If I live in New Mexico, can I go to Texas for my license or drivers ed? related questions

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If I live in New Mexico, can I go to Texas for my license or drivers ed?0Simona2012-06-14 11:34:22
Hello , I live in New Mexico and I'm turning 16 without drivers ed (it should be getting my license already). I missed the previous drivers , because education classes in sports and other things. Now I wonder (because the local drivers ed is all filled throughout the summer, how I can go to El Paso, Texas, or to take drivers ed or get my license? I was living in Texas as well.Thanks !
Ok this is my situation i live in texas right now and my license plates is under killeen texas i would like to?0Ida2012-04-26 11:08:15
Know how I change my license plates back to Illinois, because I have to pay much more for here , then in Illinois
Im currently live in Mexico, but I lost my Rhode Island USA Driver's License... Look at additional detail?0I only care about you2012-02-09 23:10:42
Well , I lost the license and the DMV website to request an affidavit before a notary , can anyone tell me more about what is the affidavit? Also where would I get to live in MTY .. in any Notary ?
If I live in illinois but i go to school in texas can i get a texas license?0Zachary Taylor 2012-05-01 16:32:25
I'm sure there's a law against it but I'm curious . If you can have an original license and the duplicate in the same state , why can not you have the same information in a license of two different states ? Is it necessary to establish residency in order to obtain a Texas license ? Just out of curiosity . And sorry if this is in the wrong category .
Can i use a new mexico drivers license in another state?1Petica2012-06-23 17:51:25
can a person with a drivers license in New Mexico that used in Texas or have to get a texas one when they move here?
New Mexico drivers license question! Turning 21.. please answer.?1hummingbird2012-10-24 10:39:50
I have a portrait of New Mexico driver's license because I am under 21 years. However, Id like to know if I am able to get the one vertical ( before or after my birthday ?) And if it is mailed to me or give it to me on the spot. Thanks in advance .
Am a Californian planing to start work in texas do I need a texas drivers license?1N-IN-NAMES 2012-05-06 01:11:20
I would be visiting California at regular intervals , so what would be the best option
I got a ticket for no license and no license light lamp on my motorcycle i live in texas?2chicken2012-07-02 01:13:02
Ok , so I left a month ago not to count on my support I have meters and the court by April 12 .. the soldier who stopped me let me go without towing my bike.i had insurance on the bike and never stopped for anything maybe that's why he let me go .. finally I have my back light meters and the license plate if I will demonstrate that the judge drop the ticket?
Does anyone know how much a texas state id cost and how much a texas drivers license costs to get?0Dominica2012-03-28 07:49:38
heres my situation so I can get accurate answers : 18 years old texas female Identification of the first and I was wondering how long it usually takes to get the current state ID or driver's license ID in the mail or whatever .. Please help and thanks in advance!
I live in Texas and am wanting to get an insurance license in Alabama.?1) ã„£ Ni real estate 2012-05-14 17:13:27
I want to be able to work in an insurance company in Alabama and the need to obtain a license from casual and property insurance. What are my options for getting the license? ¿ I can get one from Texas and have been transferred or do I have to take a test siuch AMD .
I live in Texas. Lost my driver's license but still have old expired, can I get new one without showing social?0Cornelia2012-06-22 19:23:15
I can not get over the phone to any DPS. I lost my driver's license , they still have an age. BUT , it says to get the replacement , I need my social security card , but I lost it somewhere. I have my passport. Can you get my social security number of my license just expired ? I do not want go get a new social security card . I have not a lot of time because I have to transfer a car title within 30 days and show a valid license . or .. my passport would be fine for that? I just wish that someone pick up the phone in the Texas DPS .
Can I use my Illinois drivers permit to get a Texas drivers license?0seal2012-06-16 02:32:30
I moved to Texas just before I was able to get my license in Illinois , I wonder if I would be able to use my Illinois license for a Texas driver's license

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