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Rx relief - script relief card- where did they get my address?0Kerwi2012-06-13 15:15:58
I've been reading here on yahoo answers that some others have noticed that you have insurance but still received these " card relief rx walk Healthcare Alliance . Also some question how the company has its way . I wonder the same thing. I received 4 letters in the mail about a week after I went to the office of a new dr . I wonder how they knew to send me cards 4 - 2 dependents as my insurance covers 4 - I (very fortunately) have double coverage. Other I've read around here received 2 letters , how to know how many letters to send ? My new release medical information? I alsways try to read through all documents in the privacy of doctors that I see . Maybe I missed something ? If not , however , I would like an explanation. But as I also had another test done at another facility, it could have been these guys. I feel like I might be too difficult to guess, probably only what they are waiting.
Nature Relief CBD Canada:- Joint Pain Relief Oil !0qencherpicser2020-11-27 23:24:39
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Nature Relief CBD Oil : Reviews, Joint Relief, Benefits and Buy in ! 0EricGoyett2020-12-28 23:04:36
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Rx Relief Card Healthcare Alliance Card?0Shanete2012-06-24 20:09:21
Hello, a few days ago I received this " Rx Card Relief" from a company called Alliance Healthcare. The letter that came with it said I could use in almost any pharmacy, and more up to 75 % discount on my recipes. Has anyone else received one of these and used it ? I just want to know if it is legitimate or not.
Nature Relief CBD Oil Canada: Reviews, Joint Relief, Benefits and Buy in Canada! 0AmelyAufderhar2020-12-31 00:55:22
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HOW does Healthcare Alliance Rx Relief Card get peoples addresses?0BaBa2012-06-19 00:59:26
All my friends are so rare these - is ANYONE applies to these pharmacy discount cards ? I have read some bad reviews online on this card, but how do they get the addresses of the people? Besides claiming that save 75 % on drugs , but people say you have to pay monthly fees, even if not used - I guess I should charge the credit card used to pay for prescriptions for the first time some hidden monthly fees ? In addition , the address is a UPS store ! What is this a joke ?
Received this Rx Relief Card in the mail. Is it some sort of scam?6Basilia2020-10-28 20:31:45
Hello, a few days ago I received this " Rx Card Relief" from a company called Alliance Healthcare. The letter that came with it said I could use in almost any pharmacy, and more up to 75 % discount on my recipes. It is located in Washington DC, so I kind of assume it's some kind of program the new government, but not sure . Has anyone else received one of these and used it ? I just want to know if it is legitimate or not.
Why Have A Herbal Relief CBD?0fadabaka2020-09-10 22:12:00
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Where To BuyHerbal Relief CBD ?0hithjsdfksdf2020-09-11 03:45:20
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Do You Need A Sera Relief Cbd Oil?0savdftyuon2019-08-21 04:52:14
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Nature Relief CBD Canada0Johnleguya2021-01-03 22:59:48
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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Herbal Relief CBD.0annyercel2020-09-10 23:13:58
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