Do all insurance companies require vehicle inspection for collision coverage? related questions

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Do all insurance companies require vehicle inspection for collision coverage?3ithneen2012-09-26 21:48:03
My insurance company GEICO is requiring so I want to go with another company ..... Does Century 21 Progressive Esurance, or others that require ? ? ?
Does Texas require a state inspection on a vehicle on a yearly basis?0Dyla2012-02-29 06:57:38
Does Texas require a state inspection on a vehicle on an annual basis ?
I have auto insurance with Geico and isgned up for collision as well but havn't gotten photo inspection and just had an accidient. Am I insured for the collision anyway0Beccalynn2011-12-12 10:37:00
Any Online Car Loans companies that do not require full coverage?2Mag2012-03-05 10:57:27
CapitalOne would try but I think it requires full coverage. Is there another place that can be applied w / o requiring full coverage because liability alone is about the same as I have to pay now.
At what amount of coverage do life insurance companies usually require a medical exam?2 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-08-02 13:22:03
I have 27 years of age, in good health . I've never had any medical conditions or problems, and I'm thinking about buying life insurance . I know that medical examinations are usually required for most life insurance , but I was looking for some 150,000 dollars worth of coverage and wondered whether she would have to undergo a medical examination ?
Is it true that after your vehicle inspection expires, you have a month to get an inspection?1Manny to writeacher or ANYONE2012-07-17 05:34:02
My inspection sticker expired May 31. Is it still legal to drive for a month afterward? Someone told me this, but said they weren't sure.
Is it true that some states require emmissions inspection BEFORE you can register?2Amanda2012-07-19 01:34:02
How are supposed to get the test vehicle without license plates ? Would not that it is likely that people who drive unregistered and uninsured ?
Does Georgia require comprehensive and collision insurance0Blossom2012-03-30 03:07:02
Does Georgia require comprehensive insurance and collision
Is third party vehicle insurance requires vehicle inspection?1↗ イ Kuo forward to Estate 〆 2012-06-30 00:43:03
vehicle insurance is third party vehicle inspection required ?
In a three vehicle collision where there is no proof of the third vehicle whos at fault?2Whack Attack 2012-11-02 20:39:02
Hi all . This is a bit confusing since I'm still trying to understand myself so bare with me. I was involved in a traffic accident on the freeway during rush hour in which the rear end . Pulling aside only the vehicle that hit me and I had left . When the exchange of information to the party who hit me said he was tapped what made me realize. I saw the movement of vehicles or a third vehicle to pull to one side. I basically need a new bumper because the damage is so severe. However, when going through your insurance claim is saying that she can not be the fault would be the fault of a third party causing him to hit me and the only way would be to see the damages to your bumper . She said the defense has markings very small screws holding the plate of the third vehicle . Now my question is ... Is it even possible that your insurance claim that lack of vehicles was third despite that there is no proof that the vehicle? She could not specify the model to the color of the registration plate of the vehicle will hit demand. What I can do to fight this, if this is again the result? Thanks for the reply and this happened in California.
How much is a vehicle inspection normally?1Nina2012-04-01 07:40:03
I an get a GMC Sierra 1999. And I wonder how much would be for an inspection?
What does an insurance vehicle inspection entail?0Nancy L2012-06-30 20:07:53
I'm in a state that does not require vehicle inspections. But when looking for new insurance, one company requires that I have a vehicle inspection done at one of their authorized centers. What does this inspection entail? What are they looking for? I have 2 exterior modifications, one that is commonly mistaken as illegal (taillight covers) and one that is technically illegal but never enforced (window tint). Is this cause for concern with the inspection?

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