Can I drive my Girlfriend's car under my own comprehensive insurance policy?

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Asked at 2012-01-15 17:49:52
¿ I can drive my girlfriend 's car in my own comprehensive insurance policy ?
Answer1DarnelAnswered at 2012-01-28 04:56:46
No, your insurance covers the driver's vehicle .
Your policy may cover a rental car (for example, while it is fixed)
Insurance companies always tell you not to let anyone borrow your car.
Answer2crutch Answered at 2012-02-06 02:05:33
whenever your car is insured should be a clause in your policy that will allow you to drive your car girlfriends, but Part 3 will cover only. This includes Direct Line insurance .
Answer3DeborahAnswered at 2012-02-26 20:08:24
Ask the insurance company !

I have 21 years and I have 4 years no claims bonus now. I've never had an accident, never been caught speeding , or driving or taking reckless driving or something. So I have a clean license . Basically, I am the "model" car driver in the eyes of the insurer. I'm young, fit, healthy and a host of " good" .... However, .......

I tried to get insurance on my mother 's car so I could use when she went for a few weeks , so it would not be sitting there rusting. Although my mother only has a small Ford Ka and the car I drive is bigger, more expensive and more powerful , Direct Line will not let me drive your car , even in my policy of a complete draft .

They said they only allow you to use the drivers of other vehicles under its own policy of a complete draft , if they are over 25 years of age. Therefore, my mother is a complete draft in its 1.3 ka , however , it may lead to my stepfather Audi 2.0-liter turbo under your policy, but I drive and I am fully comp on a 2.0-liter car I can not drive the car of my mother 1.3l ... Weird .

I do not know how your insurance company put it on your partner. I would give them a call and find out what their policy is before you go and drive your car :).
Answer4buffaloAnswered at 2012-03-15 07:09:07
Check your policy , as some allow it and others do not.
Answer5EddyAnswered at 2012-03-27 12:42:23
Check your policy , but I think the answer will be yes ... while your vehicle is properly registered and has his own insurance (if only passive) in the vehicle.

It also depends on where you live . In the U.S. , the rules are different from other countries. Where I am ( in the U.S., KY ), any insured driver can drive my car , provided you have my permission, and are covered under my policy automatically. On the contrary , I can drive any vehicle properly registered and insured (with permission ) and be covered by the policy designated by the owner of that vehicle. Also I have a general clause in my personal insurance that provides supplemental insurance (up to my policy specifications ) in any vehicle that the unit is less sure of what I personally carry, even a rental car .
Answer6halvesAnswered at 2012-05-05 21:37:15
You need to check your insurance policy carefully to see if you have insurance to drive other vehicles. Usually, this type of coverage is called other unit Cars ( DOC). It is (or was) usually easier to acquire in a fully comp policy, but also available in a third and policies LFPR . Most insurers do not offer more DOC because of people claiming an old cheap car and then drive an expensive car using your DOC extension. If you are still unsure after checking your policy , call your insurer to double check .
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