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Can you claim a broken laptop on your household insurance?0Aymi2012-07-12 05:44:24
My two year old brother dropped my new $ 1800 MacBook Pro on the kitchen floor , and now there is a remarkable, significant dent and the laptop will not start. Can my parents an insurance claim to cover the cost of this be replaced or repaired? My dad bought the laptop for me, but this happened at my mother and stepfather , so I do not know who should present what or how the process works.
Ive broken my laptop and have house insurance - is it easy to claim from them?4Puff_pimp_daddy 2012-06-12 07:29:52
I broke my laptop and have house insurance - it's easy to claim them?
If I was to claim on my laptop insurance for a replacement , what type/kind of laptop would my insurer send me?1levon2012-10-16 15:10:02
Hi , Does anyone know the answe to my question ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have an Acer Aspire 5750 Win7 4GB Ram , 2.10GHz Intel Core I3 2310 - M basically all the latest Portable Tech , which is exactly one year old. MedlinePlus I have comprehensive insurance laptop ' ' and I really need a new laptop because the 5750 this is an error, the blue screen of death still occurs for no reason , so basically I need a replacement laptop , only I'm wondering if my claim was accepted as Laptop would come to protect my bubble ? MedlinePlus Etc New / Used someone can advise me ? MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus Thanks in advance, Chris .
Claiming Insurance For Broken Laptop - Which One Should I Get?0Ashanda2012-08-18 19:43:29
There are few questions to ask about this issue . First, I recently spilled some juice on my laptop Clevo m38aw and now the power is not on, so I will try to claim my home insurance new one, but I'm not sure about some things. < Br > 1) Does homeowners insurance cover a problem like this ? 2) If so , the replacement must be the same or similar model ? 3) Is the m38aw Clevo model still available? (I've done a few searches and did not see it anywhere ) 4) If not, what is a similar or better laptop alternative that can replace my insurance ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
Laptop broken by airline?1Doctor Who2012-08-25 10:27:03
Hi! Basically during a recent international flight my work laptop was broken by the airline. When I checked in I was told my carry on luggage, containing my laptop computer was too heavy. It was the right size but about 3 kilos over. I was told to check it in, which I did, although I was nervous about it as the laptop was in it. I pointed this out to the lady at the check in desk but they did not suggest I carry on the laptop and basically did not offer any alternatives. I asked for it to be treated as fragile and nervously left it with them. It was not labelled fragile like I asked when I collected it at the airport on the other side. When I unpacked it it was broken. Its outer shell had a long crack on it and the screen is not working properly. It is completely unusuable. I am really upset as it was work property and I forgot to renew my travel insurance recently. I sent an email of complaint to the airline and they sent a generic cut and paste reply from their terms and conditions saying that as it was fragile they won't assume responsibility. I sent one back saying I accept it was fragile but I felt their employees should have advised me differently. What to do now? (Sorry for venting!)
Car broken into and laptop stolen - chances of auto insurance covering it?3Bolton2012-07-28 14:36:03
My car was broken into ( rear window broke) and an expensive new laptop was stolen. I have no auto insurance completely, and even the police told me that the auto insurance that covers it. However, the person who says that claims only auto insurance and auto parts are covered. Is this something that's a given fact or it's just that I have to talk to argue with the insurance company ? In response to another question , someone said here that may be necessary to consult a lawyer and threaten to complainw with the Better Business Bureau, etc. Does that help ? Does it matter if this incident is known as acts of vandalism against theft ( the car window smashed , there were witnesses, he was a police report ). Any other ideas to help recover the costs? The value of goods stolen is about $ 3500 ...
The frame of my laptop is broken, whats the chances insurance will cover it?0wergtyh 2012-05-22 14:37:05
I dropped my laptop on the floor (: '() ... My laptop is insured, but I worry that does not cover this ... How mch would cost to fix this ?
Homeowner's Insurance Claim - My house was broken in to and we filed a claim and we received our settlement...?2Agnes2012-05-13 02:46:08
When we substitute our content how does that work ? I know I have to submit receipts , but I have curiosity .... Example : Our TV was stolen 5 years ago you bought it for $ 1000 today, after depreciation is the actual cash value is $ 800. But, we have replacement cost on contents. If the cost for a TV as close to the same class as possible today is $ 1200 how much is obtained after submitting our receipts? $ 1000 or $ 1200?
Household contents insurance and making an early claim?0Yulia2012-08-07 18:15:04
I had my house burgled last night and have had most of my valuable belongings stolen. I am a bit worried about making an insurance claim. The reason for this being that I literally only took out contents insurance last Friday. So will making a claim so early into the policy have any complications? I really need to replace what has been taken but am worried about potentially being investigated for fraud or something due to making a claim so quickly.
Will I be able to claim Head of Household, im single...?0Deadly2012-08-04 17:12:49
There is 4 people who live in this home. My mother , father, Brother and me. My Brother gross income was 10100 dollars, Fathers gross income was 16700 dollars which is social security. and my gross income was 18407 dollars. My mother has no income. Its my fathers land and the mobile home is in my mother and fathers name. There is no mortgage, no insurance, and the property tax is considered home exemption. So theres no property tax. The Utilities consist of Electric, Home phone service , Dish network. The water is a well so its on the electric bill. Electric bill averages 262.00 month for the year. The bill is in my mothers name. I pay her 125.00 month in cash to put on the electric bill . The other part comes from my father 137.00 month. Home phone is in my name and it is 83.00 month. I pay it with debit card online each month. Dish network is in mothers name, it is 103.00 month. My father pays for it. The Food expense is 600 dollars month. I pay 400 dollars month on food, no reciepts but bank statment shows where i purcased at grocery store with my debit card. So I think thats proof I pay for food. My father pays 100 dollars in food each month. My brother pays 100 dollars in food month. Thats all my brother pays for nothing else towards the home expenses. There is no rent, and upkeep and repairs are not enough to show anything and no reiepts to prove them. So How do I show Im head of household claiming my mother as a depenant. Total is 1048 dollars month, of which I pay 608 dollars month. Thats more than Half of what others pay. I think thats enough proof if i show all of what i just stated correct?
Will i be able to claim for a new laptop on house insurance?2Hikaru which you put っ → 2012-08-17 12:53:02
Hello , my laptop I have had for 4 years has gained a huge crack on the inside of the screen and you can clearly see , black leaks etc , I stumbled by escalators my laptop from my bedroom to the Frontroom and landed on top of the laptop with the lid closed , was then flying the green lines across the screen when I put the laptop down, I tapped / pressed on the screen to see if that removing the green lines ( as it had before) and then bang the crack appeared , which was originally in the lower left of the screen, but then proceeded to spread to the middle of the screen close enough, my question is - is it possible to claim my home insurance of the laptop.
Is it possible to put external speakers and a laptop on the same insurance claim together?0cristy2012-09-23 05:15:02
Perhaps the list of speakers as an accessory for the laptop ?

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