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Nj dmv permit screw up?0FOSTER2012-06-21 10:40:30
I spent the DMV permit test in high school , and I turned 17 last week , I went in all I have I have my eye exam , but the guy told me to take the test again . I did not know he had, and failed. but finally told him I had the blue sheet happened to me in the school, said it does not matter what I need to retake . Is not it to do so even though I spent all ready?
Car insurance trying to screw us?4snipe2012-09-29 09:26:02
my girlfriend bought a 02 rsx 2 months ago and took responsibility for the car before this car, but struck a very complete coverage on this car with the new policy and the only price which rose $ 30 more a month and now has destroyed and there saying that never changes is too full coverage and both think the guy who talked to you becuase well set in our minds that should have risen more than $ 30 , but do not say anything that is cheaper than we think why we would rather say that we have. This is important if she is 22 and is not licensed oon points and we live in md and have auto insurance proggressive . any help greatly appreciated.
Is my insurance company trying to screw me?2I Luved u B4, I Luv U Still, I Always Ha 2012-09-17 14:38:03
My new neighbor, who has the insurance company as I do , hit my car with Uhaul rental truck box causing damage to my rear bumper. After reporting the incident and wait a few days my insurance company called me and said: That because my neighbor (Devin ) has the state minimum is not covered driving a rental vehicle that size. He also informed me that he had not purchased insurance through Uhaul . When I asked where I left I said I could make a claim on my policy? Why on earth would I make a claim, not even in my car at the moment! So my question is: Because they are insured by the same company who are trying to screw me ? If you have to be secured by law in Ohio, then how was technically not insured / covered at the time of the accident? Is that really possible? What should I do ?
Auto Insurance Is trying to screw me?1Barb2012-09-04 10:44:04
My insurance company totaled my Audi A4 2002 after it hit a puddle and "hydro locked" my motor After investigating and taking more than 3 weeks to finally give me a figure I offerd 12,500 including taxes, USDA rates that Kelly Blue Book at 14000 and the value of nothing is 15,700 I do not know what process I do not understand how they can do this and is very frusterating and hard to be without a car for over a month the car was in perfect condition and had few miles from the years any advice? ?
Can my medical insurance screw me like this?5Burto2012-10-25 19:15:03
Ok , here's what happened. I have the worst insomnia ever. My doctor has tried everything and a month ago my doctor prescribed sleep medicine Rozerum again. It totally worked , and nothing had ever worked except for tranquilizers and sedatives that made me feel like a zombie. So my doctor finally found this wonder drug that helps me sleep and I feel like the undead. Then the insurance company calls and says that medicine is not on your list. So now I can not take it anymore and my doctor will be back in a narcotic and I feel so fucking fucked!
What do YOU do when insurance companies screw you over?1) ã„£ Ni real estate 2012-07-13 02:57:02
I changed around the country to State Farm, because my boyfriend is with State Farm, and was offered a better price. Also because my friend from work started working there, he ran the numbers for me and the representative that I used to go all around the country to the left to return to school ... I like people I know who have and feel like they take care of our policy. Anyway, it took over a week to my local Nationwide agent to answer our calls about the cancellation of the policy. We tried to cancel before they charge me for next month ... but that did not happen, so I was charged $ 125 for the month of July. Nationwide My agent finally called my State Farm agent and stated that faxes NO NO NO voice messages and calls. I had to call the toll free number to cancel my tenant and auto policies with the country, I was told that a current backup of the cancellation to the date the policy started with State Farm and was going to get my $ 125 a refund check. I even called back a week later to find out when I get tested, I still received $ 125 back. I have control today ... one for $ 13 and the other for $ 4! Here's the best part ... I called my local all over the country and she was like, no, not going to get that money is not a penalty. I said no because two representatives have told me all over again and my State Farm agent said. He said that in North Carolina if canceled in the medium term they charge. She was not a representative she was the agent of the office. She asked me why I left them and told me I have a better rate and she laughed and said well I hope that saving up for it! She thought it was funny, she was so so rude to me ... I asked how the amount of the fine sentence was that she said and I do not know ... I do not know how to calculate this. She had no legitimate answers. I called the toll free number and that person said he would have a fine. She gave me the office number of customer care across the country, and I thought to contact the Insurance Board in my state. What should I do? I'm pissed because I had screwed the money if I lived paycheck to paycheck ... but that money would go to my electric bill! What should I do: (
Insurance company trying to screw me what can i do?0Gueeta Kakar 2012-09-16 13:17:04
recently was involved in an accident with three vehicles . bihind we were stopped a car , another truck with a trailer loaded car hit us in the back that pushes us into the car in front of us . were eliminated through two lanes of oncoming traffic nearly being beaten again . Now this insurance company EMC is saying that hit the car in front of us before we hit , toalting my truck as a result . and I feel that the only diffrence in the redemption value in my truck . if that was the way we thought it would be fair , however , missed the car pushed us to do . Why insurance companies try to fuck honest people ? and yes there were minor injuries personal accident . advise anyone to buy EMC sure are a bunch of fucking thieves .
ICBC is trying to screw me can you tell me what this means?0Gre2012-06-17 04:45:02
I covered everything in my Lexus and complete. I was on the freeway and ended up a few things in my car. I thought it might be deleted, as it cooks . I took pictures of before because I wanted to make sure just in case I was trying to get him out of what had happened . But it looked very well when wet , so I was happy. But then dried. And there was white spots where I had rubbed hard . They at first said he just paid my deductible , but now gave me a letter and quoted this in Section 5.4 of the Policy of ICBC optional for my reference . " Compensation - As regards the type of coverage indicated a premium of certificate owners or special coverage certificate or policy, the Corporation , subject to the terms of this Division, to indemnify an insured in the as of policyholders ' insurable interest in the event of accidental loss or direct damage to the vehicle described in the owners or their equipment . " Neath was and this was not in the letter, but refers to the last. a) " is produced in Canada or the United States in United States on a vessel traveling between Canada and the United States b ) is caused by one of the hazards that require the own damage coverage . This is the law of Canada. It is not the same as the states so please help those who know what to do . nited states
Insurance company trying to screw me over?3Cora2012-06-16 09:03:40
Ok .. Here's how it begins: I get into an accident .. (Obviously). Half-inch thick ice on the bridge .. (7 other vehicles were involved) I hit the bridge, slid into a truck, bounced off them and hit the bridge again .. I was the last vehicle in this. Wow, my lucky day .. The lady hit me, it seemed, had spun out, hit the bridge and stopped on the bridge. When I arrived, it was beyond too late to do anything .. Anyway, on my way to the hospital, I called my insurance company and let them know who was involved in an accident. Blah Blah Yada Yada .. They asked the standard questions. How quickly would I be .. -My speed before hitting the bridge was UNDER 30 mph. The road was in was fine until the bridge .. The road was just as well after the bridge. Will my airbags .. 'Not my side or front air bags deploy. Anyway, I was told it would be "independent adjuster" come see the damage to my car. Meanwhile, my car was sitting in a different state, so they had to fix the car to be towed to my area. Not heard nothing from my insurance company, not even a call to say that the adjuster had been there to see the car, did not receive any documentation on what the estimate was, etc, etc. By the way, the accident occurred on January 27 .. I have had to repeatedly call these people myself in vain. Or are they out of the office or simply pick up the phone. I waited and waited for his part my poor car (which is a 2008 Ford Mustang V6 ) sits in a body shop all accrued storage charge (I'll return to that in a minute) Finally, I get a voice message at about 1 pm from 06 February (yesterday, while at work) tells me that I considered my vehicle a total loss .. There are no entries received. They send emails to my husband processes that have a total loss and what to expect, a paper feed release lawyer of my vehicle, etc, etc. We also say that I have to throw the car to them on Monday, 9 or they will stop paying the storage fee is? But nothing about the estimate. I go to the body shop where my car is to see what your estimate was .. You would think that would be right around what the AI ​​as it would look the same car HOPEFULLY LoL usually the estimation of body shops is more right? Well apparently not. Body presented the damage to be about $ 10,000 more or less. And what was said by the venue for the workshop asked to see the estimation of AI, but AI refused to show? My Car has only 4,000 miles. I've had it since December 2007. MarketValue in my car is 16,900 .. Someone explain to me why they total my car. Do I have to accept the estimated independent appraisers? Also I have full coverage this vehicle. Why does not my collision coverage will take care of the damage .. I do not understand .. Any help please? Personally, I think they are trying to jack my car LoL
Can Insurance Companies Screw me like this?1Shag_Dawg 2012-06-05 09:36:13
He recently had an accident , a truck pulled out of a neighborhood side and tried to go across the median , apparently did not see me and I T -boned in the driver's side door . The insurance company totaled my car and now they tell me I will give only 75% of the value of the car because I cause 25% of accident due to my speed. I was not speeding and the police did not issue a ticket so there is no evidence indicating that it was speeding. So can the insurance company do this? Or is something you should fight? The insurance company I'm dealing with is an insurance elsewhere. Please help !
I think Chase is trying to screw us on our Mortgage! What do I do?0Cora2012-10-11 18:45:02
We have been in the house for a year and just received our Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement . They are taking our payments normally 533 / month and it is 595 / month! We need to get a home equity loan and there is no way we can afford this extra payment . I called , but not talk to me because the house is in my name husbands . Our payment without taxes and insurance is 462.92 , but with what it says here is 533.97 ON New Year our projects for the property taxes are 630.06 ( not sure what they are yet , but I will def be checking ! ) And by 2010 it was 315.03 so I doubt it gets too . And our annual insurance is 385.50 which is still the same. But have our " projections " to be 1015.56 But our insurance stays the same amount . So what should I do ? I tried calling them and not talk to me . I did a little Google search and found that they are doing this to many others too many homeowners . How I can get our down payment and I can file a complaint with the BBB ? Please help me !
Automatic Screw Feeder Machine0nawah782722021-05-03 05:18:35

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