How do i change my insurance uni choice to my firm? related questions

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How do i change my insurance uni choice to my firm?0Azim2012-07-11 22:52:02
I have already chosen my university offers on UCAS. but now i want to change my insurance choice to my firm, i have already applied for student finance on my current firm choice and that have been accepted. I know i should have considered my offers more carefully but i want to stay closer to home now and really want to change my insurance to my firm choice. Any ideas how to do this?
UCAS defer entry + change firm?0Namchi2012-07-29 08:42:58
I have already confirmed my firm choice as Northumbria, and my insurance as Lincoln, but I both want to defer my entry for a year, and then have Lincoln as my firm, or at least just not have Northumbria. Would I have to call Lincoln first to see if I can defer and then ask Northumbria to release me? Or how else would I go about it, if at all it is possible.
Is the "choice" of killing a baby the only "choice" liberals think we are capable of handling ourselves?0vicki2012-10-23 20:10:01
light bulbs , toilets , refrigerators , gas vehicles , drinks with sugar , salt , seat belts , insurance , and on ...
Job Choice - Fiance needs help choosing the best job choice.?1HDI2022-05-30 20:52:39
My boyfriend is 21, and I'ma few years older than him. I'll bring two daughters in marriage, and while he already owns his own home - he is having a difficult time deciding their career choice (do not choose what is best in the long run, or take the job offering a good salary at this time) .. Any advice? Job # 1 - Wal-Mart Assistant Manager position: He has offered to train for assistant manager in his current job at Wal-Mart (at the moment is a CSM). For about $ 8.75 per hour now, and works about 33 hours a week - while you pay twice a week. An average of $ 425.00 every two weeks. Job # 2 - Switch to Wal-Mart DC (Distribution Center) and General Worker: You can switch to the local DC and, presumably, the guys who work there start at $ 13.00 and hour She works 6 days a week, and have much longer. The work would be physically more demanding but less stressful mental (not having to deal with irate customers or employees rude or below it). We do not see as much (one of his concerns), but the health insurance and pay seems better. He asked me what I think you should do, and I told him I worked hard to get to CSM and now your boss has offered to mentor (train) to become an assistant manager (no idea what they do, 35K supposedly around one year and is paid). But that could take 6 months or more to reach assistant manager (and then he has to let Wal-Mart for a year and go to work in another Wal-Mart, I guess). He is trying to look at retirement, long-term benefits, and what is the best option in the long run. Also concerned that CSM would like to work at this time because it has some power, while also concerned that you should take the DC job and start making more money now (since it has a new family). I myself do not know what is best, so I thought I would ask you guys for your opinions and advice in this little dilemma. Thanks in advance! Confused couple PS I have also heard about Wal-Mart uses and abuses of their employees, so I'm concerned about this aspect of it too. He does not want to use it and throw it aside. He is a hardworking, ambitious, and has gone from cashier, to CSM, and now Deputy addresses of all in the last 7 months into his job at Wal-Mart. Right now we are almost touching financially. What job sounds better?
How to start a New Car Insurance firm?3thrush2012-02-08 22:17:03
I'm looking to start an auto insurance company independent. What are the things involved? I like to create a new insurance company policeis are independent. What legal or business blocks and there if any?
What the best insurance firm for my aprilia rs50 please help??0 '- [You are willing, Ni, old love -2012-04-27 07:16:34
hiya im 16 and just bought an aprilia rs50cc 2000 and used to obtain insurance for Part 3 ONLY if anyway can help me please, and if you can , you know how much that surrounds it will be thanks .
How do you audit an insurance broking firm0Jef2011-12-12 19:40:21
What is the best life insurance firm to have a policy with?0ReeRee2012-07-28 22:26:59
I am looking to establish a life insurance to help take care of my family, loved my son and when I'm gone ... What are the best companies to join. best iv had so far is with Tesco for the
What is the best life insurance firm to have a policy with?0cheesy doo doop 2012-11-04 12:12:46
im looking to set up a life insurance policy to help take care of my family , loved on and my son when im gone... what are the best firms to join. best offer iv had so far is with tesco for
What is the cheapest insurance firm for new drivers?12 접속사 2012-11-01 18:15:02
I have 21 years , the women's , just passed ... Does anyone know any ggod insurance companies try?
Why are insurance companies and law firm prejudice?0Shelle2012-10-17 13:45:03
As my father was driving in DC (he drives a taxi), he was hit by another car. The man admitted his fault, he got a ticket stating that he hit my father from a police man and in the end gave his insurance number and everything necessary to pay for my father's damaged car. When my father called the man's insurance company (USAA) they said that they wouldn't pay my father 2400 dollars, to this day (it happened 2 years ago) i believe that the insurance company rejected him when they first heard his accent. He called lawyers but they too rejected him thinking that because he is a foreigner, he's not smart and that he'll make them loose the case. In the end, my father ended up donating the car to a non-profit organization.
Firm and Insurance choices for university?0Bettye2012-07-16 15:48:03
I'll be applying to university soon, and I am aware that you have to chose a firm and insurance university. I was told that the Insurance choice should have lower entry requirements than the firm choice, in case you miss the entry requirements for the firm choice. However, for dentistry, which is what I'm applying for, all universities require AAA, meaning my insurance choice wouldn't have lower entry requirements. So what would happen if I don't meet the AAA. Can someone clear this up for me. Thanks

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