Weird symptoms- pregnancy or cancer?

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Well, I've been having digestive problems for about a year , since taking a dose of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection (taken as 5 antibiotics for infections in the last year , but before this year had never used antibiotics) from a couple of days ago my stomach was very bloated and hard to the touch , suddenly . If you suck it in, which is even more bloated than normal. I have also been spotted twice in the last two months. The last time I remember being "normal " was launched on March 15 - by normal I mean the blood red instead of brown , with a duration of 5-6 days. And I have a rare pubic hair regrowth , along with itching. And I think my breasts are swollen, but not sure . My lymph nodes may have been bloated a week or so ago , but he also had a tick bite thus resulting in some swelling . I'm not constipation. For months I have been denied access to a little when I stand or lift his arms above my head. Oh, and sex is very painful, uncomfortable and impossible to perform, the times we've tried recently. Do these symptoms sound like ovarian cancer , tumors or pregnancy "just ol ? I have 19 years of age without health insurance, but I have a doctor 's appointment costs $ 30 .

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