Too many symptoms. Heart attack?

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Asked at 2012-07-12 18:17:02
I am a 22 years old. I think I'm very healthy , plus I smoke cigarettes . Apart from that .
My first symptom I have is a sharp light / very sore pain in my right arm . Originally from the elbow and was more intense. Then spread from the elbow to my hands. Kind of had a light tingling sensation in the fingers. Then the pain , followed in his left arm. Now mind you, these pains are of a trough in the day. However, it seems to be increasingly frequent.
Secend symptoms I have is very tired! All I wanna do is sleep. My body is the use of gettin around 8 am and I can not even do that.
Third symptom is in my area adominal . More to the rib cage. I have a feeling burnin light. I've never really experienced heart burn before so I can not compare , but that's what it seems. That's one out of a thing well. Very strange it feels.
Fourth symptom is that I feel a bit sometimes , nausea.
Fifth symptom is a mild pain in the leg. Type the same pain in my arms.
Now these other symptoms began yesterday . I have described began 2 days ago.

Slight headache . Not bad. I can tolerate it .
Fluttering sensation in the chest of Light / burn. Further to my breasts. And I've been gettin off and jaw pain . There is extreme. Very light . One night I felt something in my throat. It was weird . I also had trouble breathing. Not bad. I feel like I have to take a few extra deep breaths . All this is very strange to me. I do not know what it is. If I'm thinking about these things. I have no insurance at this time. That's why I'm asking for opinions. Thank you !
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First: I am not a Doctor! Go to one! Even if it is a Free Clinic as you have no insurance.

2nd: While I do know of people who have had heart troubles in their 20's, due to congenital problems, it is fairly rare. Still, GO TO A DOCTOR!

3rd: Your symptoms remind me of a condition I suffer from. I originally thought it might be a heart attack myself, but it turned out that I had a hyatal hernia which was causing acid reflux. I was initially experiencing pain in my arms, like you said, which developed into severe upper abdominal pains and trouble breathing. I am NOT diagnosing you, merely pointing out that even if it is not a heart problem, it very well might be a serious, even chronic condition.

At 22, I would think your chances for a heart attack are slight at best unless there is a family history or a birth defect.

One other (unasked for) piece of advice, give up smoking. I smoked for many years; unfiltered cigarettes, at least 3 packs a day. The effects I noticed within months were tremendous. My extremities no longer 'fell asleep' so quickly, my blood pressure dropped, my resting pulse dropped, etc. Not to mention, if you are sincerely worried about your heart, smoking is one of the worst things you can do for cardiovascular function. It causes the heart to work harder. I actually smoked so much, it was hard for nurses to draw blood!

I wish you well and hope all turns out for the best.

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