What happens if you get rearended and you dont have car insurance..should i file a claim? related questions

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What happens if you get rearended and you dont have car insurance..should i file a claim?1lion2012-08-07 02:49:02
I was waiting for the green light then I rearended ...
Got rearended- to file on insurance or not? How much to repair?0Sumone2012-07-04 03:11:02
Someone rearended me 2 days ago and scratched the back of my bumper up. Should I be nice and leave it alone , or should I submit the application on your insurance and get it fixed ? How much does something like that normally costs to get fixed ?
Can someone file a claim w/ the other persons insurance if they personally dont have auto insurance themselves?0Daniyelle2012-10-15 05:15:03
I have a client whose car got rear ended by another car and he is suffering a pretty bad knee injury due to the accident. Can he file a claim with the other persons insurance company even if he personally doesnt have auto insurance? I know in the state of California it is illegal to drive without car insurance, but does that mean he cant file a claim for his car and injuries? Thanks
Got rearended and am hurt badly how much money can i claim on the personal injury claim?0Yuki2012-03-26 18:10:58
was recently in a traffic accident in the main passenger riding the I-240 eastbound traffic, was at a complete stop due to the merging of traffic at the 35 to the south .... we come to a complete stop and rearended about 3 minutes later by a drunk driver at 75 mph also causes us to hit people in front of us. causing the truck to look like 'V' of the letter is not mine TRUCK. but it is safe MEET! I have severe neck and back told me they have whiplash and have been taking hydrocodone and Flexeril for muscle spasm in my neck is, the impact was so strong that it knocked his hat glasses my head out of my face right shoe for my foot, and was thrown out of the passenger door, and the script truck burst into peices no kidding! ! my door was opened when the truck turned from 180 facing traffic approaching, with the right leg hanging out. at that time I was in severe pain can not move my neck at all and my head and neck hit the window frame of the rear glass of the 97 ex-cab GMC I have glass stuck in his head to along with a lot of good scratches and still have remaing vessel in the head / neck and significant swelling at the bottom of the head, along with my neck, I'm on probation as well and I can not find a job asset to the request due to this accident, this is a bit too personal, but I'm sure your "pain and suffering" 1. I have trouble defecating bad my stomach hurts and my back. Also when I cough is like hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat ..... 2. As I am on muscle relaxants because of great pain and neck strain, also known as whiplash, I can not enjoy sex with my girlfriend. the amount of $ I have a right to? I feel that money is not the issue at this point, the question is whether / when / I can be better, but I need a round number to request staff enjury demand ... please share your information .... thanks! and be careful! !
I was rearended at 45 mph. How much is my claim worth?2Nara2012-03-11 06:45:47
I am a professional wrestler and trainer, and I am being treated by a chriropratctor theropist and massage. It's been two months and I'm in Oregon PIP , which only gives me 1250 a month compared with 9000 per month Im loosing . I have lost everything due to this accident almost . I have a lawyer waiting to strike, but sais its cut and dry and should expect . As I said I've lost about 15,000 because of this and I have to wait 2 weeks after stopping the PIP claim to starting my injury and pain and suffering claim. Any idea how much I 'm looking. Im not one of the insurance scammers theses trying to make free money. I can do a lot of money and I'm losing a lot more than I get from them. I hear anywares 5K -10K or more depending on the length of the draw? ? ? Please reply .
How can I file a claim? Can I even file a claim? What do I do? I need legal advise?0x-y-zzz2012-09-02 22:44:03
I ride a motorcycle and a lady came out of the road and hit me . It caused damage to the bike , no damage to his car . I have no insurance , Florida , motorcycle insurance is not required if you are wearing a helmet , he was wearing a helmet . She paused , gave me his insurance information . I can make a claim ? Here? What should I do exactly ?
Why dont we get a refund from car insurance companys when we dont make a claim?0ain't nuttin but a G thang 2012-05-14 14:03:34
i pay more for insurance that I can do for home insurance but my car is worth a fraction of
What would you file if you are working and your spouse gets workers compensation. would be able to claim unearned income if you file together0Heady2012-01-07 19:29:40
What would you do if the file is working and your spouse received workers' compensation . would be able to claim unearned income , if you have together
I must file form sr- 22 insurance for reinstatement of driving privileges but i dont have a car?0⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-03-20 20:36:06
Who must file Form SR-22 insurance for reinstatement of driving privileges but I have a car?
Can you file an insurance claim without getting the other party's claim number?8Andrea2012-02-03 19:22:17
I was involved in a minor accident where he played the driver in front of me. I asked him if he can settle outside of insurance which in my insurance rates do not rise. She agreed and gave me three weeks to get the money or they would be filing a claim with the insurance. I could not have the money before the deadline and are not flexible in expanding it. but in the place , the only information exchanged is a name , address, driver's license number , phone number and my registration number. she did not take my insurance claim number and the reason why I did not have theirs was because it was a new car with no license plates and no insurance papers yet. my question is: do you still be able to report only the information you were given ( basically the number of driver's license and plate number) , without my insurance claim number ?
I hit this chick car, she didnt want to file a report to the cops, and i dont have?3cheese 2012-08-30 21:15:03
insurance , she knew and told me that you can pay in place , I said well, it was a lil damage to the defense , who was paying and she made an estimate in a place where her boyfriend works in the said $ 3000 for a bumper lil beaten in a 98 GMC truck with over 100,000 miles, I agreed at first signed an agreement then made an investigation, the truck not even worth $ 3000, so he paid $ 600 I said I can not pay now, she said she had been taking me to court , what will they do? Garnish me? Put a lien on my vehicle ? Or look at the fact that she prolly did not have insurance , as did a report What will you do if she takes me to court? He also showed me a paper with your name on it , but no completion dates or insurance ...
How do you file a life insurance claim that is sixty eight years old and the insurance company has been bought and sold ten times and you don't know who is responsible to pay the claim0Benso2012-03-28 18:21:58
How to submit a claim for life insurance that is sixty -eight and the insurance company was bought and sold ten times and do not know who is responsible for paying the claim

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