I need to know, if I was injured in a no fault accident whose insurance company should pay my medical? related questions

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I need to know, if I was injured in a no fault accident whose insurance company should pay my medical?0LW2012-07-02 01:10:04
Both my company and the other vehicle are the same. I have a huge gash in my head, headaches , and severe back pain. I am afraid to see anyone other than the er I went to . Is my insurance on the hook for my injuries or the other guys , please advise.
If you were injured in an accident and have no insurance is the person at fault liable for the damages and medical bills1Evelyn2011-12-12 14:32:03
Rear end accident not at fault party can the insurance company of the at fault party legally deny to pay any medical bills until claim is settled0?, hard to Him. -2012-03-08 21:06:39
Accident on the back , not the party of failure can the insurance company 's legal ruling party refuse to pay medical expenses until the claims are
Does the other insurance company have to pay for all medical bills if the accident was their client's fault1Curiti2012-02-19 18:03:23
Does the insurance company must pay for all medical bills if the accident was the fault of his client
Question If you are involved in and auto accident in Florida and the other driver is at fault but has no auto insurance and you are injured can you sue your insurance company for injuries2Nara2012-08-07 12:45:04
When you get injured in a car accident, do they help pay for your medical bills?0cockatoo2012-05-29 21:40:04
I have a strange question. When you are injured in a car accident if the car accident is a lack of Companys , the company will pay for medical bills of people. But what happens when a person dies in car accident ? Does the family get nothing, because his family died because of someone else drive?
My hand was badly injured in an accident that was not my fault, what should I do?7Damian2012-09-17 09:04:04
I took the middle and ring finger metacarpal in the top of my hand that required 2 surgeries and 4 screws at the top of my hand. I am now in therapy, but do not expect to regain full range of motion . My hand will not close or open all the way. I am very active ex . golf , fishing , softball, etc ... The other gentleman ran a stop sign and hit him in the side at 55 mph ( never had the opportunity to hit the brakes before hitting ). The other gentleman was killed in the wreck that haunts me every day . I'm not sure which direction to take. Your insurance company to pay my medical expenses and lost wages. He said he would discuss the pain and suffering later, but we have not discussed the possibility of my " loss of use" in hand yet. What should I do and what should I expect?
I have insurance, but should I get an attorney if I was at fault in an accident and two people were injured?0Marieke2012-07-01 21:15:01
I have a ticket in an accident. I hit a car that ran into a sanitation vehicle . I have insurance , but I have fear that the responsibility of the body is exhausted and these people will try to get more demanding restitution to me. I am a single schoolteacher , without assets. Will I end up paying these people for the rest of my life? Just as it is made ​​.
I was injured in an auto accident and not at fault. What is reasonable settlement?1Thara!2012-08-30 11:45:04
This accident occurred in California , was back over. My medical bills totaled more than $ 10k , what should I expect in the agreement ? I know it's 1/3rd , but friends have told me that it should be $ 30K divided by the lawyer , Insurance and I ?
What would happen if I was in an auto accident and was injured at it wasn't my fault...?0lisette2012-09-09 22:22:02
and at the time of the accident was driving / insurance payment . About 6 months after the accident and have been treated for my injury from more or less immediately after the accident . I am getting rid of my car and obviously didn'tt want to pay for insurance for a car that I 'm driving but still need treatment . Will they pay for my treatment ? I clearly know nothing about how insurance works and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Got into accident was at fault. other person injured and filed a claim with my insurance. what happens next?4Michae2012-03-29 15:58:29
He got into an accident was to blame. another person injured and filed a claim with the insurance. What happens next ?
If I am injured in a car accident (california), will the at-fault party's insurance pay for my pain?1rabbit2012-09-19 09:06:03
I had an accident recently and the other hand, admitted he was at fault for the accident was 100%. My car is broken and an old car so it probably will not give me anything for it even though it ran great before and it was my only means of transportation . I was taken to hospital by ambulance with neck stiffness and pain. After x-rays and is in semi -shock , they found that I had strained all the muscles in the neck and shoulders. I can hardly turn my head and I 'm in pain and shoots him in the back. I'm on pain medication and I can barely function. Does your insurance give me none of this pain and suffering?

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