Is it true car rental agencies are responsible for all forms of damage even if it's your fault in damaging? related questions

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Is it true car rental agencies are responsible for all forms of damage even if it's your fault in damaging?3edi2012-10-07 20:18:03
There is a guy on yahoo that said ... does not do well because the car rental agencies would be out of business if that were the case
Do you know of any car rental agencies in Crete where the minimum age for rental is below 21?0Leigh2012-05-08 11:04:02
If you know of any other agency, please link to their websites showing the age requirements. Thank you !
Are you responsible for paying your car rental if you were not at fault and the insurance fails to reach a timely agreement with the body shop1Eldrida2012-05-08 10:42:10
Are you responsible for paying your rent car if you are not at fault and the insurance does not reach a timely agreement with The Body Shop
Think I found the truck responsible for damaging my car in parking lot. How do I proceed?0twisted angel 2012-05-14 15:34:44
My car was damaged in the parking lot of my apartment complex early in the morning one night last week. I saw the truck that he did it again last night . I do not want to involve the police and make the person in trouble, but I definitely want compensation for repairs. Ideas on how to handle this situation? I do not think the truck belongs to a resident here, but I can confirm that with the building manager ...
If I am rear ended do I have to report it to my insurance company or just the person who's at fault Also are they responsible for my car rental bill during the time my car is in the shop1Lynn2012-08-07 09:25:03
If you pay for the insurance or damage waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how1Carol2012-04-19 04:12:03
If you pay for insurance or coverage for damage to the rental car when they had the blame can be reimbursed for expenses to be so,
If you borrowed a car with permission damaging the bumper on an object and the owner had it repaired on her own without notifying her insurance are you responsible if she now asks for reimbursement1Ravenous 2012-05-03 21:55:31
If you borrowed a car with the permission of damage to the bumper of an object and the owner had repaired on their own without notifying your insurance if you are responsible now asking for reimbursement
Can Car Rental Agencies change the fees that you agreed ON?0Bone ▎ ╰ つ cI 2012-06-20 15:47:32
I rented a car had to give a deposit and agreed to the daily amount of rent. I told the guy that the car was being rented to me the company I worked and charges should be placed in the account by the company that the information provided by myemployer . After a week the car rental agency used my bank card and debit made ​​a payment . my Employer had called and said he wanted the rent payments of vehicles taken from the company account . The car rental company then made another operation to me. When I turned the car they found that the agreed amount of $ 16.50 a day rental with unlimited mileage had been changed to $ 35 per day with limited mileage . Long Story Short. Agency cars with out of my account totaling $ 1,300 and the total amount that should have been charged was $ 365 ... Have you ever heard of such a thing happens, as I fight this ? thanks
Do Car Rental agencies accept Debit Card in USA?0moccasin2012-04-26 06:26:40
Are the car rental agencies accept debit cards in U.S. ?
Flat roof had damage and water leaked into house damaging head board. Mold seen. How much covered by home ow?0Anh2012-09-29 07:15:03
insurance company and if there are loopholes that are used to not paying for the damage.
Should banks, insurance companies, car rental agencies, etc. be allowed to make a copy of our driver's license0Alejandro2012-09-21 15:45:02
My D.L. has my social security number as required by the state . It only seems to have identity theft too easy .
Does Rental Dwelling Insurance cover excessive damage done by tenants to a rental property?0Meriah2012-07-30 16:10:56
My previous tenants left our rental property before the contract ended 2 months rent due . He also did extensive damage to our kitchen , air conditioning, carpet and even stole faucets and window coverings . Is this covered by insurance rental housing ? Any help is appreciated :)

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