Why would the doctor tell my mother shes not dying but put her on hospice? related questions

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Why would the doctor tell my mother shes not dying but put her on hospice?0anoop 2012-07-11 05:37:11
First off I don't need anybody to tell me what hospice is I worked for hospice 2 and a half years I know what its all about. But my mother who is 56 has been in and out of the hospital since Oct with returning pneumonia now they say its cleared up and shes going to get better. But they admitted her to hospice for failure to thrive she asked the doctor was she dieing and he told her upfront no she wasn't home health wouldn't take her with her insurance and hospice could maintain her until she got stronger I don't understand how they did this. But her doctor said more and more people are being maintained on hospice until they get better. Has anybody else heard of this?
I fractured my finger, how do I take care of it at home, mother refuses to take me ot a doctor, shes too busy?0shayner2012-09-26 13:45:03
Well , I've been on websites manydifferent and I'm sure I've broken a bone or joint on my finger . Its getting very swollen , it hurts really bad , I'm having a hard time moving (usually written with only my two index fingers , but I'm very fast) , and the skin of the palm side of the joint where it resides is purple . Now the pain travels down my palm . I feel I really need to see a doctor , but my mom will not take me because the last time I broke my arm and ended up needing surgery $ 5,000 and the insurance company does not pay for most of it. She and toldm would have to make an appointment because she does not want ot go to the ER and shes going to be busy all this week . I have to look after my Figner because I know what happens if you do not, so how I can take care of it without having to visit a doctor ?
My mother is dying. What should I do?0yeshua2012-09-19 00:50:03
I have 19 years and enrolled as a sophomore in college . MedlinePlus I have a younger brother who will be a sophomore in high school . MedlinePlus My single mother was recently informed me that the hospital and they said it was more likely to go away soon . MedlinePlus Not sure of the details at this time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. How I can help my mother ? MedlinePlus 2. How I can help my brother ? MedlinePlus 3. If your condition becomes terminal , what actions should be taken? MedlinePlus 4. We are a very poor and uninsured . MedlinePlus How would this affect the situation ? MedlinePlus 5. What would happen to your property, assets, debts and other financial issues ? MedlinePlus 6. As my mother is unmarried , under whose custody is my brother fall into ? MedlinePlus 7. If worse comes to worse , I must consider the dismissal of the university until things settle ? MedlinePlus 8. For those who encountered a family situation , do you have any other words of advice / encouragement ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance . Thanks in advance .
Why does Barack Obama keep lying to Americans regarding his mother dying for lack of health insurance?1Dantes2012-10-24 16:48:56
I guess he is worried about his Obamacare unconstitutional be shot down in the decision of the Supreme Court next. I wonder if Americans are falling for his lies. I think Obama thinks that if you repeat a lie often enough people will begin to believe. All one has to do is to refer to the insurance company Cigna and learn from this lie. You need not be a genius to know this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Mrs. Obama wore a health insurance plan through CIGNA (80/20). _In Reality, Cigna had paid 80% of all expenses and all that remained was the 20% owed by Mrs. Obama (who earned an annual income of $ 80,000.00 at the time). _In Fact, the insurer Cigna} {had asked Mrs. Obama be tested a few months before he most likely would have detected the cancer he had. Mrs. Obama 'denied making the test. She said she was "too busy". _Indeed, This issue was really a "long term disability" sure that Mrs. Obama was not involved. If they had, all costs have been subsidized by insurance. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus FACT:. Mrs. Obama was assured and CIGNA paid their MedlinePlus If Obamacare by some perverse twist of fate is not shown as a constitutional "slap in the face" to the middle class people in the United States will find that they can not afford a health plan as Cigna offers now. MedlinePlus NO .. Cigna never be able to compete with Obamacare. MedlinePlus Obama lie about his mother does not stop there. If Obamacare becomes the "empire of the earth" Americans have health insurance "diluted". That means NO to the doctor you want. MedlinePlus NO to not be "rationed. MedlinePlus NO .. health problems will be decided for you by a selected group of people in Washington. MedlinePlus Who gets the short end of the stick? MedlinePlus The shrinking American middle class. MedlinePlus Obamacare should be re-named .. Nobama care. MedlinePlus Smell the roses before they wilt. MedlinePlus Why do you think that Obama is lying about his 53 years $ 80,000 / year. mum wage? MedlinePlus $ 80,000 / year. in 1995 was a pretty good salary!
Help Need Advice! Aetna has not sent my mother insurance card. Doctor will not accept her. What to do?1coral_snake2012-06-17 04:14:15
My mom enrolled in an employer -based insurance which includes Aetna as insurance provider. He enrolled to start 1/1/2007 and have not received your insurance card to date 28/03/07 . We called several times to apply for a card and have not sent us. He promised to send on numerous occasions, but never received. The last time we talk to a supervisor / manager and he said he would send him all night after complaining that we are very upset , but fell during the night. They say it takes 2-3 weeks for mail to receive. A company as big as Aetna should not be so cheap and slow . Said they had no records of previous communication on the basis of the computer. We said we can send a copy of phone bill showing the dates calls and requests the insurance card. She said it was not neccesary. Your doctor will not accept without insurance card. What can we do ? We are tired of poor service provided Aetna .
Can a doctor sue you for payment if you were 18 and still in school and on your mother's insurance and were also pregnant at the time and did graduate1Christophe2011-12-22 06:22:14
Mother bought life insurance on brother, mother and sister beneficiaries, mother dies can insured chanfe bene?1 〃 Shang . ● 2012-05-21 03:16:43
Brother offers life insurance , the mother bought . Mother and sister are the beneficiaries. The mother dies. You can change beneficiaries brother?
I need a recommendation for a great home hospice care business in the Los Angeles, CA area.?0Deliah2012-10-01 15:19:22
My best friend is in the final stages of terminal cancer . It now has a hospice at home working with her, but despite that we are trying , are not meeting their needs . She has a very good insurance , and looking for a hospice who have very caring and nurturing staff , including nurses , doctors and assistants that may be assigned to it . If anyone has any real experience in a hospice like this, I'd love to hear from them so I could check them out and give my friend some advice .
Is there free premium life insurance policies available through Bankers for patients on Hospice0Mat2011-12-19 23:09:29
Are there free policy premium life insurance through bankers to Hospice patients
Doctor issued prescription for Mothers wheelchair. Ordered from company who now claims they do not deal with Medicare insurance. Mother billed entire cost on her CC. What recourse can be used now2Gen2017-05-31 05:08:32
Doctor issued prescription for the wheelchair mothers. Request of the company now says it does not deal with Medicare insurance . Mother total cost billed to your CC. What resources can now be used
How much do you think shes worth?1nisreen2012-09-27 10:52:03
http://www.flickr.com/photos / ---- beccas a
If you're under an approved doctor care for maybe 6 months and then the worker compensation provider ask you to go see there doctor You make the appointment and their doctor say to return to work and0 [51 name-51mingzi] I'mcc æ—³ Male Jiu 2012-03-21 17:22:02
If you are under medical care approved for maybe 6 months and then ask the workers' compensation provider you go to see doctor not to make an appointment with your doctor and tell him to return to work and

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