Can the auto insurance company pay me directly for my medical expenses or do they have to pay the doctor? related questions

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Can the auto insurance company pay me directly for my medical expenses or do they have to pay the doctor?1Kimmi2012-07-21 10:46:03
I was in an auto accident and I have medical insurance. My medical insurance covered my medical expenses; however, I wanted to know if the auto insurance is still liable for those expenses? It seems as if my having medical insurance should benefit me and not the liable party's auto insurance company. If I did not have medical insurance the auto insurance company would still have to pay for those expenses. So shouldn't they still have to pay for those expenses and I get what ever is left that my medical insurance company did not pay? Are there any laws statures that back this up in Georgia? I am trying to settle this claim without getting an attorney and I need all the help I can get. Any advice would be helpful. I am in the process of writing a demand letter. Thanks for all the help.
One good reason to require insurance against PROPERTY damage expenses (auto. ins.) but not medical expenses?0study freak2012-10-26 12:15:03
I realize that auto insurance encompasses medical expenses related to an auto accident, so I'm referring to OTHER medical expenses. Also, I realize that medical insurance may, to some extent, encourage people to take less care ("moral hazard"), but that can clearly be seen as well with auto insurance, which most states require regardless.
Can Americans imagine a system where no one pays a Doctor directly or pays any Health Insurance directly, and?1keith smith2012-10-27 19:39:03
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I have medical insurance, why do I have to pay back medical expenses out of my auto accident settlement?0helppp!2012-09-26 19:15:05
A drunk driver rear-ended me in 2006, I have medical insurance that I pay for through my job. When my attorney told me the driver didn't have insurance I knew I was in trouble. My auto insurance paid part of my medical, I paid my co-pays and continued to go to the doctor/surgeons. When the attorney came to me and told me that I should settle because there was no more money I felt that I should so that I would not have to pay the firm anymore than was needed. But to my suprise he told me that I was going to have to pay the doctors for the amount that my insurance company had paid out. I thought what am I paying insurance premiums for? Is there anyone that can give me an answer to this? I don't think it's fair as I still have to go for medical care for this accident and my insurance pays it now.
How Can i Make a Insurance Company Pay Me DIRECTLY for my MEDICAL BILLS from a CAR ACCIDENT?0Charles needs help...2012-10-31 03:45:05
I need HELP! I was hit by a drunk driver and long story short i am in the process of a settlement which i am already getting screwed but i just want it over and done! Now the guys insurance is Limited he has 30-60 coverage which means i cant get more then 30,000 now the offer is 15,000 and there not budging anymore. Now my medical Bills are 17,000 so there trying to make me pay 2,000 out of it! Lol. I no GET A LAWYER! But if i do the lawyer automatically gets 33% to 40% so that means if i do HE HAS TO WIN THE WHOLE 30k for me and still i end up with about 18,000 so its not worth risking it even the lawyer said so. So I WANT TO AGREE TO THE 15,000 AND I CAN TALK TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEY WILL MOST LIKELY LOWER MY BILLS AND I WONT LOSE ANY MONEY. BUT NOW THE INSURANCE HAS THE NERVE TO TELL ME THAT THERE GOING TO PAY THE HOSPITAL DIRECTLY THEREFOR I WONT BE ABLE TO NEGOTIATE AND I WILL BE STUCK PAYING 2,000! So please if anybody can help! HOW CAN I GET THEM TO PAY ME DIRECTLY SO I CAN NEGOTIATE MY BILLS AND NOT TAKE A LOSS FOR A DUMB DUI DRIVER HITTING ME? Oh and by the way i spoke to other insurance Companys and the lawywer and people with experiance and everybody said the same thing THEY GOT PAID DIRECTLY THEN PAID THERE BILLS. SO I DONT NO WHY THIS BCH Is making my Life a Living hell.. THANKS EVERYBODY AND THE INSURANVE COMPANY IS FARMERS AKA *******
Can you decline Personal Injury Protection Insurance in New Jersey if your health insurance company pays medical expenses from an auto accident0Muwahahahaha 2012-02-19 07:33:15
Can you reject Personal Injury Protection Insurance in New Jersey if your health insurance company pays medical expenses from an auto accident
In CA, do auto insurance companies pay medical bills directly to the injured person or to the hospital?2John2012-06-03 18:08:43
I was in an accident not at fault and the other person's insurance is paying for medical expenses. The time comes to settle and my medical bills were about $ 6,000. Will you write the check to me or the emergency room ? Rather he was sent to me because I am very low income and no insurance on my own car for that reason and for that under Proposition 213 'm not getting anything more than medical bills paid. A little sucks, but oh well . I can get to put on a payment plan with the hospital, but this would take me back on my feet, while taking into account lost wages and my car because of this accident and would not give me a just people and the lawyer take the case . ( Blue Book Value Car was $ 2,200 and $ 1,200 I lost and I offered $ 800 for the car and lost wages . )
How long does a health insurance company have to reimburse you for medical expenses0Elizabeth2012-01-04 00:23:55
How long does an insurance company health medical expenses will be reimbursed
Does it cost more to get auto insurance from a local agent than directly from the same company on the Internet1Shortie 2011-12-19 16:45:09
Do I have to pay more for auto insurance local agent directly from the same company on the Internet
Auto accident medical expenses law suit..What option do we have to stay away?0DEGREE2012-08-28 05:45:03
Five years back, my wife had involved in an auto accident at an intersection when she attempted to make left turn. There was a minor damage to both cars. We exchanged the insurance details. No one got injured. Cops came and gave ticket to my wife. We went home and everything went smooth that day. After 5 years, we got a call from our insurance company and they mentioned that the other party is suing my wife for medical expenses for about 80K. We had a nice insurance coverage then. It appears that they want to milk money from insurance company. Now we got letter from an attorney that was selected by our insurance company. Now we are moving out of that state, and we have lot of other worries. Because of this latest development, we are stressed, unrest and worried. What legal protection that we have now? Why does the insurance company not settle the issue? We don
In an auto accident 01/08,I got a check the other day for medical expenses, I have no bills. Is it really mine?5Oscar2012-05-12 01:10:29
Accident was not my fault and insurance has paid all the bills so far - the check is $ 750.00. Not really know what to do with it , my lawyer has not solved yet, so I'm confused. What ?
At-fault partys auto insurance is not enough to cover my medical expenses (even with my underinsured coverage)0Keirstan2012-07-21 03:09:03
I was rear-ended by an 18 yr old, and sustained spinal injuries. I have been off work now for 9 mths. and my disability ins. will only pay for 12. His insurance policy will only cover part of my expenses. And even with my own underinsured ins., I am looking at a lot more expenses. I was told by my Md. that I need surgery for my herniated discs, which are causing me great pain. In the meantime, once my disability coverage runs out, I will have no more income to live off of. My atty. told me that once the insurance maximums are met, I can only sue the person who hit me for any overages. But, he's only an 18 year old. What can I do? Not only about my medical situation, but also about my financial situation. How can I afford upcoming medical expenses and cost of living? How do so many people get lost wages, etc. in these cases? Is it that they were just injured by someone with money or extra insurance? I'm unable to work on my existing job (of 27yrs) with this injury. HELP!

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