How do i get the license for medical transportation? related questions

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How do i get the license for medical transportation?0Thara!2012-06-19 21:23:33
I really need to know
medical xpress transportation0officewebmaster3532022-08-13 02:45:04
medical  xpress transportation We provide fully sanitized non emergency transportation vehicles for a variety of patients. We are the only company which sanitizes the vehicles managed by a professional trained certified staff of certified sanitizers, with the leading sanitization company in the state of California sanitizing all vehicles. Our vehicles are 100% covid free and safe. We provide gurney and wheelchair transportation. We welcome hospitals, medical offices, doctors offices, dialysis centers, schools, offices, and more. Please call us today for a free quote. 
Does Medicaid pay 4 transportation 2 medical appointments?1angle_fire 2012-06-07 18:03:35
Does Medicaid pay transportation April 2 appointments?
How do you set up a medical transportation service to be paid by health insurance company?0john brown2012-07-18 04:45:02
I would like to transport patients to and fro " appointments and get paid thru the insurance companies .
Is there an insurance mobile homeowners can purchase for medical transportation in an emergency?0Angie2012-08-01 02:53:55
Medical transportation only! If I have an accident in the middle of a large camping park, how will I pay for air or ambulance service to my home town or hospital? I have heard of Medex Plus and family Motorcoach Association. Any suggestions?
What transportation options are available without a drivers license?1Ott2012-06-21 08:40:12
Scooters , mopeds, Segways , Twikes Tricycles ... friend lost his license (DUI ) and has to move , what options are available for it ? I see kids zooming around on things , what is the option to rank faster and longer personal transportation available to him ?
Why does TX Department of Transportation send you a new license plate after 8 years?0wassup? 2012-02-06 13:11:18
We had one this week and missed. He was also a lot of work to take the old and put the new as rusty bolts and broke. Really annoying.
Is there a special service to offer daily transportation to people with a suspended license?8Ula2012-08-17 20:15:03
Is there a special service to provide daily transportation for people with a suspended license ?
Transportation?0Dyla2011-12-21 23:59:08
Transportation?1Chris2012-04-01 20:21:48
I am researching about cities or states can do road tests that have nothing to do with the parking parllell testing. I am an adult and I already purchased my permission, can someone please help me.
Can I expect to get a car for transportation after a wreck?7hua-小伙2012-06-16 17:42:22
That was the fault of another driver. He was assured, and his insurance company paid me money for my car. Add up. But you can not afford another car payment I received. ¿ I can have more to cover the cost of another car ?
Transportation after an injury in a car accident?0Bartholome2012-09-18 06:15:04
I was in an automobile accident not too long ago and was injured. I am having a lot of trouble driving emotionally and physically. It's too hard and painful for me to sit up in that position for as long as I need to. My husband needs to get to work though, and I am his only means to get to work. Would the car insurance company reimburse for a month bus pass for my husband so he can get to and from work since I am his only way and I was injured to where I cannot do it? I can drive him as far as the bus stop, but his work is about 45 minutes away and that is just too much with how badly I hurt.

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