Do food pantries ask for income /family size, etc when needing food?

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Asked at 2012-07-09 07:54:02
Therefore, I live alone and I can make decent money . The problem is that now I'm totally wiped out the savings and the best of my credit card only for urgent family emergency . I'll be totally fine once I get paid for more than you need for bills, and then when back on track I can add to my savings account again. But until they are paid within 8 days, I literally do not have a dollar to my name until then. I posted a few adds on Craigslist to sell some items, but you have to get my car insurance and electricity to be very soon. If someone answers yet ..

I was thinking of going to a food pantry to pick up some items. Do you verify income , I am NOT low income is only a temporary solution. After receiving the money , I would donate some items to the bank just for my own conscience. I know there are families with children who are low income.
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Of course, verify income and family size .

If you've been paying your credit card on time, ask if you can make a temporary credit increase , or talk to your bank about overdraft - not expected to incur overdrafts in the normal $ 25 + fee

Check the closets of odds and ends that you can eat to do so - can not be seen as a traditional food , but can be done due to empty the pantry. The odds and ends you find you keep a few days and honestly , it's the rare type of things that we would receive from a food bank anyway because that's what most people donate .
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