How tp tell your bestfriend your switching schools and its theor fault?!? related questions

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How tp tell your bestfriend your switching schools and its theor fault?!?0rosette2012-06-21 08:15:03
My friend and I have been bestfriends since 6th grade. and now we are in 8th grade and is ready to go out with other people that I have good friends to others but now I can not even pass the time was worth the weekend because he is always busy with other people. or she is dating woth children over Oter schools and I feel left out and how she always gets annoyed and upset with me. I have tried to overcome it or did not work bc one day she told me we were going to hang out then canceled to hang out with other people. Then I tried maybe I should stop being friends with her , made new friends and apparently does not care about me. did not work for her and her other friends give me the appearance of death or call me names and stuff after acebook me. BC now I'm changing schools this can not go on i havent told however, idk how or when. I only wish I would stop and we could be friends agian with all this drama. I say and how to deal with her ​​about all this and seitching schools bc I have to say.
Would an accident that wasn't my fault be in my record when switching auto insurance?0Sephiroth2012-07-23 06:16:03
I was hit by a car on the left side of my car, damaging the top bumper and fender as well as scratching the entire left side of the car. The right side of her headlight fell off and I believe she damaged the bumper. A police was there, and she admitted that she hit my car, so it is in the police report. Being that this is my first accident, I was clueless on the procedures to follow after the accident such as informing my insurance about the accident or calling her insurance directly to inform that I
Im 19 and me and my bestfriend (shes a girl) want to move out?0Jez2012-07-06 17:00:48
This isnt important or maybe it is but we been friends since 6th grade (10 years old) and i just turned 19 this month and she turns 20 in november. Well anyways we been talking and we decided to move out currently im the only one working but we wont move out until she gets a job and gets settled in.,. I work partime (about 35 hours a week) and get paid minimum wage. I do pay car payment of 400 a mOnth plus insurance(87) and phone bill(95 im building up my credit thats y its high) the apt we saw was about 450 to 550 of rent Do you think we would make it if by any chance she ends up working the same hours plus same pay??
My bestfriend boyfriend was in a car accident and he doesnt have a health insurance?3Skittles 2012-11-03 16:33:02
and needs a surgery and the family they have no money to ppay by frieday and if not paid would be sent to fool around people can u help me and wat should I do
Driving schools in california?1Flo's in love with Kevin!!!!! 2012-03-04 00:56:01
driving schools in California, where you can find the complete list of driving schools in California. Http:// I found where I can find a complete list with prices, but I want opinions for driving schools for me to choose the right driving school in California.
Question about construction schools.?2Alv2012-10-25 00:41:03
I'm from the Navy at this time , but I really want to go into construction in the future when you leave, but I have no experience. I heard that a good idea to get your foot in the door is to take a class to handle heavy equipment. I researched a few companies that make the classes that way, like ATS , but most of them in recent months. I want to take classes like this , but I think I'll be able to leave enough time to take one of these classes. Are there other ways to get some lessons for equipment such as tractors , graders , excavators, etc, in a shorter time period ? Thank you.
How to find insurance exam schools in az?1Viola2012-05-14 20:29:57
information home and self love
Is there any Car Collision repair schools in New York?0Bersh2012-06-06 09:56:34
Is there a school of auto collision repair in New York?
Are driving schools worth the money?8â¿´ 'Sc!! Curcuma love you 2012-04-29 05:42:18
My wife just moved here. He learned to drive in your country 5 years ago but has not been driven since. I checked driving schools and I'm not listening to good things. People who pay $ 300 to $ 500 to see some videos and maybe three sessions of 20 minutes in a car . Should I put in your school or just teach myself?
Good Driving Schools In Maryland?0I am gonna do it and nobody can stop me! 2012-03-29 16:26:44
I am looking for a good driving school or driving school so I can get my license sometime next month or so .. I was wondering if anyone knew any that work well with a program of school adolescents as anytime after 3ish ?
Do dental schools perform anesthesia?0jasmynn2012-10-22 14:32:42
It is necessary to have a dental procedure that will require anesthesia and they told me that if you go to a local dental school you can get the job done for very cheap . I was curious if they would be able to perform the procedure, as it would require general anesthesia . I have no insurance , so I'm looking for a cheap alternative ! Thank you.
Why dont schools do this concerning health insurance?2kangaroo2012-06-25 22:26:39
instead of us having to pay out of pocket for health insurance for students, why not just tack on a few schools in tuition dollars worldwide . that way everyone would be covered and it would be cheaper for us who need health insurance because more people buy into it. and then when someone who normally do not have insurance have to go to hospital or doctor, the state would not have to pay for it because the student had health insurance and was able to pay for it. think it would be a win- win for everyone and the only cost would be about $ 500 more per student per semester. my health insurance student costs me $ 1,200 per semester. That's a lot to me to pay out of pocket. but if the integrated school in my registry ( which would make costs less because more people in the program and more people are pursuing the cheaper it is for everyone ) , then it seems it would be a win -win for all.

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