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How much do you think shes worth?1nisreen2012-09-27 10:52:03 / ---- beccas a
Mom broke leg, now shes in a nursing home?0JackEconomics2012-08-22 16:06:03
Im hoping for a little help and knowledge heres some info : MedlinePlus My mother broke her leg last Saturday and went to the hospital ot it'll take about 6 weeks to heal and now discharge to a nursing home rehabilitation indicating that there's there, that 's where you need to go for the leg . MedlinePlus Shes not ill or sick in any way except for a broken leg / fractured. Theres another facility that is supposed to be fantastic also insurance contracts with but theyre full and have a waiting list of two weeks . MedlinePlus This nursing home is absolute crap . There are no phones in the rooms , a bathroom for 6 people , hardly any TV , old hospitals without beds , etc. It's a nursing home even says so in the name . I can not stand being there and me I do not know how my mom is staying healthy . MedlinePlus Tomorrow I'm calling the insurance they ask what they can do to become a better place to rehab . Does anyone have any suggestions ? MedlinePlus Thank you very much . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She is 56 , has a medical insurance .
Im 19 and me and my bestfriend (shes a girl) want to move out?0Jez2012-07-06 17:00:48
This isnt important or maybe it is but we been friends since 6th grade (10 years old) and i just turned 19 this month and she turns 20 in november. Well anyways we been talking and we decided to move out currently im the only one working but we wont move out until she gets a job and gets settled in.,. I work partime (about 35 hours a week) and get paid minimum wage. I do pay car payment of 400 a mOnth plus insurance(87) and phone bill(95 im building up my credit thats y its high) the apt we saw was about 450 to 550 of rent Do you think we would make it if by any chance she ends up working the same hours plus same pay??
Would you rather pay for a mothers healthcare with your tax money,when shes got more kids at at than you now?0Danette2012-07-04 21:10:03
Or pay the money directly to a senior executive manager of graduation from an insurance company, while the mother who made bad decisions at age 16 to go with out . Serious question here , looking for an answer.
Why would the doctor tell my mother shes not dying but put her on hospice?0anoop 2012-07-11 05:37:11
First off I don't need anybody to tell me what hospice is I worked for hospice 2 and a half years I know what its all about. But my mother who is 56 has been in and out of the hospital since Oct with returning pneumonia now they say its cleared up and shes going to get better. But they admitted her to hospice for failure to thrive she asked the doctor was she dieing and he told her upfront no she wasn't home health wouldn't take her with her insurance and hospice could maintain her until she got stronger I don't understand how they did this. But her doctor said more and more people are being maintained on hospice until they get better. Has anybody else heard of this?
Car crash settlement money, mom says shes taking half.?1. I m hurt him! continued 2012-03-21 01:15:02
It happened when I was underage , but is being installed when you can not really get it im what you want.
If your ex girlfriend ruins your car because shes pissed, is it covered by auto insurance?0kenyetta2012-08-02 22:59:03
Lets say for whatever reason she takes her anger out on your car and ruins it. Slashes tires, ruins seats, destroys windsheild etc etc. Will your insurance cover it?
My ex is an ins agent licensed by our state...should I turn her in for fraudulant claims I know shes made?6Ida2012-07-21 18:18:03
She's done for our claims of his own family and friends.
My wife got no insurance no registration in my truck,shes worried about jail time and fines,?0Felicial2012-05-14 02:57:16
his car is always good, my truck ins.which expiration led to suspension of registration in New York. I think we need to get a lawyer
I fractured my finger, how do I take care of it at home, mother refuses to take me ot a doctor, shes too busy?0shayner2012-09-26 13:45:03
Well , I've been on websites manydifferent and I'm sure I've broken a bone or joint on my finger . Its getting very swollen , it hurts really bad , I'm having a hard time moving (usually written with only my two index fingers , but I'm very fast) , and the skin of the palm side of the joint where it resides is purple . Now the pain travels down my palm . I feel I really need to see a doctor , but my mom will not take me because the last time I broke my arm and ended up needing surgery $ 5,000 and the insurance company does not pay for most of it. She and toldm would have to make an appointment because she does not want ot go to the ER and shes going to be busy all this week . I have to look after my Figner because I know what happens if you do not, so how I can take care of it without having to visit a doctor ?
Motorcycle was rear-ended - $1800 worth of damage & bike is only worth $500. How much should i settle for?0Aundrea2012-08-05 15:13:47
Insurance company told me this. They havent yet offered me a settlement, but i am wondering what i should accept? Also, how do they come up with a figure on what to offer for the bike? Kind of want to keep the bike, but insurance company told me they dont usually do that. Should i bother with it?
Is it worth making an insurance claim for $1,000 worth of damage?6scrotu 2012-06-17 08:22:08
I have no liability insurance with State Farm. A different driver damaged my car with another car . How much will my premium go up if I can make the claim. The deductible is 500. Also any other advice on insurance welcome . thanks

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