Can you collect unemployment or workmans comp if you are injured outside of work in Texas? related questions

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Can you collect unemployment or workmans comp if you are injured outside of work in Texas?1scops_owl2012-07-28 12:21:01
My husband broke his leg and ankle off the job and has been out for 7 weeks. Your employer does not put him to work until it is back to 100% ( total recovery time is approximately 12-13 weeks ), so you are looking to him to be out 6 weeks. No vacation or sick , so it is not being paid at all. Can you collect unemployment or worker's compensation in the state of Texas to go back to work ?
Is it true that the first three dyas off injured workmans comp does not pay0Norto2012-03-14 12:38:09
Is it true that the first three dyas off injured Workmans comp does not pay
Workmans Comp with "pre-exisiting" injured employee in NC?0Alfre2012-06-01 02:39:57
We have an employee who has been emplouyed in our small company for about 3 years. This is a small company that probably has about 15 employees (officers and regular employees ). We have an employee who call N. # 15 you have requested Workmans comp twice in the last 6 months. # 15 has expressed his problems with his knees from the first year of employment. # 15 has pointed the finger to the right and the reason why they have problems with their knees. The reasons range from jobs before leisure activities such as weightlifting. # 15 also has expressed his "desire " to other employees who simply stay home. # 15 has slipped once and has had medical appointments and physical therapy care of Workmans comp . Now that the employee has slipped again. It seems a little too convenient for me , N. # 15 of slip was not last seen and reported only at the end of the workday . # 15 continued to work for another week just want applied to Workmans comp . It is my understanding that you may be eligible for payment Workmans comp b / c that have been lost "x " number of days. How does this employee feedback and medical history before affecting this statement? # 15 has been to several doctors before the injury to rehabilitate and relieve pain with his knees. None of thos Medical appointments are Workmans comp related. What must the employer has in store for this employee for Workmans comp is denied ? What are the rights of employers as to the termination go?
Do I have to pay my health insurance premiums while off work due to work related injury(workmans comp)Nebraska0Bethan2012-10-26 06:35:09
I'm in TDD ( temp disability) through workmans comp. My boss just called me saying I have to pay my health insurance that is due .
Can i collect workmens comp. and unemployment in maryland?1Luthe2012-07-04 00:07:05
I have been unemployed for 3 months with a bad back is not paid me anything for my time and now I want to take me to court. With bills, I can not wait much longer with no money that I have no time to wait for the court date , what should I do? ¿ I can collect unemployment ? or do I have to stand and just wait for this court date and hope they pay me , then?
When an employee falls in the parking lot coming into work is it workmans comp3love her2011-12-21 10:08:38
When an employee enters the parking lot into work is a Workmans comp
If you fall in parking lot on way to work and are not on clock, is this workmans comp or a liability claim?2Dominica2012-06-14 09:19:37
parking lot was icy and remains , no .. person was not recorded in the still, but then it did on the clock, and then went to the emergency room .. if this is not a question of responsibility of the company and workers' compensation, and that did not occur during an actual job -related task .. thanks for any input ..
If you had a choice between going back to work part time or continue collecting workmans comp?0looj2012-07-06 19:35:26
Now I have the option of returning to work part time while im Workmans comp or stay home until it gets better. If I go to work part time Workmans comp cover the other half , or I can get outta work till I'm better, what would you do if you were me ? I mean if I go back part time and collect the other half wrong, probably do the same as if I was at home picking ... The first time I got hurt I was put in service light went to work n my boss (owner of the company ) was being a complete idiot to me looked like a mule tellin me to do this that and the other without assistance even although I have only one arm to work with what I had to bite my tongue I think he's not happy with me fileing of Workmans comp (HES rich and unique way out for him and his family) , but hey I have no insurance who injured becuz of negligence dosent keep shop floors are very slippery becuz hes the cheap and could care less about their employees and know that if I return part time after itll b the same result I've been there for 8 1/2 years .... What would you do ?
Can u get unemployment if u were injured off work?1Deep2012-06-09 12:45:06
I was injured off the job and havent been able to work for months , now I'm put on freedom, how I can receive unemployment from my employer that had previously ?
What can I expect if im injured @ work and they have no workers comp insurance?0Pola2012-06-30 02:27:02
I am employed in Indiana and was injured at work ... I was informed only that my employer has no workers ' compensation insurance and no insurance at all. If I had to sue my employer for my dr . bills and wages and loss that goes bankrupt does that mean I 'm screwed?
Can I work and collect unemployment?2porpoise2012-07-27 14:41:01
I was denied unemployment benefits and received a letter that said I could not collect benefits until I did my rate of 5 times earnings which is $ 140. I found a new job. Part-time work 3 hours on 15 hours a week . Should I quit my job to take profits or I can continue working?
Collect unemployment and work for no pay?0 Dian. sister too helpless -2012-05-11 17:18:35
I worked for a company of the season and was fired in December. I was on unemployment at Mass during the winter, I was asked to come to about 10 hours a week to check messages , pay bills and tax preparation. I was never paid . The agreement was that in the spring , when the business reopened and started to generate income, then the hours would work through the payroll. I only worked part time. March I , suddenly , I was fired without real reason, though he promised to pay for winter work I did. Well, I never paid and have no intention of doing so. Do I have any legal recourse here? Was it illegal for me to work, even without receiving compensation while on unemployment? I have fear of going to small claims and then said that the system of cheating or stealing money from unemployment. Incidentally, this was an agreement that I and many other employees had with this company in the past, and there was never a problem. The owner has a new girlfriend, who needed a job (I have mine! ) And it is what has caused this problem.

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