I was backing out of my parking space at work and someone hit me? related questions

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I was backing out of my parking space at work and someone hit me?1cock2012-06-25 13:12:38
I was out of my back at work and the space that was pulling back I looked (I know plenty of people to lie and say this, but I really did look) I've worked here for a while and have never been in an accident. As I was backing a car out of nowhere that he must have been going fast and quickly turned the corner because I do not see at all, its passenger side door and my left back passenger side again received a loud bang and the car has some scratches and maybe a small reduction, but my jeep also had some damage to the passenger side right about the defense indents the body: (He says it was my fault and I I do not think I'm not sure, I said maybe it was because that's what I felt, but now thinking about it I know it was an accident and it was not my fault. A security guard was there and gave no comment on the accident. he asked if we wanted to call the police we said yes and called and said they were sending them do not appear to come from minor accidents. So I gave the other person any information about me and gave me his badge number and that's all. There are cameras that I know I've seen that I work at Sears, parking with cameras. I will present a report after work, but is there any way this was not my fault, I mean that was supported enough in which I see and feel that he was one of those fools who thought Id stop and I could keep going when he was the culprit. need help. And then proceeded to tell me who has a jeep that was made to obtain *** *** up! like what the **** this is my first car that I do my best to keep it perfect: (do not know what to do can someone please help me I've never been in an accident before I had no idea what to do or what I was doing. (
If your car is waiting for a parking space (the car is backing out) and another car is backing out behind ...?1Fern2012-09-21 19:32:03
and then it reaches its peak (the paint is scratched and there is a huge crack ), while the other person can only clean things in his defense. who has the right of way? ? I think so, but the stupid security guard said that the other person did.
Who is at fault if someone in a parking lot lane backs into someone who is backing out of a parking space?6caiman, cayman2012-11-02 17:30:02
I was in the lane of a small parking lot today, and was back up to enter a parking space that was about to release ahead of me. I was checking my left rear in the mirror to make sure someone was not driving behind me, when he collided with a car that was supported by a parking space near the right rear of my car. I did not see , and I guess he did not see me because he had supported enough for us to crash. He says he saw me, it is automatically assumed it was my fault , I said that I would get an estimate and send me a bill . There were no witnesses that I could find and we do not call the police. I filed a report with my insurance company , and is obviously work to do your own research , but I have curiosity about whether anyone has any advance knowledge of this type of situation.
Is backing into a parking space legal?1jhedrione2012-09-14 20:15:03
The other day I was parking in front of my office as I always do. The road is a residential street, but it can get very busy around rush hour. It was 10 am, because I always wait for traffic before going in. As always, I stopped, checked the right, stopped, checked to make sure there was nobody around me and when I saw it was clear, I began to support my parking space. There are eight spaces and parks around the world supported it, because it is almost impossible to get out sometimes. Anyway, that's my last memory. When I was in a full angle and almost backed into my space, I was struck in the driver's side door and the front axle by a driver coming from behind. Forty feet left tire marks and caught my attention enough to get my unconscious and hospitalized me for the night. Judging from my experience with the parking in that space, so most days, the driver had to come from the bottom of the hill crests and provide a comprehensive view of the road about 10-15 seconds before my parking space. The speed limit is 35. It should have been ale to see what he was doing waaaaay before he fell to his brakes. I was well into my parking maneuver, so it was not right behind me when I started. Of course, I was driving my new car 2012 with a very good insurance and was in a 99 Chevy Ruster with the minimum insurance. I thank God no insurance at all. My insurance company said "looks good" for me, on the basis of the details in the police report. Your insurance adjuster however, called me and told me that the other does not have collision coverage and you want the mines to pay your car ... I'm sure is a total loss. He did 13k damage to mine and hers was worse and very old. I told the Salt pounds, he was beaten by the insured crazy. Your adjuster asked me to take 50% of the blame (fit, not mine). Said backup in a parking space is illegal. He said he was parking wrecklessly. I explained that the two people I work with both the unity of the Cadillac brand new and I park between them every day. If I was a wreckless Parker, would have my ass on a plate. He said I have to take half the blame. I said good luck with that, and hung up. I know he is trying to reduce your company's liability for my harm and injury, but still want to know if it is illegal to back into a parking space on the road, provided they do not impede traffic and make all as possible within reason to avoid causing a problem. My question is, can I break a law support in my space? We all do every day, so you need to know if we are breaking the law and take responsibility. I have always believed that it is safer than a backup in a space.
Girl was backing out of parking space and hit me as I was passing, what's my rights?4Arche2012-05-21 15:03:55
He was about to pull into a parking spot and a girl stepped back and hit me on the passenger side causing major damage! What are my rights and I can get compensated for the depreciation of value, because my car was new ! His mother wants to pay for damages and not tell your ins. I was fine with that, but what if not executed immediately after repairs already ? I inform my ins. and explained that she wants to fix it in your pocket , so my ins. is holding right now to see if it fixes it. Am I wrong not to inform his ins?
Backing out of parking space could not see due to park cars and hit a car coming straight?0HELLLLLPPPPPP2012-08-01 01:00:01
I have no car insurance
I got into a accident backing up to give someone space to move out of there spot.?1Gaines2012-04-25 14:25:35
I was waiting for a parking space in a two way street , as the person in the place was ready to go, I started making backups to give them the space to exit. I looked back and saw that there were no cars . while I was backing up (less than 10 feet is about 3 to 5 mph) I suddenly heard a beep and then " CRUNCH " I looked back to see an SUV behind me had turned into my street from a one way street . I had my car in reverse all the time, so my reverse lights were on all the time. Then the driver of the truck said he was behind me for a while now , ( I suspect he was turning into my street too fast and broke at the time but I did not. Entire left side of my rear bumper is dented and scratched some serious off-road other drivers had some minor scratches on his right front bumper . Who is to blame?
If you are backing out of a parking stall and hit a car that was speeding down the parking lane can the other party file an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed1 Prince" -2012-04-30 12:09:54
If you make a copy of a parking stall and collided with a car that was speeding through the parking lane may file other hand an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed
How to back out of a parking space properly?2zebra2012-08-08 02:15:03
Im going to get my license Monday. When I pull me back out slowly , check for people, and then continue. It seems to work perfectly, and I know you have to keep both hands on the wheel. My who already has his, said that we should put one arm behind the passenger seat looking over his shoulder and back with one hand slowly ? which is better? thanks
My Car was hit in my parking space at home while i was out of town.?0Adelle2012-09-29 10:00:02
My car was beaten in my garage at home while I was out of town . My car had scraches white across the front and a car that parks in the same area that had black marks all over his bumber ( my car is black ) when asked if they hit my vechicle denied . Is there anything I can do ? oh forgot to mention that this person vechicle hit me once before but not in the same place . I have your insurance information I can file a claim using that information?
What do i do if someone hit my car by getting out of a parking space, and drove off without me knowing.?11Clemen2012-05-01 12:53:15
If I find the person who was driving, (easy because it's someone who works on the road and your car will be there on Monday, and I have the paint marks on my car to see what color is your car) What can to do ? If the person does not have insurance, then what should I do? Furthermore, that person may get into trouble or something, because I said so, and just walked away ?
We were in a parking lot backing up?1Gale2012-04-26 07:50:43
This kind man we saw the backup said . We do not see and hit him did not stop immediately went for another six feet. We called the police and were fined for lack of back up safely. Our jeep through the back door is broken and our defense was broken almost in half. I have the intention to fight the ticket before Christ the man was in the middle of the parking lot when he hit us . What are my rituals in Texas.

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