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Breast leakage, feeling pregnant and on depo?0Tiana2012-07-06 21:37:03
So this is going to get a little detailed here. Sorry of tmi. I had a miscarriage in April on the 14th, had my next period the 14th of May which ended on the 18th of May, and got on depo that same day. The 20th I had unprotected sex, other then the bc, and ever since then I've been having all pregnancy symptoms I could think of. I was on depo last year from Oct-Jan and NEVER had any symptoms that I am having now. Are all depo shots the same? Also, the 9th of June I noticed that when I squeezed my breast, which idk why I decided to do this I just did, and out of only my right breast came a clear cloudy like fluid. Very little amount, but it was still there. And only out of the right. What could this mean? Could I be pregnant? If so I'd be around 4 weeks. I've taken a couple dollar tests and they've all come out negative. When I had to get proof of pregnancy on my last pregnancy for insurance, the dollar tests wouldn't read until about 2 or 3 days after my period was late. But I knew I was pregnant bc my body just knew. I really feel pregnant, can I be?
Getting pregnant easier after depo shot?0English2012-07-20 00:46:04
I have heard many stories about ppl who tried pregnanr years and could not. Then, for some reason has Depo ... was lowered and in the months to get pregnant ! Is this true ? Is it really easier to get pregnant after leaving the injection Depo ? ? For my part , I personally know someone who could not get pregnant and tried for years. A friend of hers told her about this and got the first injection ( lasts 3 months) said insurance would not pay for her but she did not return for another. After going to an appointment for a regular check until he learned she was pregnant a few months after stopping the shot!
If you have the feeling that your pregnant along with symptoms and urine tests come up negative is there any way to find out other than going to the doctor because i don't have insurance1Griffit2012-04-27 10:04:39
If you have the feeling that her pregnancy with the symptoms and urine tests are negative is there any way to find out other than going to the doctor because they do not have insurance
Trying to conceive after depo...?0help me again2012-10-03 01:15:02
He had a shot at the end of August 2011 was due in November but that was causing the symptoms , so I researched and knew it would take a while to get out of my system so decided not to get the next shot . So I just had a chance. I got my first normal period of Jan, I lost February and March and then in April we had one normal . May and June began getting them every two weeks. I am engaged and getting married in September. I have no insurance and can not pay a doctor's bill . I know that a low dose of birth control pills will help regulate me as a nurse at the health department instructed me to do, but I have a non-cancerous lump in the breast that I want to remove it does not bother me , it's not going to kill me , and if I could back it off , but I have it not going to give me birth control , which could cause an increase in the size they say. So my question is directed to users of depo injection last , how long it takes to get a normal period again ? How long did it take you to conceive ? and if experienced two periods each week , how long did it take from that point of having a normal again ? I expect there, but I hope my wait is not long as my periods are now like a watch that has never happened I'm usually very irregular . My periods last 5 days . For today July 8 to 12 and from 26 to 30 ...
Depo shot ended and I'm kinda worried?0Abbey2012-10-11 21:45:02
I guess my next depo shot June 14 and never arrived due to insurance problems . It's been a month from tomorrow , and I have not gotten my period . I've taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative . What the hell is going on? It's very possible you could be pregnant , because I thought I had a couple of days before the end . Please give me advice , I worry that something is wrong . I have an appointment with the doctor on the 25th and I can come sooner.
Period problems after stopping depo shot?0gawoman2012-08-13 23:21:02
HI. I was on the Depo injection during a cycle (3 months) and started having chest pains very bad , so let t go and get my next shot. While I was on my periods are bolted high up , failed during the first two months and then last month it seemed that I have 2 days a week throughout the month. Now it's been about a month since my second shot was due, and for the last 3 weeks I have been on my period 3 weeks ... solid. And strong it is extremely unusual for me as I never had an abundant flow in my life . (I am 5'9 "and weighs 107 pounds, because I have an overactive motablalism (spelling ? ) As the Presentation of me that always light) do not know what to do and I'm a little frightened by this. I have never had to bend with a stopper and a pillow before. uninsured ... so go to the doctor is not possible at least until day 20 ( payday) . I heard that if I get shot going back to regulate my period and stop the bleeding, but the terrible chest pains that I care more about my period. So I'm confused . Is this normal after leaving the injection of Depo ? should I be concerned ? should I go back for the next shot ? Help !
What is the reason for the leakage of the box filter press?0Kintep2022-05-05 01:30:38
The chamber filter press manufacturer explains the reasons for the leakage of the chamber filter pressand the solutions to help you improve production efficiency. 
enzyme leakage assay service02022-02-19 10:38:58
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40 yr old. Had right side breast pain (under breast) and sharp stabbing back pain?1Vera2012-10-23 00:42:02
No cough, cold, flu, fever or abdominal pain. I do smoke. Sudden onset of pain today at 11:00 am. When pain hits, takes my breath away. Took a prilosec thought it was indigestion, did not work. Not indigestion or heartburn or acid reflux. Sharp gouging pain that starts at breast area and moves to back area on right side. I picked up a stapler today and had to drop it because pain shot up my arm to breast area. Anyone help? Dont have insurance and cant afford cannot take off work to go see doctor. Could it be a pulled muscle or do you think its something that will need to be seen for? I am healthy and am 5'6 and 130 #. I am female using my husbands account. Please help!
Can you sue the person who owns the building that never fixed a infrastructure leakage?0Lace2012-09-18 17:36:03
hey I got into a slip and fall on first June 2009 , the building was constructed around the 60 and was supposed to get remodeled a year ago , but since the place was too poor to pay , it was not. so working at KFC and one day the water was leaking roof nonstop for weeks and tried to call maintence man come and fix it but never did, one day I was carrying a stack of trays and slipped on the spot which is supposed to be a bucket that collects the water . I injured my back on him and I ended up having to had surgery after 8 months of sciatica pain . so I'm off work for another two months and is being paid by the insurance company , I wonder how I can sue my workplace at the time of construction . because if there was evidence that the leak was right in front of the camera survelliance too so therfore I can sue for damages to property that has never been fixed ? fixed a couple of days after I got my injury so I'm slope ....
You have been on the depo shot for a year and you no longer have insurance so now im off it you started to bleed but it is brown is that normal1Ignatia2011-12-28 10:42:34
You've been on Depo for a year and no longer have insurance so now im out of it that began to bleed, but brown is that normal
Does anyne know if state farm insurance cover water leakage in the bathroom?0amene2012-07-12 03:57:02
It seems like I'm having problems with leaks in my bathroom when we shower there's a small leak coming steps . I hired a plumber and not from any of the pipes, said that it looks like its entry into the wall / tile. It seems that may be causing a bit of mold behind the walls too, but not 100 %, im hiring someone to inspect the mold for sure. Will this someething home insurance cover?

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