Question about Social Security disability after a heart attack?

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Does anyone know how hard it is to get disability after a heart attack? I had a few years ago.
I had two occasions and a balloon catheter put in. My first two stress tests were good. I had to have a stress test of emergency in September, including a nuclear stress test. I had done this under the care of charity by different cardiologists. I should have done in order to obtain approval for surgery on a broken arm. Nobody told him how well I did, but was acquitted of surgery.

I've been living off money from the inheritance of the past few years and my maintenance costs are minimal, but the money is starting to run out. Before my heart attack that has always worked in jobs of physical production in a hot environment. I went to several employment agencies trying to find a production job, finally found one who sent me to a factory that was 105 degrees in the work area.It was about 95 degrees outside.I only lasted 4 hours because lightheadiness had three periods.

I started getting these spells after my heart attack. Between September 2010 and September 2011 I got these spells and fainted three times during that period of one year. Cycling seemed to trigger these episodes. One was on a day when the temperature was around 50-55 degrees, one degree per day 92 and the last was in the ER when I broke my arm cycling. The emergency physician, said one of my blood pressure was very low. I can take Coreg (carvidilol), lisinopril, and pravastatin and aspirin.

I tried to get a job with air conditioning in retail at places like Wal Mart and Lowes, but because of the economy, never received an answer.

I'm up to my last drop so to speak. I do not know where to turn. I talked about the first 2 episodes dark with my cardiologist and tested and never found any problem. During a blackout spell I fell and hit my head on pavement.It left a pool of blood. My friend tried to wake up, then tried to get help from neighbors. He said he was about 10 minutes, but I'm guessing 5 minutes. He was about to call an ambulance. I was only breifly to the emergency department. Another time, I'm guessing it was out of about 45 seconds. I hit my head then, but I was semi-conscious. I was partially aware of my surroundings, but it was like a dream state. It sounded like an engine reving in my head.

I have no health insurance now, and I do not like to depend on charity care. I just did it before because it was an emergency, when I broke my arm and he could "shake it off."

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