Pregnancy Symptoms But Not Pregnant?

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Emma D.
Asked at 2012-07-05 05:37:02
I have been having odd pregnancy-like symptoms, but I am not pregnant. I am on NuvaRing, and my Dr. tells me it is pretty much "impossible" to get pregnant. I don't get my period anymore as a side effect of the birth control, so I cannot gauge anything by that.

I have been nauseous, sleepy, foggy brained, and sensitive to smell. Yesterday I took a nap and was still tired. I am tired every morning I wake up. I took a pregnancy test recently just to be sure, and it came out negative.

Any idea what it could be? I am thinking it could be stress or depression related.

Also, please do not say "Go see your doctor." My health insurance is terrible and I cannot afford to go see a doctor every time I feel "sleepy," "nauseous," etc. I just want ideas on what it could be and what I need to do. Should I drink more water? Am I overstressed? Could it be a medical condition?

Thanks all.

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