Community guidelini have 6 points on my driver licence how long will it takes to removed from my licence (in10? related questions

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Community guidelini have 6 points on my driver licence how long will it takes to removed from my licence (in10?1Hayde2012-08-20 00:46:02
i drove the car that my insurance was not driving that car intitel
How long do points stay on a driving licence and can you pay to have them removed after so long?6Cass2012-07-04 07:54:03
How long do points remain on a driving license and you can pay to have it removed after so long?
I recieved 10 points on my driving licence in nov of 2010 how long would i have to wait to get them removed?0Carver2012-05-14 09:16:52
There is a driving course I could do to remove points
I have 9 points on my licence, 6 for an IN10 and i was pulled over regarding no insurance.?10Cyndi2012-06-18 11:37:31
I have an IN10 on my license of any type of insurance 18 months ago when I was a student - . I was not driving the vehicle, but that was parked on the street because I could not afford taxes and ensure that neither remove < br > I was arrested in connection with any insurance on my vehicle again, this was new to me. Insurance on my previous car was registered to my father myself as a named driver . When I bought my new car my father informed me that he would sort out the insurance for me. Clearly something went wrong, he insists he has paid even though they are saying that was not covered at the time . The car was confiscated and I went and got my own insurance and have the car back . Now I have a court hearing soon and I am sure you will receive a ban regardless of the reasons , though I am guilty, think it was a touch of immaturity to trust someone else to deal with it without checking again if you can, t you trust your old I can trust you . I depend on my car for my job , which makes this even more careless of me, and have a letter from my boss saying he would be unable to accomplish the work without my own transport . Any advice or personal experience , so I know what to expect ?
On average how much are people paying 4 insurance with 5 points on licence (im 17 and the conviction is IN10)?1Brandy2012-10-24 18:45:02
Before you judge , listen to me . Yes, it's a stupid thing I've done, to get the points . I was caught driving without insurance, not really stuck , as it was not my fault , the car had no road tax and was sitting in the driver's seat and the police came to talk to me about the end she discovered she was driving without the full licensed and insured. I know this sounds stupid and it is. However, it had nothing to do with my driving , I'm a very good driver , I was living abroad once, when I was about 15 people abroad and going crazy though, the accident rate is lower. I use to get there ( most of the minors did) Im probably better driver than most people , just because you have made a ******* test does not make you a suitable driver. That's what I hate most , people tried in an exam, must courses such as state -based university, where the driver was evaluated in depth, several times. Not a review. But what can be done, we're only human . Anyway , back to my story, I have been surprised by provisional and because they have taken my with that, they could not take my license when I went ( and I did spend a month later) and I got 5 points , which could not 6 me ​​because I was in detention. Just wanted to ask how much a man of 17 years would have to pay for insurance with 5 points. Do not make sarcastic comments , okay ? were young .. once. Everyone makes mistakes.
Iv got a uk driving licence and i got 3 points how long before the dvla send my licence back?6ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-05-11 09:58:33
3 points for talking on the phone in London
I may get my licence revoked for driving without insurnace (IN10). Can I apply for a motorbike licence?0ORD 2012-03-27 18:30:28
You may have received my license revoked for driving my car friends and I had the impression that he was insured. Turns out I was not and the police stopped us and was charged for driving without insurance. Now you can have an IN10 on my license and my license may be revoked, meaning that would have to sit my driving test. I am considering taking classes of motorcycles and motorcycle license request while waiting for the prosecutor to decide whether to revoke my license or not. Do you revoke both my driver's license and motorcycle license ? thanks
How long do points stay on ya licence for driving no licence no insurance?0Somnus2012-09-04 14:01:02
How long the points stay on license and driving without a license or insurance ?
How do I get points removed from my driving licence?6Spring2012-06-16 12:37:11
How I can get points removed from my license ?
Do you need to tell insurers about points on your licence if they have been removed but are in the last 5 year?8Dian:そ 2012-04-09 22:51:40
Insurers call for the existence of convictions within the past five years ? So if I pay to have the endorsements removed after 4 years , do I still need to tell them they have 3 points for speeding SP30 ?
How can points be legally removed from a driving licence?15Bow to kiss your 2012-04-24 09:09:25
How can the items legally removed from a driver's license?
When are demerit points removed from your licence in australia? When you pay the fine?1Beijing2012-05-05 02:39:08
When you remove the demerit points on your license in Australia? When you pay the fine?

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