Is a persons first name and phone number enough to file auto insurance claim? related questions

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Is a persons first name and phone number enough to file auto insurance claim?0zayn2012-06-24 01:45:02
My younger brother was rear ended at an entrance to a parking lot. Before turning into the parking lot a man hit him from behind, so they both pulled into the parking lot to check out the damages. My brother only took the man's first name and phone number. He called the man for his insurance policy and the man does not want to give the policy number to my brother. He wants to pay for the damages out of pocket. Yes, my brother did agree to this at first, but his a new driver and was probaly nervous about the accident at first. Any advice please...
Once I file an auto claim with the other persons insurance company, how long until I hear from them?0fourth grade2012-10-11 21:37:35
Once you file an auto claim with the insurance company of others , how long until I hear from them?
Can someone file a claim w/ the other persons insurance if they personally dont have auto insurance themselves?0Daniyelle2012-10-15 05:15:03
I have a client whose car got rear ended by another car and he is suffering a pretty bad knee injury due to the accident. Can he file a claim with the other persons insurance company even if he personally doesnt have auto insurance? I know in the state of California it is illegal to drive without car insurance, but does that mean he cant file a claim for his car and injuries? Thanks
How or where do i get the number to call the police to get the file insurance number for a lost cell phone?1Quella2012-07-03 15:57:02
How or where I can get the number to call the police to obtain the number of the security file from a lost cell phone ?
If i file an insurance claim, will i get a new phone?2 sense of reform -2012-05-19 11:49:28
I have a Pantech Matrix C740 and insurance on it with ATT. I'm tired of this piece of shit, and their decision a bit, but if I can file a claim "now" is discontinued at the phone would get the next in line that is comparable to, or if I get a reform of the same phone? Thankks for help !
How do i know what is the persons auto insurance if i have their license plate number?0ayu2012-07-03 19:15:03
i got into an accident . website will be the best . I need the name of the auto insurance where i can find their company ??
Can you file an insurance claim without getting the other party's claim number?8Andrea2012-02-03 19:22:17
I was involved in a minor accident where he played the driver in front of me. I asked him if he can settle outside of insurance which in my insurance rates do not rise. She agreed and gave me three weeks to get the money or they would be filing a claim with the insurance. I could not have the money before the deadline and are not flexible in expanding it. but in the place , the only information exchanged is a name , address, driver's license number , phone number and my registration number. she did not take my insurance claim number and the reason why I did not have theirs was because it was a new car with no license plates and no insurance papers yet. my question is: do you still be able to report only the information you were given ( basically the number of driver's license and plate number) , without my insurance claim number ?
Do I file a claim with my insurance or the other persons insurance?0JoshelaT2012-07-13 07:05:02
My husband was in a car crash this afternoon and the other person was clearly guilty. They exchanged insurance information and everything and this is our first accident that wonder what we call our insurance and file a claim or call us and file a claim with the insurance people? I have also contacted my local agent or I can call the number of claims? There is a dent and scratches on his truck and the car had paint on other people.
I need to file a death claim to Commonwealth Life Insurance in Indiana? Do you have phone numbers or info.?1Julinni2012-08-09 13:15:02
I need a phone number to contact Free Life Insurance purchased in Frankfort, Indiana 46041 . I have to file a claim .
Phone number auto net insurance?0English helper2012-09-06 19:03:02
Phone network auto insurance ?
Does Mobile Phone insurance cover the Phone number or the phone itself?0Selena G2012-07-13 09:27:02
I broke the slope of the attention a while back , and not buy insurance from it. So my mom came up with the idea of ​​changing our phones and see if we can not get them to replace mine .
Phone number for acceptance auto insurance?0Drane as "2nI 2012-06-20 22:28:57
Toledo,Aha !

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