Does anyne know if state farm insurance cover water leakage in the bathroom? related questions

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Does anyne know if state farm insurance cover water leakage in the bathroom?0amene2012-07-12 03:57:02
It seems like I'm having problems with leaks in my bathroom when we shower there's a small leak coming steps . I hired a plumber and not from any of the pipes, said that it looks like its entry into the wall / tile. It seems that may be causing a bit of mold behind the walls too, but not 100 %, im hiring someone to inspect the mold for sure. Will this someething home insurance cover?
With comprehensive auto insurance (state farm), will it cover water damage if you drive through a deep puddle?0cassie112012-09-27 03:46:03
My friend drove through a deep puddle that was invisible , and it flooded the car and the engine and the car plunged about . Does comprehensive insurance or just regular insurance covers ? Does insurance buy the car? Thank you.
I have to ask all.. Because State Farm insurance will not cover Mississippi..Do you trust State farm anymore?3drew 2012-07-13 14:30:03
If Farm home not covered New Orleans and southern Alabama, Mississippi? Would you trust them for auto insurance? The result of this question will be a Yahoo 360 blog MinnesotaRick ..
Does Farm Bureau home insurance cover a carpet damaged by pets and water from the dishwasher in SC0dude 2012-03-20 19:17:18
Farm Bureau Does home insurance cover a carpet damaged by pets and water the dishwasher in SC
I have a water leak under the concrete in my bathroom what should I do first?2kari-beth2012-08-31 11:27:04
I'm a home owner and don't know if I should file a claim with my insurance or just have some plumber come look at it.
If you have pre-existing water leakage from your toilet in your condo and it has ruined the ceiling of the person belowIf you get condo insurance now will it be covered since its already a pre-existin1beaver2011-12-14 13:03:11
Will State Farm Cover My Mom?2Chris2012-05-06 17:09:01
My mom has StateFarm safe and just buy a new car yesterday totaled She will pay what is owed on the car yet
Will State Farm cover this?2Bori2012-05-10 22:41:31
My wife was going through a toll and she did not stop, because the light was green. The light was green due to the fact that a car just went through. The pole fell and broke my windshield. Will this be covered? I have full coverage ... Thx
Does state farm insurance cover fireplace fires?0Erin2012-04-27 13:02:37
in Maryland ....
Does State Farm home insurance cover act-of-god accidents?1NIKE2012-09-19 06:27:03
There was a power surge last night and knocked out my HDTV. Will my insurance go up if I can file a claim for $ 200 to help replace it. And does anyone know if State Farm will replace the TV or just give me $ 200 ..
Does state farm insurance cover slashed tires?0Gabrielle2012-06-03 07:19:52
I have no insurance coverage and one of my tires were punctured .
Do state farm auto insurance cover test drives?1hook*up 2012-05-23 16:44:19
So does it cover test drives ?

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