I live in indiana if my car tags expire today can i still legally drive today? related questions

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I live in indiana if my car tags expire today can i still legally drive today?1mujahid2012-10-13 08:30:02
I live in Indiana if my car brands expires today I can still legally drive today ?
My car tax runs out today as on 30/11/2008.Can I drive my car today or is it not taxed for today?10Silverwing 2012-08-14 09:04:02
My car tax runs out today as the 30/11/2008.Can I can drive my car today or not taxed at present?
If I have health insurance coverage today and in 1 month I cancel my policy will they pay for a visit today?0n/a2012-07-22 11:08:02
If I went to the emergency room today and I am canceling my health insurance policy in 4 weeks because of a movement of State I have a problem with the insurance company pay the hospital bill. Do you usually take a long time for the hospital tells the insurance company . I make sure my cover is intact , or at least prove that I had coverage today if I get a bill in a few months.
Glasses were damaged during high school gym class today - should I/can I pursue this legally?1Kiddy i am2021-02-18 19:55:58
I do not want to sue the student who accidentally set me in the face with a dodgeball , but I would not mind to continue with school. I know that if you are injured at school , you may file with the school safe , but what happens when the property is damaged by the school team during a school-sponsored activity during school hours ?
How do you manage to live in today's society?0grammar :(2012-10-06 14:56:43
Hello, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder if anyone can give me some advice to a soul scorched ... MedlinePlus I have a boyfriend whom I love, a decent place to live, a job (which I hate, but the crisis is and there is nothing else to do now), hobbies, which in theory should make me happy. However, I'm not. MedlinePlus I hate today's society where everything is about money (I do not belong to the upper class, the money always has been and always will be tight), where people with college degrees are cheating decent people to attract money of them, people are taking his own life on the streets and MedlinePlus devastating the planet Earth. Every day I read in the news that someone has been murdered, someone has killed someone else, a number of people have died in an accident, a new disease was discovered, the animals were harmed by the people, etc, etc. Is this truly 21st century? I have to stop reading the news, but it will not do all these horrible horrible things disappear. MedlinePlus I hate the fact that people today live in "civilized" world have absolutely no freedom. We are born free. Birth is like installing software. Being born somewhere, we have to accept the laws and customs of that place. We pay a lot of insurance to ensure that only the USDA Agricultural Research fact that insurance companies will give you a hard time seriously for daring to claim "their" money for covered damage. You have to have experience to do a job, but nobody MedlinePlus will hire without experience. We give away a significant amount of our paycheck for taxes that should be used to the benefit of citizens. Instead of having decent roads, plenty of parking and schools and police have cameras watching our every move. People working really MedlinePlus pay a lot of money to the criminals can have food five times a day, clean and mobile TV. No information is private and personal. No freedom of expression, Internet discussions are censored. The land is so expensive that ordinary people can not afford that and have to rent apartments for your time. Not everyone can get to the mortgage. Here's how it works in my country. MedlinePlus I can not even begin to understand how the land can be sold? People did not create the earth, how can they have? Why we are not free to settle in any vacant lot? MedlinePlus Also we have gone too far in trying to combat racism. My country accepts unlimited almost illiterate Roma. Only some 0.0000 .... MedlinePlus one percent of these people have jobs. Most of them spread diseases, damage all levels has been given and enrich our society in any way. My country used to pay my taxes MedlinePlus benefits to them. Subsidies exist to them that allows them to buy a flat lot cheaper than a working citizen who pays taxes! This is known as an attempt to integrate into society. My country is discriminating against its own citizens for parasites! MedlinePlus Everything is so complicated that the educated bureaucratically and only sometimes do not happen and no one can help, sometimes employees do not know what is right. MedlinePlus I do not want to live in this world too complicated. I just want to go to the forest, build a cabin and have my own life with my boyfriend, without insurance, without laws, police, cameras, gypsies, I want everyone to leave me alone .... MedlinePlus Guess what. I can not do that. I am not free. And I have no money for land, of course. What should I do? Almost not think there is any other option to take some poison and stop trying ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do you manage to live day to day?
I am 16 and can get my license today. do i need my mom or will someone 21 work? i live in IL?1﹍ ゛ ◇ fiance 2012-05-06 13:57:26
I have 16 years and can get my license today. I need my mom or someone's will 21 work? I live in IL ?
I live in california and my car registration fee is due today...its $239 ...but should i pay online or should?3Faithe2012-05-03 05:43:23
i go to the DMV to do ? i would save time and gas if I do online, but I'm just worried that since my registration expires today that I could be arrested because of my tags or not police matters from the shoulder to be able to check that I paid my registration fees and waiting for my stickers ...... omg I do not know if I am explaining my self correctly ..... So what I do , make the trip from 20 minutes to the nearest DMV or just make a quick online payment and wait for my stickers ........... uf like what would happen if I pay online and yer not stop me and I received my stickers? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! HHHEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP
Can i still drive my car if my road tax runs out today?15Jovita2012-04-15 07:01:53
I bought a car two days ago n am dyind to drive. I have solved the safe last night , but my road tax runs out today. some people are saying that you can still drive up to a week and if I am questioned by the police as I can tell my insurance is in place in the road for me and some people are saying it may lead to midnight and then if you get caught me just driving my car towed and get crushed . please help.
My MOT runs out today but can only drive the car over to the mechanics tomorrow - is that okay?9Carlo2012-11-05 06:37:02
My MOT runs out today, but you can only drive the car to the mechanics of tomorrow - is that right?
I'm going to buy a car today, can I drive it home and insure it tomorrow?2Brandie2012-10-09 07:36:04
I have the money for the car but only have the money to secure tomorrow . Can I contact the insurance company and be covered by today before payment ?
My wallet was just stollen today can i stil drive?!!?7Richard2012-08-14 21:01:02
at the mall today someone stole my wallet that I dropped in the gallery and everything was in " no man is found that the cameras I mean that's what's right) and my license was there , so I have to get a new What I can drive to school if I have no other way to get , please help !
I got my driver license today, can i drive without car insurance?16Fuzzy Logic 2012-02-16 18:19:31
That is my mother 's car is covered by insurance, but my name is not on the insurance, can I can drive the car? or should I wait until my name placed on the insurance? thanks

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