What can I do to receive financial help for a surgery if I have no insurance? related questions

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What can I do to receive financial help for a surgery if I have no insurance?1shelly2012-08-17 06:15:03
My aunt has diabetes and congestive heart failure . She has to have an angiogram and other work in his heart away to keep her alive , too, has to have some laser surgery on the eye from going blind. They have very little insurance. Your insurance covers only office visits . Your insurance is different, but only a little better. The angiogram will cost between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 and the second heart surgery will be about $ 60,000. They may be able to pay for the first, but that will drain savings. After that , they will have all things eye to pay. She is no longer able to work, so we are living only on their income. She had to leave his job because of his diabetes was out of control (when she left she had not yet been diagnosed) . I was wondering if anyone knew what to do to start getting some additional support. Any help is appreciated.
Where do I get financial help to pay for my surgery?1sybrina2012-08-13 05:17:36
I have an anal wart which is an infection due to an STD called HPV. I can't afford the hospital and doctor's fees to remove it. Do you guys know if there's some sort of insurance or financial assistance (maybe from the government or something) bc I don't have insurance. The hospital is waiving 75% of the fees but still the remaining 2800 bucks is still not affordable. Please help. Thank you. Oh btw I live in Florida and I'm a male and 25 yrs old.
How come I do not qualify as an independent to receive financial aid?0sowah2012-09-02 17:30:04
I have 21 years , global me 20 + hours a week in a resteraunt , I have to pay rent and do not live with my parents , and they did not tell me for tax purposes , or health insurance . I'm trying to get financial aid for college , but it says to qualify i should " Be at least 24 on or before December 31 of the award year , an orphan ( both parents deceased ) or ward of the court , be a veteran , be a graduate or professional student , being married, having legal dependents ; . receive a waiver of a financial aid administrator for the unusual circumstances MedlinePlus Would you be able to appeal and say that I have unusual circumstances ? MedlinePlus I do not understand or agree with your definition of independent at all ... I pay my own rent , the work of my own work , I pay my own insurance , go to school and pay for my books and classes , and I have 21 , do not get money from my parents to the school . How 'm not independent ?
Can we receive financial assistance for therapy for our Autistic children?0gf2012-10-13 06:06:53
My husband and I have two children , both with HF autism . Our daughter , who is 8 , has behavioral problems (broke two doors in the house yesterday and has severe tantrums ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Our son, who is almost 7 , on the other hand , is very quiet and reserved , but has trouble communicating . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Both were diagnosed with autism HF ( medical and educational ) when they were 3 and 4 . We had them in early intervention , but as soon as he qualified for Kindergarten , our services are cut . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Both were put in a primary normal school in regular classes with very limited " speech therapy " just a week at school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Our daughter needs behavioral therapy as soon as possible and both need speech therapy much more than they receive in school! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband makes $ 74,000 / year and I am a mother and housewife . We live in the state of Oregon . Is there any possible way we can get some kind of financial or convince our health insurance to cover most of the costs of your treatment ? This is very expensive and very hard to believe that our ( very good ! ) Insurance coverage does not cover therapy for autistic children . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any input is greatly appreciated!
Mature student attending college in Wales, what financial help can I receive?0jai2012-07-15 11:34:02
I have 26 years in Wales and was fired a month ago and am currently living with parents, a daughter of 5 years of marriage last . I'm looking to get a trade and after much searching I've decided to become an electrician who would be the best way for me and put me in my future. I've been in telemarketing for the last 5 years, but money is not good enough and I like interacting with people . This is a course of 2 years, 2 years is the apprenticship which will receive an income, albeit small . I bought my own car , pay insurance plan for a year and have some money saved , I have no debt, but just need help with day to day costs and food. My parents are willing to support me ( leaving me with no income ) Im wondering what kind of financial aid also would be entitled , if any? I have no problem with a student loan , I would pay back to anyone. I realize you can not get the subsidy for job seekers as a full time course that I consider to be " unavailble " for the job. so there are options ? thank you very much
Can a doctor deny surgery for a minor because of financial reasoning ?1mechelle2012-07-31 19:54:03
my friend has internal bleeding and was denied the surgery they need to live . not have health insurance and the surgery cost a little less than $ 4000 ( not available). Without this type of surgery you will die. So if the answer is yes to this question please give me other ways to get money to help my friend .. Thank you.
How can you receive emergency surgery with no medical insurance and very poor credit1Coco2012-04-19 13:41:31
How can I receive emergency surgery without health insurance and poor credit
When you receive an auto loan do you receive cash that you may use towards insurance and registration0Alsto2012-03-10 08:37:52
When you get an auto loan does not receive cash that you can use the insurance and registration
When I get surgery through jobs insurance, what person in the company will be able to see what type surgery???2Burdette2012-06-08 20:34:43
When I get the surgery through insurance jobs , what person of the company will be able to see what type of surgery ? ?
I have no insurance and need surgery for a hernia. How can I get coverage for the surgery that I need?0haha2012-06-29 04:38:03
If I buy insurance my pre-existing condition will be excluded. I asked a hospital what they would charge if I paid cash. They said $16,000 and that did not include the surgeons fee or the anesthesiologist fee. I called a couple of doctors offices and they all said that they do not do this kind of elective surgery for uninsured patients. I am not broke and I do not qualify for government assistance but I cannot afford to pay $20,000 to get my hernia fixed.
In Nigeria,if my taxi crashes my broken leg required surgery do I pay money upfront for this surgery?1 dry Kuo Pu Lei' -2012-07-20 15:24:02
In Nigeria, if the taxi crashes my broken leg surgery required I have to pay money upfront for this surgery ?
Surgery Options?? (Tourist, no canada healthcare, not able to fly home just for surgery)?0Courtney W.2012-09-06 18:45:04
Hi! I am asking this question to my friend . He is visiting here from Europe and needs eye surgery done on your eye . He has a rare form of cataract and vision in his left eye is about 10 % at this time (which can sometimes colored blocks , but otherwise you can not see much at all ) . He is here on a visa for six months , and not have travel insurance . He is unable to fly home for surgery and then fly back to continue his visit , but because of his eye condition , is in a lot of pain and decreased vision almost daily . He wants to have surgery while he's here and I was wondering what options you have . The waiting list is about 18 months for cataract surgery for Canadians , but if you go to the emergency room and told to have severe pain and needs to be fixed will be able to operate ? Will you be charged big $ $ $ for it , or will do for free? What other options do you have? Any help is appreciated or if anyone knows where you can go in for free Vancouver med help ? THANKS !

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