Car rental insurance! Take it or rely on CreditCard?

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Asked at 2012-01-12 19:10:40
When renting a card in Canada, there are two types of insurance you need to worry :
1. Losses and damages ( if the car is stolen or damaged )
2. Third Party Liability (If you hit / one lesion )

The loss and damage is covered by most credit card companies , but I'm worried about liability insurance third. As Idon'tt have a card,
Idon'tt have any insurance.
So , what are the best options for the " third party liability " insurance?
a. Taking the rental agency ?
b. Take broker /
elsewhere c. Do not take it ! No big deal .
d. YOUR OPINION ( best option)

Thanks for your time :-)
Answer1BartholomeAnswered at 2012-01-13 22:23:48
Check your insurance carrier car, most rental of housing as well.
Answer2goat Answered at 2012-04-25 15:50:15
in this day and time of taking / car does not know and can not be too sure
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