How can I get health insurance for my family member?

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Asked at 2012-06-25 14:12:36
My cousin has absolutely no health insurance, and he has never been to the dentist . At this point , you really need extensive dental work. Unfortunately , his parents are ill equipped to help in this situation , and he is not old enough to get your own insurance (and is not of working age ). Basically, it is impossible for parents to get insurance for him , so I want to help her myself. Since I'm not his father, and the slight age difference makes it impossible for me to pass by her father, do not see how I can put it on my insurance. It does not really talk to their parents , so that makes it even more difficult to coordinate anything with them.

I do not make that much money , so I could not pay for the work only of my pocket. Some kind of financial assistance is only a necessity. What I can do to help pay for this dental work ?

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