them. It sure my parents , so I really have no word as to what the company going. But I do not want my mom 's cousin to go because of this nonsense. I live in Chicago , IL. The other driver was from Michigan and said he had "no fault insurance ." Any advice would be awesome!
A car hit my 2010 ram truck in February and there was a police report done insurance claim filed. truck is sti?1variable noun MODAL 2012-08-17 01:47:03
cooperative insurance filed a claim against another is not driver.Problem have our truck back until June. This time frame is acceptible by law. I am also making payments on a truck that I have .
Someone kicked a dent in my car door in the middle of the night. Filed police report immediately. Person not caught. I have comprehensive coverage with 500 ded. Is it worth filing an insurance claim0Cara2012-03-05 14:57:21
Someone kicked a dent in the door of my car in the middle of the night. Filed police report immediately. The person is not caught. I have a wide coverage with 500 DED . Is it worthwhile to file an insurance claim
If you are backing out of a parking stall and hit a car that was speeding down the parking lane can the other party file an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed1 Prince" -2012-04-30 12:09:54
If you make a copy of a parking stall and collided with a car that was speeding through the parking lane may file other hand an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed

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