What are other possible things that could be wrong with my body if I have pregnancy symptoms? related questions

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What are other possible things that could be wrong with my body if I have pregnancy symptoms?0salassia2012-07-07 11:05:02
My period is late. I normally have pretty short cycles, about 24 days. Its been 27 days since my last period. I have been feeling VERY bloated and tired lately. And I have a dull stretching pain in my abdomen. I'm going to the bathroom frequently and have sore nipples. AND im constipated! Normally I have no PMS signs whatsoever so when i googled these symptoms all that keeps coming up is pregnancy. My bf and I use the withdrawal method so I shouldnt be preg. but something is def. wrong. ANYWAY I did a test today and got a negative. I'm trying to figure out what else could be wrong with me. I don't want to be preg. seeing as I don't have health insurance, but it would be better than finding out I'm dying from appendicitis or something. I cant see a doctor until next month when my new health insurance becomes active.
Pregnancy symptoms? Or another illness?0jess.2012-07-22 15:03:05
Background: Im 19. Been in a relationship for two years. Last birth control shot was supposed to be May 17th. Didnt get it due to drop of health insurance. I bled for three weeks after missing my shot. My boyfriend and I havr been having unprotected sex regularly, but he pulls out everytime (not the safest idea, i know). Symptoms: No period for 5 weeks. Milky white, thickish discharge (not cottage cheese like). Nauseous last night, no vomiting. Always eating though I never really feel hungry. When i do let my stomach get empry I feel nauseous. I got dizzy just today. When sitting in an awkward position if i sneeze it gives me sharp pains in my abdomen. Lastly, my.nipples get hard at the slightest touch or change in temperature. Could this be pregnancy? Could there be any other explanation? Maybe my body just being weird and adjusting to not having the depro vera?
Pregnancy Symptoms But Not Pregnant?0Emma D.2012-07-05 05:37:02
I have been having odd pregnancy-like symptoms, but I am not pregnant. I am on NuvaRing, and my Dr. tells me it is pretty much "impossible" to get pregnant. I don't get my period anymore as a side effect of the birth control, so I cannot gauge anything by that. I have been nauseous, sleepy, foggy brained, and sensitive to smell. Yesterday I took a nap and was still tired. I am tired every morning I wake up. I took a pregnancy test recently just to be sure, and it came out negative. Any idea what it could be? I am thinking it could be stress or depression related. Also, please do not say "Go see your doctor." My health insurance is terrible and I cannot afford to go see a doctor every time I feel "sleepy," "nauseous," etc. I just want ideas on what it could be and what I need to do. Should I drink more water? Am I overstressed? Could it be a medical condition? Thanks all.
Pregnancy symptoms w/ irregular periods?0kb2012-09-26 23:34:03
I have irregular periods (naturally have periods of 3-4 years with never having taken birth control or anything like that ) . My last period was during the first week of March . I had sex on March 20. Since we do not have regular periods , I have no idea when the pregnancy test . I had pregnancy symptoms for 2 weeks. I did a home pregnancy test two days ago and they were negative , but still I have symptoms of pregnancy . Have I taken the test too early ? Should I wait a week and take another ? I currently do not have health insurance , so I can not go for a blood test . Because of my symptoms , my boyfriend also think you might be pregnant . I have also stressed lately, so maybe it could be .
Weird symptoms- pregnancy or cancer?0mani2012-07-11 09:55:24
Well, I've been having digestive problems for about a year , since taking a dose of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection (taken as 5 antibiotics for infections in the last year , but before this year had never used antibiotics) from a couple of days ago my stomach was very bloated and hard to the touch , suddenly . If you suck it in, which is even more bloated than normal. I have also been spotted twice in the last two months. The last time I remember being "normal " was launched on March 15 - by normal I mean the blood red instead of brown , with a duration of 5-6 days. And I have a rare pubic hair regrowth , along with itching. And I think my breasts are swollen, but not sure . My lymph nodes may have been bloated a week or so ago , but he also had a tick bite thus resulting in some swelling . I'm not constipation. For months I have been denied access to a little when I stand or lift his arms above my head. Oh, and sex is very painful, uncomfortable and impossible to perform, the times we've tried recently. Do these symptoms sound like ovarian cancer , tumors or pregnancy "just ol ? I have 19 years of age without health insurance, but I have a doctor 's appointment costs $ 30 .
I'm sick whats wrong with me...here are my symptoms?0yazmin2012-10-19 20:21:38
OK , I had a fever of about 102 for 5 days (it seems that as of today ) , dirreah ( beautiful colors ) , cough ( for about two weeks to cut mild but chronic ) generally musle pain , I have what appears to be a flush does not sting , but I have a few spots on my abdomen. I have no health insurance and I have been staying at home , but it's been almost a week . My skin hurts , my vision is affected by headhaces terrible . I have not eaten any real food for a few days and now I know what to do . I am very worried. I'm in Texas , where I can go ? What do you think is bothering me . I just returned from Central America , where I stayed for 3 months. I am a 33yr man , normaly good health
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Negative pregnancy test, so whats wrong with me? HELP!!!!!!!?0Terionna2012-10-03 14:50:37
Hello , any help I can get would be greatly appreciated ! I had unprotected sex (no birth control ) with my boyfriend on August 15 and my period was supposed to start on August 31 to September 1. Unfortunately , I never got it , so I began to worry that she might be pregnant even though they were sure it was removed in time ( just do not want to have children yet) . My biggest concern was that I was spotting brown flow instead of my normal period that lasted a couple of days . This has never happened before! However, I was very relaxed , so I did not prolong the possibility of getting my period . I took two pregnancy tests , the first on 04 September and the second on September 8 and both were negative . Now it's September 17th and I have not gotten my period . Should I take another pregnancy test in the case of the others were wrong ? I know in some women Ph levels are not always high enough, so maybe a blood test instead? I am not showing signs of pregnancy , such as nausea , breast tenderness , cravings , or to be more tired than usual and no signs of abdomen. It could be a sign of infertility location ( my worst nightmare) or it could be nothing bad at all to the point here should see a gynecologist ? ! Unfortunately , I have no health insurance at the moment and I'm working on getting something that all relevant information and sound would be awesome! Thank you very much in advance , right now all I can do is hope for the best ! : (
What are 5 things that are wrong in society today?0Pini2012-10-12 21:45:02
like , with people in general? MedlinePlus no things like health insurance , obama is bad prez , politicans are idiots
Something Wrong With My body?0sangeetha2012-07-15 22:32:02
It all started 8 months ago. I lay in bed watching a movie on my laptop when all of a sudden I felt the sharp pain around where my left rib cage. I did not think much about it and just assumed I pulled a muscle. About a week has passed and every day I have very bad pains in that area. This is when I started thinking that something serious was happening to my body. So I was taken to hospital. Blood samples were collected, took my blood pressure, and even chest x-ray. After hours of waiting, the doctor came and told me that the blood sample that looked like everything was normal, but he said he could not explain the pain and sent me home. Another week passes and the pain did not disappear. So take me to a different hospital and they did the same routine as the last. Only this time they said they had high blood pressure and was prescribed blood pressure pills. They also found nothing in samples of blood and could not explain the pain. So my thoughts are my two visits to the hospital are actually nothing wrong with me, or is there something wrong with me and tell me because I have no health insurance. I do not know, that's where my paranoia comes into play Anyway .. Fast forward 7 months. The pain never went away. It happened every night, but it happens often. It's really depressing when I am having pain and trying to go to bed wondering if I will wake up the next day. I have to thank. Now let's fast forward to recent events. About two nights ago I had a nice dinner of spaghetti. When it came time for bed, I started having some really bad pains on my left side again. The best way to describe this pain was a very strong person squeezing and then released. Finally I fell asleep and the pain went away when I woke up. Now fast forward this morning, I had some extreme pain around my left rib cage and stomach. It felt like I was on fire. As I write this, I can still feel the effects of what happened before. However, I can not sleep because I have a headache and my left arm is taking a bit of pain .. I slept for an hour and woke up my left arm is numb or asleep. Since I woke up I occasionally feel a little pain. Sorry for the long post .. I do not know what else to do .. I have no health insurance since I have no money to pay for it (unemployed) and I tried to get Medicare or Medicade and was denied because apparently you must have children to be in it. I owe the money the hospital about $ 10,000 for my last two visits .. Honestly, I think something is wrong with my body .. Like giving me all these warning signs of the past 8 months, and even thought the hospital said everything seemed normal, I do not believe them .. What I can do now?
What could be wrong with my body?0Jarel2012-07-19 03:15:02
Here is what happens every month: I get bloated Period gets lighter Cramps more often between periods Gaining weight Feel sick every morning, and if I eat I am sick I cant sleep at night Im always hot Frequent headaches Frquent urination More consipation Im not pregnant, ive done several tests. But I dont have medical insurance so I cant go to the doctor. My mother has also had bad dreams about me that leave her feeling very worried about me. If you have any ideas what might be wrong please let me know.

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