Is it must to send my old driving licence and counter part back to DVLA to get my new licence ? related questions

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Is it must to send my old driving licence and counter part back to DVLA to get my new licence ?0Brenda2012-06-18 16:22:05
I requested a change of address in the driver's license. its been a week have not received it yet. so just wondering what I need my license DVLA old back to issue a new 1? thanks
Iv got a uk driving licence and i got 3 points how long before the dvla send my licence back?6ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-05-11 09:58:33
3 points for talking on the phone in London
Can i take driving lessons if i have penalty points on my provisional licence (counter part)?4Weston2012-08-25 23:15:03
I'm about to start my driving lessons and I just found out that I have 6 penalty points . Do you think the driving instructor will move on with my driving lessons if he found out that I have 06 penalty points ?
Is it just the paper part of my driving licence i send with my speeding fine?2Chloe2012-03-17 15:10:25
Is it just the paper part of my driving license I can send my speeding fine ?
Changed address on driving licence online. Will they send me a new one without getting the old one back first?2Hiller2021-02-24 00:02:44
Basically, moved house last week and changed my address on the online license that has done them all. I know I need to send back the old , broken in two , however I have my class LGV two tests on Friday , so you need my old license to have that , so it must be maintained for a few days. Does the DVLA still send me a new one, or will have to wait until the old back. I want to keep hold of the old , until my test is done , but ideally , I send the new one before this, so I can use the new licenses for testing and has the correct address , etc.
DVLA Counterpart Driving Licence Diffrennt to provisinal licence?0Carling2012-05-31 00:05:15
Hello, about seven months ago I was told when I book my theory and practical tests that I need a driver's license Counterpart I have a provisional license, but I missed the place on paper. So I phoned the DVLA have paid
Where do I send my drivers licence application form? DVLA?0aurthur2012-06-29 12:24:01
Hi I filled my provisional application form and I really don't know where I send it. Where is the address located? where can I find it? Please if you know, then tell me and if possible give me the source.
Do you have to send your provisional licence off to get a full driving licence?6Jamie2012-10-14 00:47:02
The reason I 'm asking , to be honest , is because my friend has come out with a very poor excuse for not coming to drink on Saturday. Say they have no legal identity , as has just passed the driving test . Replies appreciated ;)
If i send my provisional licence off to the dvla to change my address can i still drive?8Jare2012-05-07 17:38:56
If I send my provisional license from the DVLA to change my address ¿ I can drive ?
Can someone please give me the address for DVLA Swansea!? I need to send off for a provisional licence!?4mole2012-05-05 19:11:35
Can someone please give me the address of DVLA Swansea? I have to send out a provisional license ?
I lost my DVLA counter part?3Ronald2012-05-10 01:25:53
I lost my part against DVLA ?
Does the DVLA send your address to the local council when an application is made for drivers licence?4 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -2012-06-06 23:36:14
Does the DVLA send her address to the local Council , presented an application for a driver's license ?

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