Quitting a food service job after only 1 month?

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To begin : I am very grateful to have a job in this economy. There are literally thousands of people in my city, I gladly take my job - and do better at it , I'm sure - and I wanted to make clear that I realize how lucky I am . I am not in any way , trying to sound like I was a teenager immature and not right yanks of this work.

The second day I've worked in this business of sandwich ( a lot like Metro) , I wanted to quit. I realized that night that the food service is not my forte , and I came home completely and totally miserable (I could not sleep until 1:30 AM because he was wound up) . The following day was not much better , and when I knew I had to work (usually change of 4 - Close) , I would spend the whole day dreading going to work.
Today he works in the previous shift, and I just do not want it anymore. I know in my heart that I must quit, I do not want to spend the rest of my summer is miserable. I need money for clothes, a laptop for college, and health insurance , but this work is well worth it for me.

I know I'm not learning fast enough and I feel like the employees are getting a bit annoyed with that. It is not only a good option for me or the business.

I'm afraid that if I give my two weeks notice after only one month , however , I will make the boss (who was angry when another employee retired after only one month), the director and co-workers very angry at me. Also, if I stay for two weeks , I fear that they will give me the silent treatment or something.

Any advice on how they should do so that this would be useful. In addition , personal stories help too! Thank you !

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