Can I drive my Girlfriend's car under my own comprehensive insurance policy? related questions

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AM i insured to drive my girlfriends car, my insurance cover is, Name driver fully comprehensive plz help ?7fox2012-08-31 07:23:03
Am I insured to drive my friends car , my insurance coverage , name all risk driver plz help?
Can I drive my Girlfriend's car under my own comprehensive insurance policy?6Hedda2012-05-05 21:37:15
¿ I can drive my girlfriend 's car in my own comprehensive insurance policy ?
If a person is a named driver on a persons comprehensive insurance policy is it right to say they can`t drive?9Michel2012-08-14 23:41:05
any other, but the car owners policy ? This is to resolve a dispute. Maybe companies are different .. I think it's just that the main driver allowed to drive other cars. I was told is not true. Can anyone help before it sounds to ask.
Can additional driver on fully comprehensive policy drive any car with owner permission?7Rose2012-05-06 17:38:57
Can additional driver on all-risk policy to drive any car owner's permission ?
Do I need to buy car insurance to drive my girlfriends car?1reindeer2012-04-24 19:03:04
I live in Alberta , Canada. My girlfriend recently moved from Seattle , WA and brought his car across the border. We are now depending on the car and I wonder if I have to buy additional insurance for your car. I'm even able to do this because your car is not registered in this province? Thanks for the help
Can i drive my girlfriends car?1flubba2012-10-02 12:45:02
My girlfriend has a 3 rd party insurance on your car, but I have a full driveing ​​liecence , I can handle if you are in the car? I have no insurance on your car tho ?
I need a way to get 7 miles to my girlfriends house and i am only 15 so i cant drive a car help me !!!!!!!!!!!7Alice2012-05-06 18:10:33
I need a way to get 7 miles from my home friends and I 'm only 15 so I can not drive a car to help me! ! ! !
Can I add my son's girlfriends car to my auto insurance policy?0lephaiis2012-07-30 04:16:58
The girlfriend of my son is 18 and you are buying a new car. She is financing part of it. The insurance for it is very expensive so I though maybe I could add to my policy. I guess if the car was in my name would not be a problem, but it will be in his name and since she is not really related to me may not be able to.
I was insured on my girlfriends car by her policy as an additional driver. I now own it, am i still covered?8Casta2012-10-10 07:45:02
Basically my girlfriend and property of our car insurance under your name. I was insured as an additional driver . Now we have separated , but moved from car ownership to my name. I am still assured by its current policy ?
If you have Fully Comprehensive car insurance, can you drive any car?17 Prince" -2012-08-31 10:14:03
If you are completely a draft, does that mean you are allowed to drive cars anyone? If so , could get insured on a car cheap shit full competition and then drive to my parents BMW and still be covered if it crashed ?
Can I drive another car with my fully comprehensive insurance?4amo2012-04-29 07:03:21
I have no car insurance all risks in a car , I heard you can drive another car with the permission of the owners, because you are sure it is against all risks. (So ​​if there is an accident of my insurance cover the costs of third party) Here's the trick , I am with my friends all risk insurence car as a driver called . ¿ I can ( be a driver whose name appears in all risk insurence ) drive someone else's car with the license? Thanks in advance
If i have fully comprehensive insurance can I drive someone elses car? Im 18?0Richone2012-10-15 09:12:46
Basically I got a quote from Admiral during

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