Do food pantries ask for income /family size, etc when needing food? related questions

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Do food pantries ask for income /family size, etc when needing food?1icelocsgirl2012-08-11 22:04:59
Therefore, I live alone and I can make decent money . The problem is that now I'm totally wiped out the savings and the best of my credit card only for urgent family emergency . I'll be totally fine once I get paid for more than you need for bills, and then when back on track I can add to my savings account again. But until they are paid within 8 days, I literally do not have a dollar to my name until then. I posted a few adds on Craigslist to sell some items, but you have to get my car insurance and electricity to be very soon. If someone answers yet .. I was thinking of going to a food pantry to pick up some items. Do you verify income , I am NOT low income is only a temporary solution. After receiving the money , I would donate some items to the bank just for my own conscience. I know there are families with children who are low income.
Why doesn't obamacare include food? Why aren't we required to buy FOOD insurance?3tomcat2012-10-23 21:57:02
If a state official lies about food stamp rules, shouldn't the USDSA Food and Nutrition service be concerned?0ayan2012-08-18 01:12:02
Hank Hudson ( the key man for food stamp information in Montana) tried to tell me you can not collect food stamps if you are eligible, and had to pay $ 300 for a traffic fine or late car insurance mandatory. This is a lie. Allen is correct in < / a > ( You may have a food stamp skyrocket due to the mandatory insurance laws car ) Should not the Food and Nutrition Service of USDA straighten Hank Hudson? ?
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Does rental income count in food stamp qualification?2Heidi2012-08-25 05:54:19
What about the mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities paid for the rental property , can they count as expenses in determining eligibility?
What would be the cost of living in San Diego Cal for a family of 5, rent, food, insurance, schools and all?0lost2012-08-31 21:29:02
I am moving to another country or Chulavista SD areas with my family (wife and 3 children ages 16.13 and 6) and would like to somehow maintain my standard of living (house of approx . 2,300 square meters , 2 cars , medical and general insurance , scools , etc ) MedlinePlus I refer to the approximate amount per month I would need ? I have a job , but I have doubts whether the pay is enough. Maybe I should be more than $ 50,000 or $ 60,000 per year . ?
Should i buy health insurance instead of providing food clothing heat and shelter for my family,?0zax for Mrs.SUE2012-08-06 08:02:46
or should I opt for the fine not be able to pay . Go to jail, lose my job , passing the burden of myself and my family in that the citizen who pays his taxes? Should we force all homeless people in the purchase of mansions.
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Food Energy Analysis02022-02-19 10:34:01
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How do food stamps work?0go to/失败2012-08-04 00:21:50
I am 19 years old and live in a mobile home park in Ohio. I work full time and live alone. I pay for all utilities, insurance and also college loan payments. Do you think I would qualify for food assistance. I am not the kind of person to accept a free hand and would only be asking because i am in need.

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