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Producing car documents at police station?2goat2012-09-08 18:09:02
I got a fine for a misdemeanor of my escort, and had 14 days to solve this problem, I also had to produce test certificate, etc, but just realized id only 7 days to it, I thought I had 14, as the guilt ! Is it worth still looking for an idiot and produce or not, 14 days or simply not bother to produce at all, please any advice appriciated .
I was asked by the police to take my driving documents to the station, what happens now?0keeauna2012-08-02 02:18:53
The police pulled me over because there was a problem with my insurance. As didnt have the documents on me, he gave me a producer. I have now taken by documents to the police station and the lady at the desk said thats fine, gave them back to me and i left. The thing that is worrying me is that the was an issue with my insurance which is the reason they pulled me over, so if there was an actual problem would she have told me on the spot at rhe station? Or will i receive a letter if they find a problem or is everything just done now? What happens after i have given them in? What do they actually do wi the eocuments when you hand them in? Im abit worried.
Can teens work at a police station?1Bria2012-06-12 08:30:10
I want to study criminal justice .
My car was stolen, paid for by insurance, then found. do i have to go get if from the police station?4Cuson2012-08-11 04:51:02
car found after being paid by insurance. Do I have to go for it ? I will charge for the celebration of her and trailer? my Insurace will go look ? my bank is going to look? take into account the car is in good condition just need a stereo
I recieved a caution in a police station for driving without insurance, but have heard nothing?0Beval2012-05-20 05:50:57
It's been a month since I was warned, and I just wonder how long I'll be waiting ? Or should I contact the same polcie ? The lady told me that I would receive a letter in a few weeks to points and a fine. I have 19 years , so if I can make 6 or more points I will lose my license. Does anyone have any information on this? By the way , I was not driving without insurance by the way, was not a question that debit was not aware of , I know that 's no excuse , but I guess these things happen.
Police refuses to release documents needed for life insurance claim?1 New Delhi2012-08-07 03:21:02
What I can take legal action if the police refuse to release an autopsy report and statement of police ( what happened ) I need for life insurance claim ? The insurance company refuses to pay unless they get these 2 documents! We are talking about millions of dollars here .
I changed my address, i send to dvla for my documents till now i didnt get my car documents,?1infected mushroom 2012-07-11 11:35:03
I changed my address , I send my documents to DVLA so far I've had my car documents , my tax disc is due to expire in 2 days u can help someone how I can do taxes?
Whats the penalty for not producing an MOT certificate?4Gustave2012-05-02 19:13:13
hello I got a producer by the police last week. I have insurance and a license , but I have no MOT on the car that was pulled in. What is the penalty for it coz I can not present the certificate of ITV. Will you tell me to go get my car and then MOT'D produce that document?
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Is there any legal action I can take against a car dealership for not producing a title for over four months?2Ker2012-04-21 09:50:53
I bought a car in Houston , Texas, in July and have not yet received the plates of the same . They say that since it was titled in another state, they are having trouble getting it.
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