When a person has a terminal illness, and they are in extreme pain is assisted suicide justified? related questions

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When a person has a terminal illness, and they are in extreme pain is assisted suicide justified?1Rabika2012-08-17 14:19:02
We as a society in the United States, seeks to put a pet to sleep is human. But when it comes to assisted suicide for people who are in excruciating pain , and we know you are sure to die without any help , becomes a hot topic. At this point , someone may want to die, but their survival instincts are not allowed to do it themselves, we disclaim any external assistance. In fact , suicide can completely negate the life insurance policies , and anyone who will help with suicide can be convicted of murder. Do you think a mercy killing someone is justified in this situation ?
Can suicide ever be justified when done for the greater good?1Mariae2012-10-08 11:15:04
Obviously there are guys who have sacrificed themselves to save their friends, etc, and ended up celebrating as heroes, but what happens when there is a life threatening situation? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Without going into too much detail, I am married with 5 children, and recently permanantly disabled, disability, and simply can not survive as I can not work anymore. I am getting Social Security Disability, but for now we have to pay all our bills, there are less than 100 bux left to life in every month. Now I'm being threatened with seizure of my Social Security because my student loans went into default, we will put some 200 short each month. My ex, who makes 93k a year owes me 38,000 in child support, but because I am a man, the courts refuse to do anything, because really the only thing they can do is threaten to jail until she agrees to pay, but not lock a woman here. I actually told by the clerk that I just had to get over it because I never see the money because it would not prosecute. The funny thing was that when I first called, and they saw the amount, automatically assumed I was the one who owed the money, and said I had to pay or what their mission would see me in jail! I'm being sued by several credit card companies, even though they had their "off the job" insurance cards, because when I tried to present, I was told I could not until I had lost the first payment, and when I missed payment, they said they could not present because he was behind. Either way, they are threatening to garnish wages. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think it would be much easier for my family if I were not here. Student loans would be discharged automatically (according to the website of the Department of Education), credit cards have disappeared (not in my name wives) and my children receive Social Security survivor benifits, which is about 4 times more of what we are doing now. So I go for it? Is it right to do so if you make my familys life better?
Conservatives, If you had no health insurance and were suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness?0Totally Lost!!2012-07-18 17:56:02
A. Insist that the taxpayers to prolong his life during the time that passes , funding for a variety of treatments that never paid for yourself? B. Live within the consequences of his choice not to buy health insurance? C. Recognize that all going to die of something, and that the cause of death is probably not going to be expected ... accept death as part of life and roll with it? D.
How do I apply for free health insurance when I have a terminal illness but am still able to work?0M Vance2012-07-22 18:44:04
I have a terminal illness but I am still able to work, however, I am on COBRA because my last job wrongly fired me. I am not poor but I simply cannot keep paying for COBRA. I cannot go for Medicaid because my good doctor does not accept Medicaid and I do not want to owe lots of money and have to worry about paying it off. I heard there is a program with either Social Security or Medicare where all you need to do is fill out a few forms and get a letter from your doctor stating that you have a terminal illness. Then you will receive health insurance for little or no cost and your doctor has to accept the insurance. Does anyone have any info on this? I am not disabled to the point where I cannot work, but my bills are a lot of money even with the COBRA coverage.
Does health insurance cover assisted suicide in Oregon and Washington states in the USA?0June2012-07-20 07:03:02
If someone WANTS to die it would be cheaper for the health insurance company to pay for assisted suicide than to pay for the medical treatment a sick person needs.
What is "rider" in Life Insurance? My insurance has one for terminal illness, is that good?0Too realistic 2012-05-30 21:49:11
Do we need runners or just pressed by companies to reduce our benefits?
Can a person with terminal brain cancer obtain life insurance?0Al'Veianna2012-07-07 15:14:01
Recently my sister was Diagnost with terminal brain cancer . She has given 6-12 months of life. She is the life of 50 years in Michigan. We wonder if there is any possibility of obtaining life insurance . If so who?
If person terminal and misses payment is can life insurance be canceled0Kama2011-12-22 06:19:16
Extreme shoulder pain?0jacquelin2012-07-10 01:15:02
In Dec I was at work when I felt a pop in my right shoulder followed by a tearing feeling. It hurt for about a day then went away. In Feb I was putting dishes away and lost all control of my right shoulder. The pain was so bad I needed help with everything since I couldn't move my arm an inch. I went to urgent care and she told me I injured my rotator cuff. I was on limited work duties for over a month and had tons of meds. I had an x ray done which was normal but couldn't get the mri because I don't have insurance and workers comp denied my claim since I couldn't get the mri. It's now June and I have constant pain, limited things I can do and now it feels like my shoulder has relapsed since I can barely move my arm without the pain sending me into tears. I have frontal pain, the side of my shoulder hurts and horrible weakness. It pops, cracks and gives out on me. I don't know what else to do. The hospital won't do an mri without it being life threatening and now I had to quit my federal job because I can't do much. Heat and ice do not help at all. So what else can I do? This needs to be fixed.
How to help extreme hip pain while trying to sleep at 28 weeks?0[namrot]2012-10-07 02:45:02
No matter which side I lay on hurts so so so bad. Tyenol and took a hot bath and I can not get away. When I try to put my baby moves back to where I can not breathe! I can take two more months without sleep just to have several more years of it ! How I can help this ? ! ? ! MedlinePlus I am in the midst of change sure exactly what you do not really have a dr right now. I have my first appointment with the OB again next week.
Extreme stomach pain, vomitting, nausea?0CYNNA2012-10-02 13:45:04
I have been in the worse pain of my life for the past hour. I have extreme stomach pain and have been vomitting non stop and extremely nauseous and intense back pain weak knees when I stand. I'm under 18 and I don't have health insurance and my mom isn't home so I have no way to go to a doctor. I texted my mom and asked her to come home and take me to the ER and she said no and now shes not texting back. I can't call 911 and ask for an ambulance cause my mom will be pissed. What do I do?
I woke up with extreme squeezing pain in my right leg, I soaked in the tub and took ibuprofen.my toes hurt too?0Belynda2012-07-08 03:07:03
I've never had this before. I think it could be related to the vodka tonic I had last night. My toes seem to tingle and feel like needles are stabbing between them. I have no health insurance, because I am a temp on my job. What do you suggest?

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