Can you file a insurance claim on a totaled vehicle without a police report?

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Asked at 2012-06-26 00:33:55
We had a family to have another car out family members and total it. There was no police report filed, but now can not afford to buy another car. Can there be an insurance claim filed after the fact without a police report ?
Answer1MerandaAnswered at 2012-09-25 01:54:03
My car was totaled last December there was no police report was made ​​because in a parking lot and the police will not come if private property in Missouri . I filed anyway . What ended up happening is the guy who hit me was not talking to your insurance company . He did not call and did not answer or return your calls , and since there were no witnesses and a camera in the parking lot to catch the accident , there was no evidence that it happened and who did not have to pay me. But I worked at the apartments on the lot where they beat me and knew where the man lived , so when I saw his car parked outside his apartment , I knocked on her door with my cell phone in hand and demanded to call his company . He did and I paid , but if I had not done that , I do not think the insurance company would have been obligated to pay . So make a report if you can and / or give the insurance company any number of witnesses who may have. Hopefully everything goes well .
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