Car broken into and laptop stolen - chances of auto insurance covering it?

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Asked at 2012-06-20 08:09:38
My car was broken into ( rear window broke) and an expensive new laptop was stolen. I have no auto insurance completely, and even the police told me that the auto insurance that covers it. However, the person who says that claims only auto insurance and auto parts are covered. Is this something that's a given fact or it's just that I have to talk to argue with the insurance company ?

In response to another question , someone said here that may be necessary to consult a lawyer and threaten to complainw with the Better Business Bureau, etc. Does that help ? Does it matter if this incident is known as acts of vandalism against theft ( the car window smashed , there were witnesses, he was a police report ).

Any other ideas to help recover the costs? The value of goods stolen is about $ 3500 ...
Answer1LalitaAnswered at 2012-06-21 11:17:26
You should have a copy of your policy that you signed when you have insurance with the company , and then have an attorney check to see if you have a case . Depends mainly on your policy signed.
Answer2BrandAnswered at 2012-07-16 14:06:02
aase2002 and Vaquero are right . And if you read the policy closely you will see this. The only way to recover the loss of the laptop is if you have homeowners or renters insurance . The policy covers electronic items that you may have in your vehicle , provided they can be powered by the vehicle. The other bad news is that even if you have an internal policy probably will not pay for the total amount you lost. They usually have about a limit of $ 2,000 in electronics.

Sorry buddy , but you may be SOL.
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