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Should I wait for him to get a job before kissing him?0dany2012-07-13 05:11:02
Last girl has oral herpes . I want to go get the test, but he has no job, therefore, have no health insurance . STD testing is expensive, especially if you want reliable, high quality results . Does that mean I have to wait for him to get a job before a kiss ? But what if he does not want to wait that long for a small gesture of a reward? And most importantly , what if he finally gets into a test and is positive for oral herpes ... What do I do next after him jump through all these loops? If I refuse to be intimate with him, even after all that he despises me. I think a normal warm-blooded man would. I'm so confused I do not know what to do.
What would you do in a*s kissing work environment?0calf2012-07-31 18:47:02
I am working at a company that manages the property for this multimillionaire guy. They pay me well and offer insurance and the package is great. The problem I have is not only the guy we work for but the people that work for him. He likes to have his butt kissed because he signs our paychecks, he is rude and so is his family. He makes his right hand cry he yells at her so much and nothing is ever good enough. He fired a lady on his household once because she stacked the plates when she was clearing up the table. He is super formal and wanted to make people work on thanksgiving just because he isnt American so is not a holiday he celebrates. He acts like we are charity cases and should be thankful that he pays us, we work 12-14 hrs everyday! We are all EARNING our money, but everybody treats him as if he is doind everybody a favor by hiring us. He gets the best of us so why should I feel like the man is giving me a handout? Worse than that is the fact that everybody expects me to add "Butt Kissing" to my job description. I am extremely respectful, friendly, never lose my head, if people yell I dont yell back and bring my skills to the table. Kissing his a*s is not something I consider part of my job but they all warned me that I had to "pamper" him. WTF? I am incapable of butt kissing, I simply cant. I can be respectful but not deferential, money doesnt make him a better person than me so why do I have to treat him as if I am less? I am conflicted because I hate this job but with the current economy is not a good idea to be switching positions. Would you quit a well paid position because of the things I mentioned? Or suck it up like everybody else seems to do here?
Aren't the Republicans getting tired of kissing the butts of the insurance company CEOs?0helpp!2012-07-10 20:28:12
If you guys can take your faces out of the butts of the insurance company CEOs, I just want to ask, aren't you guys getting tired of worshiping the CEOs of your precious insurance companies? Are you guys scared at the idea of opposing them?
I can wait 8 years for Universal Health Care. Can America wait that long?2Brianna Mae2012-09-20 09:15:03
I can wait because I have excellent coverage of health care . My daughter can not wait 22 years while working full time and still can not afford health care and can no longer be covered by our insurance . I realize that no one can guarantee that the legislation for universal health care will be approved in Congress. However, never will happen if the plan was not submitted to Congress. How long will you be willing to wait for Universal Health Care : A. By the end of the second term of Hillary. B. At the end of Obama 's first term . C. Within six months of his inauguration , which is what John Edwards has proposed. re
When you start your car do you wait for a few minutes before you start driving, should you wait?4Ji2012-04-05 08:32:21
Is it good to wait for the car's engine ? Or does it matter?
What do I do while I wait?0Joe Shmo2012-10-30 14:45:06
I have terrible social anxiety . I've had it for quite some time , but recently has become much worse. I used to be able to just live with it , although it was very difficult. Finally I realized that it has become strong enough to get help now . It's making me really depressed and causing many problems in my life . Every day seems a hell for me . I was happy and excited to finally start taking steps to get professional help . However, the wait to get the help seems so long. First, I had to call and leave a message at the doctor , then took them 2 weeks to call me back . I had to mail documents that took a week . I sent it in about 4 days and I have not heard from them for an appointment . Once you call me, I know that is expected to enter at least 2-3 weeks to get in. After the first date is just a query. I have to wait another 2-3 weeks are then actually have my first appointment. What do I do in the meantime? I can not live like I'm living . I can hardly even leave the house anymore. I 'm doing four hours or less of sleep each night , and anxiety is only slowly ruining my life . This is the only doctor who can get in because it is the only one still accepting new patients and is the only one my insurance covers . I do not even have a family doctor . The wait to get into one of them is about a month too. So what I can do until I can get the treatment ?
Should I wait til I am 18 to get a car?1Cyri2012-06-20 22:04:03
18th birthday on March 26 . My parents are getting a car 2008-2010.
Should i wait one more or two days?1Gilbert2012-10-28 05:15:03
Hello are you doing? I contact the seller . Well , I paid for two DVDs . well that is not here . 12-5-007 that date. ment to be too much here . in my house. so I must wait a few days. upper floors of the email sysetem so busy. I contacted the seller, USDA Should I wait or not in contact with the seller or not? few days or next week ? .
How long do I have to wait?0ahunt2012-06-20 15:33:18
Hello, I'm from South Carolina. I took my drivers test today for the second time , and I failed again. So I'm hoping that this third time I will pass. The only thing I messed up on parallel parking was hitting the wooden marker . So how long do I have to wait until you can return a third time? Please help . And Thank you. :)
Should I get my permit or should I wait?2(Joyce)2012-04-29 04:39:09
I am turning 16 in 2 weeks and as my parents did not think I'm ready to get my permission ... but I really want to drive and get my license as soon as possible. I'm confused on all permit and license and do not know what program I should go. Also im afraid to drive on motorways and having an instructor on average. Should I get my license now ... or wait until I'm older? I really need help and opinions! Thank you. :)
Should I move on or wait for him?1todi2012-09-11 21:24:04
Hi all. I posted a question earlier and received a very good response. Thanks for all your support. For someone who does not know about my situation, I would give a brief description and ask advice. Again, I apologize if you find any error with my English, because it is my second language. MedlinePlus I've been married to my husband for 17 years. I would describe it as an unstable relationship. We had two children, but our opinions and lifestyles never coincide. He expects me to be very traditional, I want to take all the time that makes me feel comfortable. I respect my culture and traditions. I do not drink / smoke / party / clubs, etc. I have been an ordinary housewife with two children (16 and 12). MedlinePlus He thinks it's his right to hit a woman when REASONABLE.I not accept it. I began to rise up against their opinions and argue with him. Each time, it got worse, I was going to abuse physically, emotionally and financially. I went over to his parents for help, to no avail. In addition, his mother suppoted behavior and said "nobody would beat a woman for no reason, there must be a reason behind this." I hurt with his response and lost my hopes, stopped close to her family for help. MedlinePlus Finally, we come to the U.S.. continues to abuse me, even in the U.S.. He beat me in front of children, and children stopped him several times to beat me.He contact me from my parents and siblings. I was not allowed to visit India in the last 10 years. At this point, I decided to be on my own feet and apply for nursing school. Fortunately, I got into nursing school, but it took me five years because of my husband. My car was hidden from me, fight me and beat me to stop going to school. I had to leave nursing school for two years because I could not do my clinicals on time. MedlinePlus Somehow, I did. I spent nursing with a 3.2 GPA, got a government job. Filed by separation from my husband. However, the problems started again. He had a heart attack and had to undergo a bypass surgery. Your insurance company refuses to cover their expences as it was a pre-existing condition, (had a stent for a blocked artery, last year ended with 130K of bills, and he had no insurance. He was the period observation of a year. unfortunately, his stent failed and the blocked artery again. doctors suggeted bypass surgery. he was not allowed to fly and was on complete bed rest.). She came to me for advice. although we requested legal separation, wanted to enroll in the state and with certain pre-existing conditions were also covered. After I signed up for your insurance, underwent a bypass surgery, successfully recovered well with the help of my parents and other siblings. I lost my grandmother during this time in my country. I could not see because of my husband's surgery. MedlinePlus Meanwhile, my father, who visited U.S. becme patient for a month. He was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery three months earlier than my husband. He came to our country again, could not survive, died at age 59. It was a great loss to me. I was completely broken down, ran to my country to his funeral along with my husband and my children. MedlinePlus It's been three months. My story turned now. I recently realized that my husband had been transferring money to our country. He recorded all the properties in his name there. Took loan against our home in the U.S., the money was transferred. loans taken against any property in our country, do not know where he kept his money. He forclosed our house (about $ 800k) in the U.S.. Declared bankrupt. I sent an email asking me to find an apartment for me. He rented an apartment for him and the children, without my name on the lease. I offered to come and stay in your apartment at any time he wanted. He gave a warning in the rental office saying that I may be in the lease. He moved all the furniture in his apartment and asked me to come and get it whenever I want, in your presence. He called the police when I insisted to take me atleast minumum furniture. I have completely hurt. broken, cried for a week. I never called the police on him, even after he hit me many times. He hit me until they bleed. He tried to kill me once by grabbing me in a closet naked choke. I never called the police. How would I call the police on me? MedlinePlus I went with my daughter that night. stayed in a motel for a week, rented a place for me and my children. Currently, living with my children. my questions are: MedlinePlus 1) I get on with my life or wait for him? MedlinePlus 2) Children do not want to live with him as he is very strict and yells at them. I assume full custody or joint custody? MedlinePlus 2) children became totally out of hand. I'm planning to send to boarding for a couple of years, if in case I get full custody. Is this a good decision? MedlinePlus 3) I can do any wrong move in my own house
Should I take my drivers ed or wait?0Brayden2012-02-21 00:37:40
I have 17 years and one month now. That will turn 18 in August. Should I take my drivers ed now and get my permission and wait until March to take my driving test (which is only 5 months before my birthday). Or should I wait until my birthday to take my driving test ? Also, if I drive without an adult at the same time have my permission. I have to wait to take my test pilot until im 18 or 21? What is the typical cost of a line Drivers Ed (I found one for $ 65 -> Is this a good price ) Thank you !

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