Republicans supported the insurance companies who cried that a "public option" would have been unfair to them?

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Asked at 2012-07-07 03:07:11
I suppose you think that being able to take the "one child" insurance market is right?

The concern of insurance companies that some parents refuse to cover children until they get sick is valid. Therefore, to establish an open enrollment period , which can only enroll in the insurance during that time period .

The market pulling child-only insurance is not fair - it's children . However, the Republicans are screaming about it.

Does that mean they are on the side of insurance companies and not children ?
Answer1lovzAnswered at 2012-08-07 17:28:02
Insurance companies and individuals who invest in them are not slaves of the government. If you make it impossible to obtain a benefit that will turn and people will invest in something profitable.

The same will happen in the rest of the insurance industry. I spend about $ 20,000 in health insurance .. in case I get sick ! If I can be part of the government of the cooperative, even with a plan pre-existing condition that I can leave my private insurance.
Clear that a $ 750 fine, but will still be ahead $ 19,250 .
The only people who will stay in private insurance will be people who are already sick and paying less in premiums than they receive in benefits.
Private insurance all going to disappear ... which was the target along
Answer2DanieAnswered at 2012-10-06 02:35:12
There are several reasons why the bill was unfair to insurance companies and taxpayers . First, no one competes with U.S. governor You lose $ 100Trillion in insurance , so it receives the taxpayer to pay more , an insurance company would go if he did . Second, we took a huge step backward in the areas of availability , quality and cost of health care bills that pass . I lived in Europe and traveled across Canada , these people (most at least) said do not ever go the way public option . It was a collection of costs , availability murderer (for most ) , and the quality of care had to be thrown overboard to handle the increase in patients . But again , I lived there I saw it , used it , and I can say what I was used to in the U.S. was in all areas and higher forms .
Answer3narminAnswered at 2012-11-04 12:34:07
Let's be real the Re pubs don't want Health Care for Adults or Children and Republican voters think there right or don't care. Where is the Logic ? how can they be so Dense to go against them self's why are they so Gullible.The problem is the people who do understand are getting a Health Care Bill that could have been better.
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